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Hummingbird Effect Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hummingbird Effect Paper - Essay ExampleHowever, majority of these insertions possesses what is known as the causality launch where the results are virtually unknown. Each of the activities is connected and it is just important that we are able to predict the outcomes and bring about measures to prevent destruction.The Hummingbird effect is the kind of effect that is felt in relation to recent technical innovation that has been said to cause a positive change on one of the areas while a immense negative effect is likely to take place in a completely different area. In this case, it refers to the sense that the innovations that are done in one field are likely to have accidental impacts on another. It is different from the butterfly effect in the sense that it is random and unpredictable. Therefore, it refers to the fact that one technological innovation can lead to the development of a chain of many others in different sectors. The neighboring(a) possibilities take place in the form of finding solutions from the initial innovations when you are not looking for one. For instance, with the approaching of the use of computers and the internet, people have been able to communicate in a faster and better way. However, in that location is also the issue of privacy, security and internet theft among other components (Johnson, 2014).In order to experience the surmount effects of the hummingbird effect, there are a number of technological factors and infrastructure that are required to alter its commercialization. Some of these include security software that will prevent the access of the privacy information of individuals in different sites (Johnson, 2014). It will also include training of the relevant personnel on security issues. In addition, the use of spyware will enable the entrepreneurs to make the predictions at the right time. In case, the hummingbird effects set in before time, they are likely to knock them over and affect the operations of different activities. The realization of the effects too late also leads to the

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NHRDA (National Hot Rod Diesel Association) Essay

NHRDA (National Hot celestial pole Diesel Association) - Essay ExampleAlso, since the diesel engine powered vehicles were replacing the gas powered vehicle, this offered an even greater chance for emergence. This trend will further continue since diesel power vehicles seem to be far-off more efficient and also powerful as compared to other counterparts.The NHRDA is still striving to place on the whole related products as well as the companies associated with the series on quite a high indite and at the same time offering awareness to the potential consumers to add to the returns.The NHRDA was initiated with one single character which was held at the west coast during the 2004, which has now been evolved to 6 Divisional point series which is held across northwestern America. This event culminates with National Points championship along with World Finals competition. Since its founding, the sole aim has been to make Diesel Motorsports as one of the national pastimes for the mot orsports enthusiasts.Nowadays, the NHRDA popularity has taken a whole new turn. Back in 2012, the NHRDA managed to televise slightly 5 marque events all over National TV via various mediums including Fox Sports Net, USTREAM.tv and also 1320go.com. The sweetening in the exposure has added towards further generating success for the racing series and so for those sponsoring the event as well.The NHRDA is nonpareil for the commitment towards working in liaison with the leading distributors, manufacturers, and also installation shops functional over the diesel performance industry in an effort to promote awareness for the products.NHRDA is a world class ecesis which promotes as well as organizes Diesel Drag Races Show n Shines, Sled Pulls, the Burnout Contests and Dyno competitions. The events are held but over NHRA tracks, where it is crucial to follow Official NHRA Regulations. The results being yielded have been quite promising with an average growth rate

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Diffusion weighted (DW) Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Essay

Diffusion weighted (DW) Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI - test ExampleThe exploration of public exposure in MRI includes the way MRI is sensitized to diffusion the set up of spins, both stationary and moving spins how diffusion-weighted images are affected by physiological motion the how of the achievement of the heterogeneous diffusion weightings and information on diffusion and how those are measured (Hagmann et al. 2006 Mori and Barker 1999, pp. 102-106 Tonarelli 2012 Parker 2004, pp. S176-S178 Everdingen et al. 1998 Barker 1999 Maas 2005 Le Bihan et al. 2006 Yablonskiy et al. 2003 Koh and collins 2007 Le Bihan 2011 Basser and Jones 2002 Battal et al. 2012 De Foer 2010 Luypaert et al. 2001 Williams et al. 1992 Topgaard 2006) II. Background on Diffusion Diffusion on the molecular level is verbalise to be the result of natural Brownian thrust, where molecules randomly move through the diffusion medium because of the agitation caused by thermic characteristics of the medium. In all the displacement of the molecules comes up to zero by mean figures, but over time, thither are positive probabilities associated with the non-zero movement of a molecule, so that over time, a molecule is said to likely have moved from an initial position at an earlier time. Here the time elapsed corresponds to a correlation with the distance moved, where different fluids acting as diffusion mediums determine the distance as characterized by the diffusion constant for that liquid type. There is a difference between the freely diffusing movement of water system molecules, meanwhile, to the diffusion of liquids in the tissues of human beings, so that in human tissues one talks of an ADC, or an apparent diffusion coefficient, to be differentiated from the free diffusion coefficients of liquids outside of human bodies, such as those used to characterize water in containers at certain temperatures. On the other hand, for human tissues, non-homogeneous considerations further come in to play, such as differences in the mobility of different fluids in different parts of the personate and in different parts of a particular organ, such as the human brain. Boundary conditions alike differ for liquids found in different body parts. All these affect the coefficient of diffusion in unhomogeneous ways, with the general observation that the ADC is generally smaller in comparison to the free diffusion coefficients of liquids like water outside of the human body (Luypaert et al. 2001 Roberts and Rowley 2003). Going into diffusion types, meanwhile, there are two, one being isotropous diffusion and the other being anisotropic diffusion. In isotropic diffusion, the rate of diffusion is the same in all directions, and so the resulting diffusion distribution is spherical. In anisotropic diffusion, the diffusion rate depends on where the diffusion is oriented, and there is uneven diffusion in different directions. The distance of the diffusion is orientation-dependent, in ot her words, and the diffusion distribution is characterized by an ellipsoid (Module 1 2013). III. MRI and Diffusion A. How MRI is Sensitized to Diffusion In a hypothetical case, the typical distribution of displacement of water molecules in such a container is said to follow a bell curve, with majority of the water molecules able to travel only for short distances from their initial location, whereas a few of the water molecules are able to be displaced at further distances from average. For a given(p) initial temperature of the water, moreover,

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Disaster Safety Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Disaster preventative Management - Essay ExampleThis resulted in increased pressure and temperature over 200 centigrade. Due to the blowing North-Westly winds, the show gases were introduced to Bhopal. Regarding the gum elastic issues, in November 1984 most of the safety problems persisted in the industry. The safety system was not good at that time as many pipes and valves were not in good conditions. The 42 tons of MIC was above the safety lines allowed. Due to these lacking and increased temperature and pressure, presence of contaminants, resulted in the emergency venting from MIC tank that caused release of unhealthful gases. Due to lack of safety instructions to the workers that cleaned pipes from water, without having slip-blind water isolation tap, the water entered the tank 610 and caused the problem. But these safety issues were denied by the corporation. The health effects at the start was the burning eyes, suffocation and vomiting. The Hamidia hospital reported the pa tients had symptoms of respiratory difficulties, blindness and visual impairments. Due to the toxic gases that were denser than air, these gases stayed near the ground. The people that ran rather than using vehicle were more(prenominal) exposed to these primary symptoms of suffocation, coughing, vomiting and eye irritation. Similarly the height differences caused more effects on succinct heighted persons.

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To The Salem-Keizer School District Officials Essay

To The Salem-Keizer School District Officials - Essay ExampleWhile it is squargon that clothing related to gang membership office some day involve innocent students in crossfire between the police and the gang members in the district, it is also worth noting that clothing is not a definitive answer to catching criminals. Moreover, there are students in your school district who cannot immediately afford to deal clothing that you do not forbid. Would you threaten them with suspension just because they do not require silver to buy clothes that you deem proper Ms Pat Abeene, the districts Volunteer Coordinator, has stated that nonprofit groups might be able to help students with no money to replace banned clothes, and school counselors can count on students to those programs (Dress Code Leaves Some With Banned Brands). With all due respect, may I add that this offer is not even close to being useful, and if you do not provide the clothing yourself on an urgent basis, the parents of such students could sue the school district for suspending their children due to financial difficultiesThe prestigious Salem-Keizer School District has not abandoned enough time to students families to buy clothing that the district considers appropriate. ... And, what if twenty youngsters at the park are draining sagging pants and only one out of them is a gang memberI am sure that you have discussed your perform code polity with the district police authorities. Would you also kindly send a letter to all parents in your school district informing them about the police officials response Why do they think it is mandatory for students to stop wearing shirts with Old English writing, for example (Dress Code) And, kindly ask them what they would do to a child who wears the above mentioned example in dress at a local mall. What do they have to say about a student in your school district wearing a t-shirt with a picture of a U.S. army officer bravely holding a appliance gun in his h and, and the title, Good luck America (Dress Code)I hope you can now see the ludicrousness of many features of the dress code policy. This essay is an address to the parents of students in the Salem-Keizer School District. It explains to the parents who cannot afford to buy new clothing for their children - substitution the banned items in the new dress code policy issued by the school district - the slipway to take action in order to save their children from being removed from school. The essay advises these parents to first compile the school district asking it to replace the old clothing items themselves. If the school district does not agree, parents are urged to take the matter to the district court.To The Parents Of Students In the Salem-Keizer School DistrictThe recently issued dress code policy in the Salem-Keizer School District has taken many of you by surprise. It is further evident from a intelligence information article on the subject that a lot of you cannot afford to replace the banned

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The prospective for the US to base solar business organization to Term Paper

The future for the US to base solar business organization to significantly enter the Indian market - call Paper ExampleIdentifying this particular need, sundry(a) companies around the world are focusing on evolution products of new technology from alternative sources of energy. This has automatically led to the generation of evolution of hybrid automobiles, increased role of wind and solar power in hurt of maturation products and machineries, etc. Talking in terms of new technology, it can be said that for the purpose of fulfillment of electricity require of various products of moneymaking(prenominal) and municipal categories, the solar energy is often preferred because of unlimited supply and constant availability and really little harmful impact on the environment. Because of the high costs of availing new alternative forms of technology, the market for solar product is tremendously large. Because of the large amount of the entire Indian population who are staying in the remotely located towns and villages of India, there is a huge demand for solar technology based products in the developing and emerging market economies similar India for the purpose of providing sustainable energy and lighting solutions in multiple domestic help rural households (Bhave & Chatterjee, Solar power on every rooftop). SunGlo Corporation can focus on the go of fulfilling the energy and lighting requirements of this emerging market by its widely diversified product portfolio which comprises of both domestic and commercial focused product offerings. For this purpose, the paper evaluates the market of India from the points of political, economical, physical, social factors as well as the various risks and potential barriers and threats that can possibly arise in the Indian market. Mission Statement The vision and missionary station statements of a family highlights the guilds long term and short terms goals over the bracing of next two, five and even 10 years. It h as to be mentioned that the vision of the company talks about the companys targets for the longer period while the mission talks about small milestones and targets that the company needs to achieve in terms of attaining its long term vision. The vision statement of the company is to focus on producing solar technology products which has high standards of quality and thereby meeting the global demand for products of solar technology. The mission statement of the company is to cater to the solar technology products demands of the upcoming and emerging market of the new economies, thereby focusing on the process of the need fulfillment of the new markets. The mission of the company includes the point of investing in the setting up of a production plant in an emerging economy like India, China etc and thereby developing high quality solar products of global standards which will help the company to cater to the needs of the developed and other developing economies of the Asian region an d other parts of the world. presentation Overview The world of the 21st century, much like that of the past is moving at a rapid tread with a smooth and sustainable rate of overall developments happening in various parts of the worl

Subsidizing oil companies in usa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Subsidizing fossil inunct companies in usa - Essay ExamplePerhaps, one of the greatest debates has touch the viability of these oil subsidies. This issue presents a conflict of interest whether the government should support the American taxpayers (the public) or the oil companies seems to be a matter of debate. The primary reason why these subsidies should be abolished is that the oil intentness has not reached a state where it is making broad profits therefore, it no longer remains the infant industry it once used to be. According to one article, the effect of providing oil subsidies to the already rich nations such as U.S is that of making the richest countries even richer. Profits beating to $80 billion were made cumulatively by three of the largest oil companies in the U.S in 2011 (Slack). Thus, because these oil companies have a huge turnover and atomic number 18 largely self-sufficing there seems minute point in the continuance of oil subsidies. It is believed that the money allocated to these oil subsidies should be invested in institutions which lack funds, such as the provision of old-age homes, medical facilities etc. Also, the oil companies are already been minded(p) the incentive to increase output by the rising global oil prices therefore, there remains little role that subsidies can play. This also means that the taxpayers are being effectively taxed twice which means that they are paying a premium centre for getting the fuel and also having their taxes being used as subsidies for these companies (Cooper and Weisman). According to one estimate, one of the companies used as much as $225,000 per day to write aside majority of the cost of a sunken oil rig during the Gulf oil spill (Koceiniewski). Considering the huge amounts, the subsidies are rejected on the grounds of being unfair to the American taxpayers as an exorbitant amount of their money is being used up in them. There seems to be a boom in the American oil industry lately. The o utput of domestic oil has reached its highest levels since the past fewer years. Since the past few years, the American oil industry has grown self-sufficient in that the domestic companies are producing more than the amount of oil imported by the U.S (Slack). Also, there have been political efforts to enhance oil production, for instance, by allotting bring in to oil companies for production. Furthermore, the most obvious reason why oil subsidies in the U.S should be discontinued is that it would cede up money and resources for public use. These resources could instead be invested in green and sustainable initiatives which would mean conclusion alternate sources of energy that is environmental friendly and efficient (Slack). These initiatives are both politically and environmentally possible as research indicates massive public support for investment in green initiatives. The public is in favor of giving tax incentives to companies who would produce electricity from wind, sola r and water sources (Slack). Oil subsidies are yet fulfilling a short term need in the sense that there is little investment in the future. This short-termism is clearly inappropriate as it is the need of the hour to invest in finding alternate, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power. This is linked to the argument that the discontinuance of oil subsidies would go forth in a greener environment as greenhouse emissions would be reduced due to lower resulting output. Thus, the predilection of oil subsidization is self-contradictory in that it

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HRM Current Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

HRM Current Issues - Essay ExampleIn this globalised world, an scotch problem in one country lead not get restricted to that country, nevertheless gets dish out to other countries. This is what happening today, with the economic recession starting in United States of America, is having a very prejudicious effect all over the world. Many companies be suffering losses and as a result, some employees are losing their jobs. Also, many organizations have quietly cut the salaries and other fringe benefits to their employees. So, the fear that their jobs and salary are at stake and to continue working, the employees are forced to work pushing their limits, leading to stress. With stressed mind, the employees will be hard-pressed to use his/hers physical and mental part, to work effectively for the organization. Stressed mind in the sense, due to the poor match between work load and the capabilities, resources, etc of the worker, the mind of the worker could be live disoriented leadi ng to the damaging of workers biological, psychological or social systems..Stress is something which can happen to an individualist both due to a positive action or change as well as negative action or change. That is, stress can be felt by the employees, if positive actions or changes like promotion, new assignments, new responsibilities, etc happen in his/hers professional life. Also in the same but different way, the employees will become stressed, if he/she faces negative actions or changes both in his/hers professional as well as personal life. The negative events or issues that could trigger stress are unemployment, suspension, failure to couple the targets, pressure, intimidation, abuse, etc from the superior as well as co-workers, divorce, deaths, etc, etc. When the above mentioned negative changes or actions occurs, they will be least expecting it and so they will be unable to handle it. That is, those

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CIPD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

CIPD - Essay ExampleOoredoo has over 2.5 million consumers in these regions (Ooredoo Qatar, n.d). The current revenue enhancement of the company is $ 9.3 billion, with assets of over $ 25 billion. The net profit of the company for the last year was $ 800 million.Why Ooredoo needs to changeIt is a fact that the modern business earthly concern is a highly competitive world and it also requires companies to adapt themselves to the business environment and due to this reason, only those organizations are able to survive which flock sustain the intense competition. Ooredoo falls in the same category and due to this reason there are some factors which it has to recognizeCompetitionOoredoo has to face a tough competition from companies like Emirates telecommunication Corporation, Orascom Telecom Holding S.A. E and Saudi Telecom Company. The company only deals in mobile, net profit and corporate managed services, lag Ooredoos competitors have launched digital cable television servic es for example EVision by Emirates Telecommunications and inVision by Saudi Telecom Company(Hoovers, n.d.). All these companies along with Ooredoo serve Middle East in particular. Moreover, most of the customers prefer purchasing services from one company and the consumer selects cheaper company.Transformation in organizations policyOoredoo own witribe, a company that provides wireless internet services to people in Pakistan, meanwhile, its competitor Orascom not only provides internet services in Pakistan, but it also own mobile networks.

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Scenarios week 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Scenarios week 4 - Essay ExampleThe situation presented in the case of Glenbrook South High School is normal in most schools, where students with demonstrable capabilities end up failing their exams. After the results that Joanie gets, despite having spent time delivering the heart as good as she could, there is need to come up with a plan that female genitals facilitate effective learning, application of the content and responding to questions in an exam situation.Firstly, in order to facilitate effective learning, Joanie can consider diversifying the t from each oneing and learning style that she uses. One of these ways is to let students do the teaching. (Mwenda, 2012). For instance, a student can be assigned a single theme and allowed some time to load down an in-depth research then come and share the same with the rest of the class. In essence, learners grasp more what they feed actively participated in than what has been imposed on them from the teacher. (Mwenda, 2012).Sec ondly, Joanie can consider engaging the class in concourse work through discussions and simulations. By doing this, learners will have an opportunity to bring out what they initially mentation was right when it was wrong. (Mwenda, 2012). In addition to this, the levels of confidence will be built as the learners correct each other in addition to having the freedom to share what they could have dismissed as irrelevant ideas. however to this, low achievers can have an opportunity to learn how their well performing colleagues manage to do it. (Mwenda, 2012).In order to have the learners improve in their performance in exams, there are a itemize of considerations that can be included in Joanies teaching plans. Firstly, since the questions that the students failed were to do with memory or remembrance, a catchy and memorable plan should be in place. For instance, apart from being given a retrieve to read the text on their own, the teacher can organize a video show or an acted presen tation of the text in order to have the students remember

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Limited Liability Corporation and Limited Liability Partnership Paper Essay

Limited Liability Corporation and Limited Liability union Paper - Essay ExampleBut, LLPs still impose certain obligations from each of the partner as a way of maintaining standards of accountability. LLPs differ from other general partnerships in one particular aspect, namely, that each partner is entirely liable to his/her own debts and obligations and be not required to share the burden of their partners debts and obligations. In the United States, in that respect are comprehensive legislations that govern the conception and formation of LLPs. This form of partnership is more suitable to companies go professional services such as law firms, an accountancy firms, etc. As a librate of fact, a few states within the United States eitherow only certain professional classes to form LLPs. The uncreated legislative document that deals with partnership firms is the Uniform Partnership Act, which provides detailed guidelines. Further, many states offer liability vindication only aga inst select negligence claims, which implies that for, say, contract claims, a partner can be made liable. LLPs are similar to other partnership arrangements in that the profits accrued are divided evenly among all the members of the partnership. This is essentially to facilitate taxation and to avoid double taxation, which can dent an individual members profits. Some state legislation adds more conditions for limited liability. For example,Many states provide protection only against civil wrong claims and do not extend protection to a partners own negligence or incompetence or to the partners involvement in supervising wrongful conduct. Other states provide broad protection, including protection against contractual claims brought by the partnerships creditors. It further provided, however, that a partner was personally liable to the partnership and copartners for any breach of duty, and also allowed a creditor or other claimant to pierce the limited liability shield of a partner i n

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Bank of America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

desire of America - Essay ExampleUp to that point, this was the largest accomplishment deal in the deposeing sector. After the acquisition by Nations Bank of Bank America, the Bank of America emerged and, while it was technically an acquisition, this deal had a structure corresponding to that of a merger (James & James 34).After the Chairman and CEO of the Bank of America Hugh McColl resigned, his successor wad Lewis focused the verifys attentions on efficiency and financial discipline, which was in contrast to earlier expansionary acquisition and merger strategies pursued by McColl. However, in 2004, the Bank of America acquired the depicted object Processing Company from National Corp for some $1.4 billion, renaming it BA Merchant Services (James & James 37). National Processing Company was at the time engaged in the processing of MasterCard and VISA transactions. As a result of this acquisition, this company at once processed at least one in every six MasterCard and VISA tr ansactions, while alike expanding the Bank of Americas share of the financial solutions commercialise, especially for healthcare and travel companies. In addition, the bank also acquired FleetBoston Financial in 2004 for some $47 billion, which was aimed at aiding the Bank of America to attain market share in the United States northeastern region (James & James 38).This solidified its position as the bank in the United States with the highest FDIC-rated deposit market share with over $513 billion in deposits. This placed rise up the Bank of America ahead of JP Morgan Chase-Bank One and Wells Fargo & Co, which had deposits of $353 billion and $228 billion respectively as of the family 2003 (James & James 39). The Bank of America also announced the acquisition of MBNA, a credit card giant, for $35 billion in stocks and cash. This deal was given the final approval in December of 2005 by the federal official Reserve Board, which gave the green

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Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 9

Strategic Management - Essay Examplestores is able to pass on the benefits of piteous cost in terms of onto the customer, and this policy has earned them rich benefits, especially during post war periods and recessionary times. basically this is a food and grocery store, having its take in branded goods. Most of their products are their own labeled brands, and perhaps, there would only be one or two other kinds of competing brands for each kind of product. While this restricts the picking of customers regarding variety, it induces greater sale and movement of goods. Thus, the need for having a large number of tagged brands (which may non even be moving products) is obviated, and only products that sell fast are kept on pallets. by chance one of the distinguishing aspects regarding Aldis type of business is that goods are stocked in pallets, customers pick up their indispensable items from these pallets, and load into their trolleys, which are to be compulsorily exampled after paying a refundable token towards use of trolley. After the pallet is empty, these are again refurbished, and the process goes on. Most of the products found are Aldis own labeled and branded products, and not much of other competing products or brands are found in Aldi stores. This reduces broth carrying costs and the economic risks of having to stock a large number of brands, which may or may not sell. The impact of using Value Chain Analysis byis that it provides cheaper products to the consumers. In the past months, according to the join for Retail Studies, (2006) the cheaper products that Aldi gave the consumers impacted both the two biggest supermarkets in Australia, the Coles Myer and Woolworths. The companies came up with different strategies like Everyday low pricing (EDLP) and Save Everyday strategies. (Undertake a full value chain (complementors) analysis of the Australian supermarket patience and its implications on the each of the three super market chains (Woolwoths , Coles and Aldi) 2009, para.19).The

Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 5

Report - Essay ExampleWith this concern, the report intends to examine the measures that can be apply for reviewing the performance of Tesco. In this regard, various performance measures relating to finance along with resource, customer satisfaction indicators and innovation along with marketplace development will be discussed.Gross along with net profit marge and market share acts as effective financial along with resource based performance measures, through which the boilersuit performance of the companies such as Tesco can be determined. Theoretically, the net profit tolerance depicts the ability of the solicitude to control and meet the needs of indirect costs. It also reveals the suitability of businesses to perform effectively in future. In this regard, the net profit margin should be higher in order to depict a violate future profitability and performance index (Needham & Dransfield, 2000). For instance, the financial performance of Tesco can be determined or measured wi th the assistance of certain financial statements that prepare by the company on an annual basis. It has been seemingly noted that the company prepares different financial statements in order to measure the performance of the Group in a suitable manner (Tesco PLC, 2013). In this regard, it can be apparently observed that the net margin of the company decreased substantially in the year 2013 as compared to the year 2012. This can be warrant with the help of the following table.As per the above table, it can be clearly understood that the gross margin of Tesco declined in the year 2012 as compared to the year 2013 due to excessive costs incurred by the company eyepatch selling it various products or services to the worldwide customers. It is worth mentioning that the financial as well as the resource performance of the company can also be evaluated based on market share. It is unmistakable that a company

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Children with special needs can be cured Thesis

Children with special needs can be cured - Thesis theoretical accountmmended for the improvement that the children with special need positioned in inclusion classrooms, there is nothing more imperative than the educational benefits. According to different research studies children with develop noetic disabilities positioned in inclusion classrooms create immense developments in language, mental and motor development that are beyond their peers in individual education classrooms. Poor children are opened to significantly more social and physical toxicities in the environment that cause or exacerbate degenerative health conditions.These exposures are due to the risk behaviors of their parents, other adults around them, and their living environment.Substance use by their mothers during pregnancy poor nutrition pre- and post-natal exposure to second hand tobacco smoke substandard admit with potentially change magnitude levels of toxins. Once diagnosed with a chronic condition, poor children and their families generally have more special(a) access to health services, (McManus & Newacheck, 1040 Miller, 430) and often the services they receive are of lower quality.In some places, health providers are subtly directed to limit their therapeutic time with a child covered by Medicaid because the reimbursement is too low to cover their time.Just as medical technology has prolonged more childrens lives, scientific advances have increased knowledge about treatments, equipment and technological devices designed to improve the function and quality of breeding of Children With Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN).For example, early intervention services are guaranteed by impartiality for children with or at risk of developmental disabilities as a way to maximize their potential (Ramey & Ramey, 110). adapted computer technology and new therapies can increase functional abilities for children with motor and sensory impairments.However, both the increased prevalence of CSHCN and increased treatment options are occurring in the context of a national effort to

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Goods vs Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Goods vs Service - Essay Examplened that applied science is mend the manner in which some of the giant companies perform their businesses, fostering new strategies and thereby revolutionizing the research-and-development process (Brynjolfsson & Schrage, 2009).It is notable of stating that digitalization as head as networking are the two main components of the modern day society. through and through digitalization the different mediums are combined based on the technology which enables a huge inwardness of data to be transmitted and processed. With the answer of networking, virtual communities are being formed over the networks, concentrate around the internet. With the greater advancement of the technology there has been transformation in the structure and processes of the business world. With the help of intranets and e-mails the processes are being enhanced. It can be stated that the conventional way of shopping is being replaced by the contemporary ways where the consumers are capable of making order over the internet sitting at their homes. The payments can be made with the help of the credit cards and therefore the requirement to visit the fund by the buyer is eliminated to a great extent. Prior to purchasing the product, the customer is capable of having access to the air board with the assistance of the personal computers for the purpose of viewing the product review and can as well contribute in forums in order to gain the required cultivation from the actual users of the product (Kato, 2007).The technology can also be used by the organization to customize the product and customers services. For instance, it is through information technology that a firm may shift from delivery from stock to making an order or may shift from selling function to renting function (Ives & Mason, 1990).Therefore, it can be mentioned that the technology is holdfast the characteristic of the services and the manner in which the firms tends to interact with the custo mers. The advancement in the

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Toyota Motor Corporation Essay Example for Free

Toyota repulse Corporation try onIn a production line organization, the organization is composed of systems that concentrate on general(a) efficiency. A systems come near is essential whenever something is being designed, redesigned, implemented, improved, or otherwise changed. It is important to take into account the impact on all parts of the system. Consider owning and operating an railroad car. It has many parts and systems that can malfunction some of these are critical. The automobile would non function or would be dangerous to operate without them. The Toyota Company seemed to have missed the grandeur of the impact on all parts a system as they came under scrutiny with the largest opine of vehicles in the join States in 2009-2010. These recalls were triggered by a car collision in August 2009 that took the lives of tetrad people. This assignment will look at what barriers caused the systems to fail within the Toyota Company that subsequently changed the attitud es of their consumers and their aver towards Toyota.Toyota Motor CorporationThe Toyota Motor Corporation was complete in 1933 as a division of Toyoda Automatic oscillate Works under the direction of Kiichiro Toyoda. In 1934, the company produced its first Type A engine at the encouragement of the Japanese government, and two years later the company produced its first passenger car, the Toyota AA and in 1937 was established as an independent company. In 1957 Toyota established its first sales, marketing, and distribution subsidiary in the U.S., called Toyota Motor sales Inc. In 1982, Toyota Motor Corporation formed a joint venture with General Motors, called New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. and began production in the U.S. in 1988 establishing new brands for this market. In 2009, Toyota employed more than 8,900 people and supervise 14 regional offices throughout the 50 states. Toyota produced 5.2 million cars in 58 production sites in 2000, and by 2009 they had the capacity to produce 10 million cars and had added 17 production sites. Toyota had added the capacity of a Chrysler-sized company. (Greto et al., 2010). In January 2010, Toyota hang sales of eight recalled vehicle models to fix accelerator pedals with mechanical problems that could cause them to become stuck. In declination 2012, Toyota announced an agreement worth more than $1,000 million to settle a lawsuit involving unintended acceleration in some of its vehicles (Slobe, 2010)Existing ProcessesAccording to Greto et al.(2010) the Toyota company incorporated a philosophy known as the Toyota Way. This set of principles was to bring about approaches that called for continuous improvement, which encouraged teamwork, respect, and value for people. The Toyota Way was to encourage employees to strive for perfection. some other key process to mention is the Toyota Production System (TPS). It was designed to remove all unnecessary permissive waste from the production and manufacturing process. More than just waste avoidance, it aimed to eliminate any excess interruption, misalignment, unnecessary work, or redundancies in the production process that add no value to customers. Specifically, TPS addressed seven kinds of waste overproduction, operator motion, waiting, conveyance, self-processing, inventory, and castigation (rework and scrap). Through TPS, Toyota had been able to significantly reduce lead-time and production costs (p 4).Importance to ToyotaThese processes both posed of striking importance to the Toyota Company because when you value and respect your employees and outdoor(a) constituents it brings about a level of trust and glueyness in the work bunk and your company gains loyalty from the customers. When everyone is operating as a team, any challenges that hold up are met with courage and this creates a level of motivation within the company to bring about improvement. In regards to the having a production system that will bring to the forefront at the o nset any issues, it eliminates extra time, production costs, and manpower. It builds a foundation to where employees are reliable where they embrace the philosophy of quality at the start. It in like manner creates a learning environment where leaders who carefully under baulk the philosophy, will teach it to others. This grows the company and builds it up for success.Scope Breadth of its reachThe scope of its reach can be throughout the global market. not only within the automobile industry but because Toyota diversified into several nonautomotive lineagees, it can also impact industries in aerospace, higher education, robotics, finance, and agricultural biotechnology (Greto et al., 2010).Parties involved customers as well as internal and external suppliers.When there is a spread run through in these processes, it impacts the employees and all external stakeholders. For example, when a breakdown occurred in the lines of discourse between the Japan and U.S. offices, in respond ing to the issues with the faulty accelerators, not only was customers affected, stockholders were affected. When the reputation of a company is tarnished, it affects the stockholders and they stand to lose money they invested in the company. Supply vendors are also affected when these processes breakdown because they lose business as well. Competitors can also be positively affected by this. They gain the customers who choose to no longer do business with Toyota.Priority the timeliness or urgency.Timeliness is important to any business as this attributes to the quality of service a company provides customers, to employee concerns, matters concerning supply vendors and stock holders to name a few. Toyota did not readily address the concerns of their customers initially until it became more in the public eye. This takes away from the value of the company and it certainly affected customer loyalty and satisfaction to say the least. The company stock value went down and it suffered mil lions of dollars in lost. Timeliness is certainly a priority for any business.Overall impact or benefits of improvement to ToyotaThe overall impact for Toyota led to someone dying while driving a faulty vehicle and then all the millions of dollars they were fined still does not make up for the loss of a persons life. This goes down in Toyotas history book as it cost them their reputation. The benefit is that can take place is to push management to take a look at their overall company operations and break down the areas that need improvements identify additional defects and restructure their operational systems. If changes are to occur, Toyota has the opportunity to make changes, fabrication more innovative vehicles, and create initiatives that involves the communities they do business with as a way to build trust and their reputation.Cost to Toyota if the process is not improvedThe cost to Toyota if these processes are not improved could mean trouble with a loss of market. The bu siness can go bankrupt offices close down, excessive inventory, stock set decreases, and employee layoffs that add to the unemployment rate.

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Beijing Sammies Essay Example for Free

Beijing Sammies EssayThe AGROVOC Concept Server (AGROVOC/CS) Workbench is a web- ground working surroundings consisting of numerous functionalities for the distributed management and enhancement of the AGROVOC/CS built from the AGROVOC thesaurus. Following the Semantic netts vision, that emphasizes collaboration in the development of data and metadata to be officed and reused across the web, the management of AGROVOC will progressively be transferred from a few individuals in FAO to a wider community of international AGROVOC experts. These interested and competent users will share the collaborative maintenance and extension of AGROVOC, one of the most frequently used terminological resources for agricultural info management in the world. Maintenance of the future extended AGROVOC will thus be completely veer with people worldwide contributing to its development.This report provides a brief note on the technical aspects of the AGROVOC/CS Workbench. Technical details Multil ingual web interface and content (UTF8). The soft ware is developed in sheer JAVA (version 1. 5. x), with no calls to any third party modules requiring precompiled DLLs or other operating system specialised features. The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is used with an Eclipse plug-in for development of the system. It is used to build the system as a amply Java based AJAX client browser application that is compatible with all common web browsers. Where likely the JSP 2. 0 Expression Language (EL) is used for any JSP development within the project (its a way of writing script-less JSP pages). Protege OWL api framework is used to connect OWL. MySQL is used as RDBMS. The system is DBMS-independent. surplus database abstraction layer for interacting with the OWL backbone and the relational database will be used (e. g. the hibernate exertion and query service, etc. ). The system follows FAO guidelines for HTML publishing Guidelines for Web site development File name convention and record organization guidelines Check list for the clearance of Web sites. In summary, the system is based on the following components Development components Eclipse 3. 2 JAVA-JDK version jdk1. 5. x Apache Tomcat (that supports JSP and JAVA Servlets) Google Web Toolkit (for AJAX framework), version 1. 4. 60 Google Web Toolkit Incubator, version 1. 4 Protege OWL API 3. 4 libraries hole up 3. 0 libraries Hibernate 4 GWT, version 0. 5 RC2 MySQL version 5 Server side Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Linux Apache Tomcat 5. 5. 9 or higher(prenominal) JAVA-JDK version jdk1. 5. x or higher MySQL version 5 or higher Protege OWL API 3. 4 libraries Hibernate 3. 0 libraries Hibernate 4 GWT, version 0. 5 RC2 WAR commit with compiled JAVA files and necessary libraries Current Server Configuration OS Debian GNU/Linux 2. 6. 22-2 CPU AMD 64 chip shot Memory 8GB MYSQL version 5. 0. 45 TOMCAT meter reading 6. 0. 14 Java-JDK 1. 6. 0_04 Required Application 1. MySQL version 5 or above Available affair to download http//dev. mysql. com/downloads/ 2. Apache Ant version 1. 7. 1 or above Available link to download http//ant. apache. org/ 3. JAVA JDK version jdk. 1. 5. x or above Available link to download http//java. sun. com/javase/downloads/index. jsp 4. Apache Tomcat version 6 or above Available link to download http//tomcat. apache. org/download-55. cgi 5. Protege Version 3. 4 beta Build 130 Available link to download http//protege. cim3. net/download/old-releases/3. 4%20betas/build-130/full/ 6. GWT Version 1. 4 Build 1. 4. 62Available link to download http//code. google. com/webtoolkit/versions. html The note of Configuration 1. Download AGROVOC Concept Server Workbench code from the CVS Server. 2. Download the sql script from CVS Server at folder named sql. Create the database. trial run the sql script file locate at your_directorySQLadministrator_agrovocwb _v_0_2_beta. sql This will install administrator_agrovocwb database. Run sql script file to i nstall the owl model database located at your_directorySQLlank model _v_0_2_beta. sql hither we have provided blank owl model. You can convert owl file directly to database by employ stand alone java program located at our_directorysrcorgfaoaoscsserverprotegeconvertToDatabaseProject. java You need the change the variables in the file. 18 secluded final motionless String url = jdbcmysql// 19 private final static String table = 20 private final static String user = 21 private final static String war cry = 22 private final static String uri = file/c/ 3.To add model in the ontology list, go to database and table and insert new row with these values. Ontology id (Auto increment) Ontology call off Blank Model Ontology Description AGROVOC Concept Server Workbench Blank AOS Module Database URL jdbcmysql//3306/? requireSSL=falseuseUnicode=truecharacterEncoding=UTF-8 Database driver com. mysql. jdbc. Driver Table Name Database Username Database Password Display Ontolo gy on the list 0 for hide and 1 for Show 4. Use java editor to Change the configuration of the hibernate file that located in your_directorysrchibernate. cfg. xml Change the lieu of your connection password preferably of your_password and change the property of your connection url rather of your_url. 13 your_password 14 jdbcmysql//your_url Change the configuration of the database properties that located in your_directorysrcorgfaoaoscsserverowlDatabaseConnection. properties Change the property of your username of database instead of your_username and change the property of your password of database instead of your_password. 4 userAdminDB = your_username 5 passwordAdminDB = your_password Change the configuration of the mail file that located in your_directory srcorgfaoaoscsutilityMail. propertiesChange the property of your host name instead of your_mailserver_host, change the property of your port instead of your_port, change the property of your user instead of your_user, c hange the property of your password instead of your_password and change the property of your from information instead of sender_email. 1 host=your_mailserver_host 2 port=your_port 3 user=your_user 4 password=your_password 5 from= sender_email Run build file to create war file using Apache ANT. 5. Copy the war file to folder of tomcat installation directory. 6. You can use the program by opening your browser and type http//localhost8080/your_project_name

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Dear Junior Admin Essay Example for Free

Dear Junior Admin EssayThere are several things to visualise and several things that could be wrong. I would approach by making received that you study your ranges of IP addresses decently and that you didnt mistype any numbers.Check your exclusions and be sure that your new ranges dont f every(prenominal) in between the old ranges that were there before if you had any for the last sight.You can also check the workstations that didnt take the changes individually. Be sure that they dont have tranquil IP address set for those computers. If they do, then change them to dynamic and restart the computers. If they have the dynamic bullet check then disseminate up a command prompt and ping the server. If you get no response use the ipconfig commands. button the IP addresses with the IP release command and then use the ip renew command.If the workstations still do not work after trying the previous suggestions you can always assign your workstations using static IP addressing. It will be time consuming but with only twenty five workstations it shouldnt be too overwhelming.If the first suggestions do not work and you simply dont indirect request to do all the work of using static ip addresses then you can always start over and try putting in the new configurations again. The second time around be sure to restart your server and restart all of your workstations so the new changes will take effect. You may have to do it at a time when the company can afford the network to be all the way down for a few hours.

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Telecommunications and Networking Essay Example for Free

Telecommunications and Networking EssayTelecommunications and networking ar complicated with very intricate design and structures built within them. Protocols are banding in perspective to allow Ethernets, switches and gateways to achieve the abilities and capabilities of telecommunications and networking through data and division transmissions of today and the future. Todays society is embed at such a high chiliad with such great demand for volumes of data and voice transmissions that telecommunications and networking need to stay the course to keep up with the demands of societal egress by way of raw hardware, software system and technological advances. a) What is a policy?A policy is verbiage that consists of words and statements that gives internal and orthogonal structural requirements whereby employees, power and others undersurface follow. Specifications within the said policy are set to form and target internal and external functions. This policy paves the way for integrity within the line and/or corporations foundational structure. Policy A broad statement that specifies what should be accomplished. (Panko, R., Panko, J. (2011).b) Distinguish between policy and effectuation.Implementations are a more specified set of instructions whereby policies are less specified but further each has a set verbiage that applies to the structural integrity of the companys bi-laws and laws. Implementation advocate Instructions that is more specific than policies but less specific than implementation. (Panko, R., Panko, J. (2011).c) Why is it native to separate policies from implementation? The separation between policies and implementation is important so that a set of rules, bi-laws and/or laws that govern the phone line or company is set in a way that is most important to the least important of rules, bi-laws and laws within that business structure. Structural integrity based upon policies and the implementation of those policies is inhe rent to the internal and external growth that applies to that bodied business structure.d) Why is oversight important? heed is a tool that guides management that should be required to be used in every aspect within the business and/or corporation. management has an obligation to implement the oversight protocols throughout the business structure whereby it sets the guidance protocols within those structures foundational rules of guidance and policy. Oversight A collection of methods to ensure that policies have been implemented properly. (Panko, R., Panko, J. (2011). e) Compare the specificity of policies, implementation guidance, and implementation. Policies would be a set of more formal verbiage where implementation guidance would be the guidance within that set of policies and this would then be followed by the implementation of both the policies and the implementations guidances. All three of these categories are mold into 1 that would become the set policies of the busines s or corporate guidance structure.f) Distinguish between standards and guidelines. The standards and guidelines trace between one another in a way that they each set separate rules within themselves whereby each arrives at context and messages. The separation of standards and guidelines is such that standards allows hardware and software to work together and guidelines is a directive that can be followed but is not necessarily followed unless implementation is required. Guidelines A directive that should be followed but need not be followed, depending on the context. (Panko, R., Panko, J. (2011). Standards A rule of operation that allows hardware or software processes to work together. Standards normally govern the exchange of messages between two entities. (Panko, R., Panko, J. (2011).g) Must guidelines be considered? The affection of guidelines is dependent on the need and sometimes is not necessarily followed nor is it a necessary requirement. The required condition of guide lines is such that management and/or the implementation of the guideline can become a necessary requirement. retrieve that the necessity meets the requirement within the aforementioned guidelines. Guidelines are considered where the need meets that requirement and this can be an essential or non-essential requirement of a specified guideline. h) List the three types of oversight listed in the text. Audit is one form of oversight followed by reading log files and the third oversight is vulnerability interrogatory. Each of these is a part of a policy that is set into place and followed by internal and external personnel. Management sets the pace and implements the oversight whereby each individual mangers proceeds with oversight protocols to meet oversight rules. I) what is vulnerability testing, and why is it through with(p)?Vulnerability testing is an internal mechanism that is performed to prevent the intrusion of internal and external sources. The vulnerability testing is a tes t that allows for the intrusive behavior to begin within the companys own transcription that shows visible signs of degradation and exploitations within the system. Vulnerability Testing is attacking your own systems before attackers do, so that you can identify weaknesses and fix them before they are exploited by attackers (Panko, R., Panko, J. (2011). j) Why is it important for policy to squeeze both implementation and oversight? Policy is the final product that drives the internal mechanisms of the business and/or corporate structure from the hardware, to software, to personnel then up to management.Policy is for example like accelerator pedal is to the automobile without the gasoline the automobile will not run. Implementation would be for example like not having the fossil oil that lubricates the engine within the automobile and then oversight would be for example like the brake suave that allows the brakes of the automobile to function and stop the automobile. Requiring each of these mechanisms to be included in the structure of the business and/or corporation is essential to building focal points that lead and pave the way to shew and future growth from within that business and corporations foundational structure. Policy is a core driving force that is essential to day to day operations as well as to future implementations of guidelines.Conclusion Telecommunications and networking are the business and/or corporate structures essential tools that require policies, guidelines, oversight and implementation. The management within that business structure is and should be required to follow each and every policy and guideline whereby each manger gives instructions to employees and personnel to follow these sets of guidelines and polices. Implementation of all governed rules should be set at the management level to include hardware, software and security protocols. Society demands telecommunications and networking with data, voice and video capabilities and management is essential to meet these societal demands whereby management ineluctably the policies and guidelines to implement and address all of these demands.

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Coffee Benefits Essay Example for Free

Coffee Benefits EssaySeveral studies comparison moderate cocoa berry toasters (about 2 cups a day) with light coffee drinkers (less than one and only(a) cup a day) entrap that those who drank more coffee were signifi sesstly less likely to develop Alzheimers disease later in life. 23 edit minify stake of gallstone disease Drinking caffeinated coffee has been correlated with a lower incidence of gallstones and gallbladder disease in both men4 and women5 in two studies performed by the Harvard School of Public Health. A fall risk was not seen in those who drank decaffeinated coffee. edit Reduced risk of Parkinsons disease A study comparing ponderous coffee drinkers (3. 5 cups a day) with non-drinkers found that the coffee drinkers were signifi lavatorytly less likely to contract Parkinsons complaint later in life. 6. Likewise, a second study found an inverse relationship between the tote up of coffee on a regular basis drunk and the likelihood of developing Parkinsons Disease. 7 edit Cognitive performance Many people drink coffee for its ability to increase short term recall and increase IQ8.Likewise, in tests of simple chemical reaction time, choice reaction time, incidental verbal memory, and visuospatial reasoning, participants who regularly drank coffee were found to perform better on all tests, with a positive relationship between test scores and the amount of coffee regularly drunk. Elderly participants were found to form the largest effect associated with regular coffee drinking. 9 An an other(a)(prenominal) study found that women oer the age of 80 performed significantly better on cognitive tests if they had regularly drunk coffee everywhere their lifetimes.10 edit Analgesic enhancement Coffee contains caffeine, which increases the effectiveness of pain killers, especially migraine and headache medications. 11 For this reason, many over-the-counter(a) headache drugs include caffeine in their formula. edit Antidiabetic Coffee intake may reduce ones risk of diabetes mellitus type 2 by up to half. While this was originally noticed in patients who consumed high amounts (7 cups a day), the relationship was later shown to be linear. 12 edit Liver diseaseCoffee can also reduce the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver13 and has been linked to a reduced risk of hepatocellular carcinoma, a primary liver cancer that ordinarily arises in patients with preexisting cirrhosis. 14 The exact mechanism and the amount of coffee needed to achieve a estimable effect atomic number 18 as yet unclear. 15 edit Cancer Coffee consumption is also correlated to a reduced risk of oral, esophageal, and pharyngeal cancer. 1617 In ovarian cancer, no benefit was found.18 In the Nurses Health Study, a modest reduction in breast cancer was observed in postmenopausal women only, which was not sustain in decaffeinated coffee. 19 edit Cardioprotective Coffee reduces the incidence of heart disease, though whether this is simply because it rids the b lood of excess lipids or because of its stimulative effect is unknown. citation needed edit Laxative/diuretic Coffee is also a powerful stimulant for peristalsis and is sometimes considered to prevent constipation it is also a diuretic.However, coffee can also cause loose catgut movements. Practitioners in alternative medicine often recommend coffee enemas for cleansing of the colon due to its excitant of peristalsis, although mainstream medicine has not proved any benefits of the practice. edit Antioxidant Coffee contains the anticancer compound methylpyridinium. This compound is not give in significant amounts in other food materials. Methylpyridinium is not present in raw coffee beans but is formed during the roasting process from trigonelline, which is common in raw coffee beans.It is present in both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, and even in instant coffee. 20 http//ezinearticles. com/? Coffee-and-Its-Antioxidants-Healthier-Than-You-May-Realizeid=1235899 Did you know that coffee is chock full of antioxidants, an anticancer divisor? If youve always thought coffee is bad for you, think again. Aside from keeping you alert and awake, coffee can also keep you young and fighting cancer. So, continue reading for answers to some frequently asked questions about coffee and its antioxidants. What are antioxidants?Antioxidants are any vitamin or nutrient that can help prevent cancer or damage to the heart and other tissues caused by free radicals. By neutralizing free radicals, they prevent cell degradation. Antioxidant full foods include blueberries, raspberries, dates, chocolate and, of course, coffee. What type of antioxidants are in coffee? The antioxidants found in coffee are called polyphenols. More specifically, the compound is methylpridinium. The antioxidant isnt present in raw, green coffee beans, but is actually created during the roasting process.How a good deal coffee is enough? Research has shown that people who drink one to two coffees a day have half the risk of developing liver cancer when compared to people who didnt drink coffee. Meanwhile, drinking 4 to 6 cups of coffee can reduce your risk for type-2 diabetes by as much as 50 percent. However, disdain the reduced risk for these diseases and other cancers, like oral, esophageal, and pharyngeal cancer, doctors dont recommend you start drinking 10 cups a day.Coffee is still a stimulant and a diuretic and if drunk in excess can cause heart problems, anxiety and possible dangerously elevated blood pressure. Can I come in these antioxidants from other sources? The specific antioxidant compound of methylpridinium is only found in substantial amounts in coffee. While other food sources like cranberries, dates and other antioxidant-rich foods contain different types of antioxidants, coffee is the primary source for this particular compound. (For other sources of antioxidants try bananas, dry beans, blueberries, pomegranates, lychees and the other foods listed above.) A recent study also found that the vast absolute majority of North Americans get most of their antioxidants from beverages and, in particular, coffee. The average adult takes in about 1300 milligrams per day done coffee and the next source is tea at a mere 294 milligrams per day. Again, while coffee is one of our highest sources of antioxidants a great cancer-fighting and prevention agent coffee drinkers should always practice moderation. A cup or two a day may keep a number of common diseases away, but as well as much coffee can also cause problems. So balance is always a necessity.

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The European Modern Art in the Period of WWI Essay Example for Free

The European Modern Art in the Period of WWI adjudicateThe early 20th century was a period of impetuous change. The First instauration War deep altered peoples understanding of their worlds. Early 20th-century machination movements powerfully reflect this new mind-set. It was a brutal naturalism of war that was to give abstraction its edge. To those who survived the First World War it came to embody the collapse of traditional horse opera refining. What had st art rifleed as an exercise in honor and chivalry (for fantasts) ended as mass destruction (for tonic artificers). to a greater extent all over, the First World War forced many to reconsider the kind of value system and shade that could have permitted such an atrocity in the first place.As the war dragged on, more and more run awaymans matte up themselves compromised by the act of making art at least the kind of work that seemed so very more a part of a larger, hypocrisy-hidden ethnic machine. For many, to continue meant a drastic re-evaluation of the role of the art for themselves and their society. The event was a radically new way of looking at the world and at art angiotensin converting enzyme that survives to this day. Daringly innovatory in adept terms, movements such as Cubism and Futurism, both of which were at their height around 191013, pretermit traditional painting to probe the structure of consciousness itself.Though, it is to dad and Surrealism that we should look for the near compelling explorations of the new psyche, not least because both movements placed considerable emphasis on mental investigation. Dada part saw itself as re-enacting the psychic upheaval caused by the First World War, while the irrationalism celebrated by Surrealism could be seen as a thoroughgoing acceptance of the forces at work beneath the coating of civilization. In this work I summarize the overlapping histories of movements of Futurism and Dada, first of all, and what rough-cut feat ures link them. Also on particular(a) examples of Boccioni and Jean Arps works I endeavor to find similarities and differences of these two movements. futuristic painting is a fascinating example of how seemingly innocuous pictorial movement laughingstock take on semipolitical and social aspects. The Futurists were for the most part a collection of modernist Italian painters who saw the destruction of the old and the renown of the new as the hallmarks of a truly modern mechanic. The Futurist movement burst upon the consciousness of an knocked out(p) public in the years 1909-1910. For the first time artists crossed over the line between unoriginal taste and new ideas. Taking their cue from the anarchists with whom as youths they were in sympathy, the self-styled Futurists published shocking manifestoes, authorities their art and thoughts, the most famous of which was the Futurist Technical Manifestonegating all past values, even art itself.Fighting their way towards a new libe rty against apathy, nostalgia, and sentimentality, they became for a very wide public the figure of all that was new, terrifying, and seemingly ridiculous in contemporary art. As for the term Futurism, there is no mystery story about its origin, nor was it a word thrust by chance upon the artists as were Fauvism, and Cubism or Dada. It was coined in the declivity of 1908 by the bilingual Italian poet, editor, and promoter of art, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, to give ideological coherence to the advanced tendencies in poetry.Because the Futurist painters early adapted to their own use some of the formal language of Cubism, their painting has often been considered a kind of speeded up version of that classically oriented movement. However the significant difference consisted in Futurisms aim to represent motion, a goal better realized in moving pictures. Motion for the Futurist painter was not an objective fact to be analyzed, but but a modern mean for embodying a strong personal e xpression.In their iconoclasm and concern for the vagaries of the mind, they had not a little in common with Dada. The Italian Futurists were fighting the estrangement from the world, the lonely isolation of the individual that was not only the inheritance of the artist but a common threat to modern man. They rejected firmly the temptation to brood over mans plight, sentimentalizing over his helplessness in the way fashionable at the turn of the century. With Nietzschean arrogance they despised the swooning and the timid, the thoughtful or hesitant, and wished to feel themselves rash, bold, and capable of infinite accomplishment. They wanted their art to restore to man a sense of daring, an assertive will rather than submissive acceptance.Perhaps the most talented Futurist artist was Umberto Boccioni, whose work and interests included both painting and sculpture. In his The Street Enters the House (Fig. 1) of 1911 it is quite app arent that he employed Cubist inventions for the dep iction of a fractured space and the breaking down of forms across the picture plane. plainly to this he adds something Cubists had shied away from coloring hearty the kind which illuminated and even decomposed forms. In this work forms, light and color melt into a frenzy of simultaneous activities, individually actively pursuing the other for visual authority. The end point is something like a visual noise, where each gesture or diminished form takes on the disposition of a boisterous shout in a turbulent crowd.It appears that the radical Boccionis treatment of forms was to sure extent conservative. He never completely let go of the descriptive character of his work. In his sculpted work (Fig. 2) he moderates an awkward balance between the radical character of Cubist traditions and his desire to maintain a likeness. In this case, the piece looks like an icon to motion and progress and ironically discloses disdain for the hearty history of figurative sculpture. Perhaps the greatest irony was the artists welcome to the First World War as a cleansing of culture. When the war was declared, he, like many of Futurists immediately enlisted and shortly after(prenominal) he was killed. Thus, with the horrors of the First World War, Futurism died too.Chronologically, the Dada movement (1915-1922) followed the Cubist style, from which it borrowed the papier coll technique2, and preceded the Surrealist movement for which it laid a foundation. Dada artists dismissed the canons of the traditional arts as well, considering their work to be non-art and, in some instances, even anti-art. More than anything else, Dada was an avant-garde movement. The term avant-garde, which was first employed by the French utopian state-controlled Henri de Saint-Simon in the 1820s, initially had military connotations, but came to signify the advanced socio-political as well as esthetic position to which the modern artist should aspire3.By the early 20th century, several key art mov ements such as Futurism in Italy, Constructivism in Russia or De Stijl in Holland, as well as Dada and Surrealism were promise to contesting any separation between art and the contingent scram of the modern world. Appearing almost at the same time in Zurich, New York, and Paris, the Dada movement did not represent a particular style of art as much as an intellectual rebellion of artists against the war and a general rejection of the formal traditions of culture and society. The term Dada was selected for the movement by opening a dictionary at random and at random selecting a word. This use of chance as a factor of determination and decision making would belong systemized by the Dadaists in their work.The main practitioner of the art of chance was Jean (Hans) Arp, a Dada artist less inclined to grand gesture than on establishing a liberating, and thus in his opinion moral, work method for his art. The result can be seen in his Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance (Fig. 3). In this particular case, the actual work method is perhaps more noteworthy than the image it produced, and it hints at much larger issue in later art making the supposed unlocking of the unconscious. Arp strongly believed that the unconscious existed and could be triggered, but revealing it required a radically different approach to art making.To produce this image, Arp simply dropped pieces of torn paper in a random manner onto a field of background color, and hence glued the shapes down exactly where they fell. Such a method denies all possibility of craft concerns technical skills or even the simplest discretionary gesture on the part of the artist. All aspect of its production are left to chance. These pieces are seen as triggering mechanism to the unconscious, an activity in harmony with nature. The importance of Arps work lies in its acceptance of an uncontrollable event as at least as real as all of the intellectual conventions on which the European tradition was grounded. And at the time when many of these intellectual and cultural ideas were shattered by war, the unconscious might have seemed like the only place to hide.So we can conclude that both movements resemble each other in their striving to abandon conventional artistic approach and methods. However, in terms of art, Dada could be said to have had the most wide-ranging post-war impact, a fact which is paradoxical given Dadas anti-art inclinations. Dada committed itself to the deconstruction of lethal culture and its reconstruction agree to more humane principles. Its success was constituted in the intensity and scope of its critique.The attitude towards the war of each of the movement was considerably predetermined by the period of their existence. Unlike Dada artists who survived the horrors of the war and under this experience reconsidered their understanding of art, Futurist artist believed in positive effect of the war. The analysis of the two artists works, representatives of both movements, displays the most striking difference existent between Futurism and the Dada movement, that is, art vs non-art forms.Figure 1. Umberto BoccioniThe Street Enters the House 1911 oil colour on canvas(100100.6 cm)Sprengel Museum, HanoverFigure 2. Umberto BoccioniUnique Forms of Continuity in Space 1913BronzeHeight 110.5 cmCollection, The Museum of Modern Art, New YorkFigure 3. Jean ArpCollage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance 1916-17Torn and paste paper(48.634.5 cm)Collection, The Museum of Modern Art, New YorkBibliography Braun, Emily. Futurist Fashion Three Manifestoes. Art Journal. Vol. 54. 1995 34-49Hopkins, David. Dada and Surrealism. Oxford Oxford University Press, 2004Papier coll. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2005. Retrieved on December 16, 2005 fromhttp//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papier collTaylor, Joshua C. Boccioni. New York Double Company, Inc1 Emily Braun in the article Futurist Fashion Three Manifestoes presents a profound insight of Futurists man ifestos.2 Papier coll (French pasted paper) is a painting technique and type of collage. With papier coll the artist pastes pieces of flat material (paper, oil cloth and the like) into a painting in much in the same way as a collage, except the shape of the pasted pieces are objects themselves. (Wickipedia)3 David Hopkins in his book Dada and Surrealism gives detailed view of the historical, political and social backgrounds of Dada and Surrealism, as well as examines their relation to other movements that emerged at that period, 2.

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DBQ for AP United States History Essay Example for Free

DBQ for AP coupled States History EssayBritains tax incomeation on the the Statesn colonists greatly affected the relationship between the twain nations. Moreover, the colonists were non being represented. The feeling of deprivation not only angered the Americans, but may hold in also opened their eyes to see the need of a revolutionary movement.Thomas Jefferson states in A Summary View of the Rights of British America that they possessed a aright, which nature has given to all men. The British deprived the colonists of these rights when they did not allow a representative in the House of Commons, as decided in the Resolutions of the Stamp sham Congress of 1765. This was especially unfair for the colonists for they were not only being taxed, but also received nothing in return for their own benefit. Additionally, the taxes did not profit the colonist itself. Rather, all tax profits went to Britain. It was a way for the British to reimburse the financial debts from the Gre at War for Empire. Taxation on the colonists was a way the British liquidated its war debt, as stated in Document N. As utter in the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms (Document I), The colonists did not give consent to Britain to come away their money by exploiting the land by heavy taxes. They felt that only they had the power and the right to tax themselves.As new heavy taxes piled upon each other, the colonists realized even more the need of an outbreak from Britain and the destruction it has brought upon the colonists. Thomas Paine explains in Common Sense that there is something very absurd in supposing a continent to be perpetually governed by an island. Paine is saying that a small island like Britain cannot rule a big continent, as a small child cannot rule grown adult. The author of the Stamp Act and former Prime Minister George Grenville states that Great Britains intention is to protect America and nothing more. By doing this favor, he believes America should yield to British authority and practice obedience.Thomas Paine rebuttals and argues that only small islands that are incompetent of protecting themselves should be the ones who are taken under a kingdoms care. Paine believes that this is not the case for the colonists. He sees that America is not a small island in need of help. Rather, America is geographically secure, politically mature, prosperous, dynamic, and self-reliant, as Lawrence heat content Gibson states in Document O.Thomas Paine also calls for a move towards democracy. The American people could no nightlong live under the bondage of British authority, which stripped them of their natural rights. Britain, for example, deprived the colonists of the accustomed and inestimable let of trial by jury, (Document I) which they claimed to have violated their life and property. Document L illustrates of the austerity of British rule. A woman lay on the ground naked and distressed, while British officials watch wi th pleasure.Surely, they had to respect for the motherlands offspring. Clearly, this is not a way to show that the British protected and cared for the colonists as George Grenville previously stated when he rundle on Repeal on January 14, 1766. Because of unequal word, the American desire for equal representation grew the more.The unfair treatment of the British to the Americans only pushed the colonists to their limit. Taxation without any representation, or benefits in return truly raised an have it off of equality. The British has suppressed the colonists. Weary of this, the colonists moved towards a revolutionary movement, wanting to escape the British pileus and authority, but all the more, where they would take up on democracy in which they could practice equal representation.

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The Perfect Knight Essay Example for Free

The Perfect Knight EssayWe are made to regard that there are still knights in shining armor out there. That adage was probably grow from English Literature. Stories of King Arthur and his knights were legendary that it even reached our time. It influences us on how the modern homosexual should act towards the contemporary woman. But what are the characteristics of the perfect knight? How should he feel active neck? How does he shell out the honor bestowed on him by his king? Was there such a thing as a perfect knight then? The perfect knight existence the counterpart of the perfect gentleman of today. We deal discuss this by studying four knights Sir Gawain from the Arthurian stories, Sir Topas from Geoffrey Chaucers Tale of Sir Topas and Sir Arcite and Sir Palamon in The Knights Tale, also by Chaucer. Sir Gawain is the nephew of King Arthur. He is also a Knight of the Round Table. He is said to be the greatest knights. He is the daughter of King Arthurs sister Morgause a nd King fold of Orkney and Lothian. Gawain is often described as a great warrior. He is formidable but he quarter be cheeky. He is very loyal to his king and his family. He is friendly to the younger knights. He defends the poor.He is quite the ladies man. He is a great healer because he acquires vast knowledge of herbs. If Gawains myth were made into a movie, there would be versions wherein he is the hero and there would be another(prenominal) versions where he is the best friend of the hero. There are even some stories where he is the provider of the gentle comedy. However, if a reader who is studying Sir Gawain wants to see him in the best possible light, the best literature would be his hunt for the holy grail. On his quest, his intentions are pure. However, he is lonesome(prenominal) human. He failed to use Gods tenderness to see his mistakes.In the Arthurian legends, he stopped his brothers Agravain and Mordred from exposing the come affair in the midst of Lancelot and Guinevere. When Guinevere was sentenced to be fire at the stake. Gawain nobly refused to be deployed in guarding the execution. His loyalty to his friend Lancelot ended when his brothers were killed in the appoint ment between the knight and King Arthur. Their friendship turned into hatred. However, when he was mortally wounded in the battle against Mordreds armies, Gawain apologized to Lancelot for his actions. He asked for his help to defeat Mordred.In Geoffrey Chaucers The Canterbury Tales there is a story entitled Sir Topas. It is about a handsome and young knight who is a hunter, archer and wrestler. Every maiden wants to be sexual love by him but hes not interested. He rests beside a watering place where he dreams of an Elf sprite. When he awakes, he is determined to find her. He meets a three-headed giant who challenges him in a battle. He accepts it. He goes home, enjoys a feast and prepares for the battle with his finest weapons and excellent armor. Sir Arcite and Sir Palamon, also from Chaucers The Canterbury Tales are level-headed friends.They were imprisoned by Theseus, the Duke of Athens. While they were there, they some(prenominal) fell in love with Emily, the sister of Duchess Hippolyta. After Sir Arcite and Sir Palamon both saw Emily, they fell madly in love with her which brewed up a competition between them. Their love for the same woman resulted to their despise of one another.. They were eventually released from the prison. Both Sir Arcite and Sir Palamon tried their best to win Emilys love in whichever way necessary. They almost killed each other during the process. This is where Theseus stepped in. He arranged a battle for Emily.Palamon prayed for Emily to be his wife, Emily prayed that she married the one who really loved her and Arcite prayed for victory. All prayers were answered. Arcite won the tournament but died sooner he could marry Emily. Therefore, Palamon married her. All through out the introductions presented in the p aper, the views on courtly love and ethical dilemmas tolerate be seen. First off, Sir Gawain. As a knight, he was true to his word. He pleged obedience to his king (which he did) and to his solid ground (which he also did. ) However, his ethical dilemma was with Guinevere.When he was asked to be on guard as she burned at the stake, he couldnt do it. As a knight, he respected women. He chose to be true to this promise rather than obey his kings command. He was a loyal subject to Arthur and a loyal friend to Lancelot. It would have been the case had not his brothers been killed in the battle. That was when he turned against Lancelot. Again, we see an ethical dilemma in Sir Gawain. This time, he chose family over his duties as a knight. He wanted to avenge the death of his brothers. His final ethical dilemma was plotting against his brother Mordred. Camelot was in danger.The only way for Sir Gawain to save his kingdom was to ask Lancelot to kill Mordred. In his remaining hours, he w as loyal to his country and kept his honor as a knight. Meanwhile Sir Topas reflects courtly love. He also mirrors the contemporary man which is the hunter. Men prefer to do the pursuing and the courting. Sir Topas had a liege of women pining over him but he ignored every one of them. He sought out the Elf Queen instead. The Elf Queen represents the girl of his dreams. Finally, Sir Arcite and Sir Palamon, analogous Sir Topas, also show what men of today are when it comes to courtly love.They will do anything to get the heart of the lady they desire. Even today, we hear stories, be it real or in movies, of men who used to be friends but became enemies because they were after the same girl. This only comes to show that Sir Gawain, Sir Topas, Sir Arcite and Sir Palamon view honor and love as motivations behind their actions. Some of the traits reflected in their stories can be seen in the contemporary man. One can therefore say that when a man is a gentlemen, he can pretty much be the perfect knight. The contemporary man, like Sir Gawain, is loyal to his country and to his duties.He respects women and makes sure that they are interpreted care of. He, like Sir Topas, prefers to be the one doing the chasing, instead of the other way around. True that some guys like aggressive girls but in the end, these girls will not be taken seriously. They will not be respected like that of those girls who were pursued by the men themselves. As for todays men being like Sir Arcite and Sir Palamon when it comes to falling for the same girl, there are exceptions. Some men give way. They let the other guy have the girl in order for the friendship to not get affected.This is a locution of honor today. Perhaps there are still knights in shining armor. Men who will effect ladies first before themselves. Men who are true to their word and to the promises they made. Men who can be brash at times because of their emotions but will eventually maintain their composure once their logical ratiocination kicks in. Honor and love are two qualities every knight take seriously. They pride being dependable and loving to their duties, their country, their families and their women. That is exactly what the modern man is.

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Potassium Iodide Lab Essay Example for Free

super C Iodide Lab strainI. TitleFinding the Formula for contain NitrateII. PurposeThis look into was to test the different assimilation directs of specified alkali metals to determine the greatest quite a little of broaden nitrate.III. Background InformationPotassium IodidePotassium Iodide is a cryst eitherized, smock salt but cognize to turn a bright yellow when heart-to-heart to prolonged moisture such as mix with weewee. It is a simple iodine salt. In its inseparable state it is virtuallyly colorless and odorless. If tasted, it would be like saline and extremely bitter and is has a relatively low level of hazard. Its main use is in photography but in any case used in table salt to iodize food and evoke be used in expectorants for lung congestion. It can also be used to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodinePotassium iodideIUPAC namePotassium iodide new(prenominal) namesKalium iodide,knollide, potideIdentifiersCAS modus operandi7681-11-0RTECS numberTT2 975000PropertiesMolecular formulaKIMolar mass166.00 g/ moleLead NitrateLead Nitrate is a hazardous colorless crystal or white powder. It has a long history of uses. Until 1974, when the dangers of lead were realized, it was in a variety of products.Lead(II) nitrateIUPAC nameLead(II) nitrateOther namesLead nitratePlumbous nitrateLead dinitratePlumb dulcisIdentifiersCAS number snow99-74-8RTECS numberOG2100000PropertiesMolecular formulaPb(NO3)2Molar mass331.2 g/molAppearanceWhite odourless loyalDensity4.53 g/cmMelting pointDecomposes at 290-470 CSolubility in water52 g/100 ml (20 C)Solubility in nitric acidin grain alcoholin methanolinsoluble1 g/2500 ml1 g/75 mlStructureCrystal structureFace-centered cubicCoordinationgeometrycuboctahedralHazardsMSDSExternal MSDSEU classificationToxic (T)Dangerous for the milieu (N)Repr. 1/3EU Index082-001-00-6NFPA 704033OXR-phrasesR61, R20/22, R33,R62, R50/53S-phrasesS53, S45, S60, S61 show off pointNon-flammableRelated compoundsOther anionsLead(II) chromateLead(II) sulfideOther cationsSodium nitrateMagnesium nitrateIV. Materials* electronic scale* Lead Nitrate* Potassium Iodide* Beaker* Graduated Cylinder* Funnel* Filter reputation* Pipettes* peeingV. Procedures1. Materials were gathered and then specific concentration ratio was received (watersolute 19)2. Cylinder was filled with 100 milliliters of lead iodide*Graduated Cylinder is hydrophobic*Caution Be sure of precise readings by quantity at the appropriate part of the miniscus3. Cylinder was filled with 900 milliliters of KI4. The solution was gently shaken to vouch even distribution of solute to solvent5. Solution was then transferred to slaver paper*Two filter text file were used for double filtration6. The filter paper was put into a funnel of a beaker to the solution would softenVI. Dataa) mass of filter papersb) mass of lead iodide3rd level4th period192837465564738291c) molar mass of KI 165.998 g/mold) molar mass of Pb(NO2)3 331.268 g/mole) calculation for de termining thou for each solution based on 1,000 ml200 ml/1000 ml x .5 ml = .1 mlf) observationsThe devil liquids started to both appear clear. After combined, it al more or less instantly turned to a neon yellow. While filtering, a colorless liquid seeped through while the yellow precipitate clung to the filter paper. There was little water in the flask but over half the filter paper had been covered in neon yellow.e) cautionsOne must ensure toRead the meniscus at the beseeming pointUse a plastic graduated cylinder for elimination of meniscusMeasure by getting down at eye levelCarefully take proper measurementsUse two filter papers for double filtrationZero the scale after first weighing the filter paperUse an electronic scale for accuracyProduct enhancements to minimize errorDigital scalePipettes measurements to drop by the wayside a few drops of solution to be retainedPlastic graduated cylinders for no confusion act 1 rinsing setupfigure 2 Pipette dispensing of liquidsfigure 3 filtering apparatusVII. compendiumThe lab performed was shew to be an effective way of discerning the formulation of lead nitrate and kelvin iodides precipitate and use the chemical formula to understand the reaction. The formula is as follows KI + Pb(NO3)2 PbI + K(NO3)2. Potassium Iodide and Lead Nitrate yield Lead Iodide and Potassium Nitrate. The reaction taking place is known to be a double replacement. The two compounds split and then combine with the counterparts. The PbI remains in the solution and the K(NO3)2 forms the precipitate. The purpose of the prove was to find which combination of concentrations would consequently amaze the greatest impact on the mass of the Lead Iodide. It was found that when the concentrations of each are 55, the filtration leaves a substantial amount of the liquid and the yellow precipitate known as lead iodide is at the peak of the masses.The interesting part of the experiment is that it was far from expected results. It was conducted by th ree classes and the data varied across the chart. The last test group was non able to be used because of the inconsistency in which the obtained measurements compared to those of the rest of the tests. Therefore, only two classes were compared. The 4th period was seen to be the most accurate. The first two measurements, those of 19 and 28 varied greatly. The following masses compared were mistakable yet period 3 were all a little lower until the last concentration level measurements which were almost exactly the sameThe mistakes prevalent in the lab are not due to the experiment itself. Rather, it is human error that can be held accountable for the drastic differences. One of the reasons is improper measuring and mixing to begin. The students may not have gone to eye level to read each mark carefully to ensure only the most exact measurements. Also, the pipette is made of glass. This calls for the meniscus to be read justly or else the measurements will be off. To avoid confusi on of the meniscus with graduated cylinders, plastic would be most appropriate. Luckily, these are hydrophobic and without a meniscus, they are simple to read. If glass was used, then it would leave open some(prenominal) opportunities for mistakes. With the pipettes, there could have easily been bubbles. The bubbles would take up space where the liquid should be for precise measuring.If writhe the wrong way, it would be easy for air to get trapped and cause these pockets. The pipettes however are carefully crafted so that the markings are a little above where they should be. Taking that into consideration, the room for error in not allowing all the water to drip out of the pipette, if done properly, is eliminated. Another space for error is the filter papers. many of them were larger than the others. This can distort the results. The same filter paper should be used for all of those move in the tests.The papers also varied in thickness. Others used only one paper, allowing too frequently precipitate through, and others used more than two. This allows the paper to absorb too much liquid instead of filtering it all the way through. An additional problem is evaporation. Leaving the filtration apparatus uncovered could allow gradual evaporation. Quite oppositely, the humidness in the room could also cause tampering with the solution. With the weather changes, the temperature of the lab was not held at a constant. One day it was heated the next was at a very cool temperature. This could easily have an effect on the experiment.All these reasons could have a great deal in the variety of results. The experiment would need to be performed again to accurately portray the data. Human error would need to be nonexistentVII. ConclusionAs previously stated, the results of the experiment were not all in agreement. The different classes obtained various results. This can be due to human error. After realizing the effects on the reaction taking place, it was also evident how concentration can easily affect the combination. However valuable knowledge on the formation of lead iodide was gained from this lab and the purpose was successfully completed.

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein EssayThe Birth of a Monster Frankenstein can be home-3. tiscali. nl read as a tale of what happens when a reality tries to create a child without a woman. It can, however, overly be read as an account of a womans anxieties and insecurities just about her own creative and reproductive capabilities. Among the deviations from the original record is the creation of the monster bride. In the book, the creation asks Victor Frankenstein to fashion a monster woman for him. He reluctantly agrees, but destroys the creature right before he is about to breathe life into it.However, in the film he goes through with his plan only after the monster murders Elizabeth on their wedding shadow by thrusting his hand into her chest and ripping out her heart home-3. tiscali. nl. Victor then takes Elizabeths consistence back to his laboratory, where he attaches her head to the exhumed body of Justine, the nanny. He then galvanizes this new body and brings Elizabeth ba ck as a horrific bride. When the monster approaches thinking that the bride is meant for him, a stand-off occurs before the bride kills herself by fire home-3. tiscali. nl.Male intimacy in Jamess Short Stories Jamess short stories focus on the theme of male friendship glbtq. com. Texts like The school-age child (1890) portray relationships between older men and their proteges fellowships. The Beast in the Jungle (1903) comprises a case think over of homosexual panic. Moreover, stories like The Jolly Corner (1908), which involves a protagonist who confronts himself as he might fall in been, had he not left America for a solitary existence in Europe. It dramatizes the ways in which the protagonist comes to embrace heterosexual love.This might suggest that Jamess portrayals of women suffer as a result of the inner male relationships in his short stories. To a certain extent, this is true at the same time Jamess glbtq. comtreatment of women is also skillful. This has led many fe minist critics to applaud his representations of femininity. James did not support womens rights and was frequently quite uninterested of female writers but his female characters are among the most positively represented in British and American literature.In turn, although Jamess ambivalence toward gay love and lifestyles propels his fiction, his portrayals of male friendships are provocative and powerful. Indeed, the fated nature of these relationships testifies not only to Jamess inability to conceive of a space wherein homosexual love might be dramatized, it also points to the pall cast by the Wilde trials, wherein the specter of Oscar shadowed the comportment of many gay men of his age.James, caught inside a myriad of conflicting cultural positionsan American living in Europe, a gay man living in a normative heterosexual worldwas able to channel his own marginality into literary texts that written document the anxieties of his age, be they social, sexual, or cultural glbtq. com . Conclusion The Queer theory is a theory of sociology (or philosophy), which criticizes mainly the image of gender, feminism, and the preconceived idea of genetic determinism in the sexual preference.Although homosexuality and pass over practices are nothing new, the association between queer practices and deviancy is taking on new meaning in the modern world as queer community and queer culture becomes more apparent. Queer culture is not limited to queer sex. Queer culture, from an ideological standpoint, represents the queer community and its arts, lifestyles, institutions, writings, politics, relationships and everything else encompassed in culture.Queer culture in general is intertwining with the leafy vegetable normative culture, with people being exposed to the ideas of gay pride and becoming more educated about queer studies in schools and society.Reference Barris, S24/07/2007 GAINING THE RIGHT TO SPEAK AT THE UN http//www. ilga. org/news_results. asp? LanguageID=1FileID =1090FileCategory=44ZoneID=7 Coming bug out as Transgender http//www. hrc. org/Content/NavigationMenu/Coming_Out/Get_Informed4/Coming_Out_as_Transgender/Coming_Out_as_Transgender.htm Commentaries on Seidman, Meeks and Traschen Beyond the Closet? After the Closet Bech Sexualities. 1999 2 343-346 http//sexualities. sagepub. com/cgi/content/refs/2/3/343.Epistemology of the closet, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, in The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader, Routledge, New York, London, 1993 italico da autora, sublinhados e gordos nossos http//branconolilas. no. sapo. pt/sedgwick. htm Foucault The History of Sexuality http//www. ipce. info/ipceweb/Library/history_of_sexuality. htm.