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Survey of Western Art Essay Example For Students

Survey of Western Art Essay As I entered museum, I saw many similar paintings that I learned in class. The Hyde Collection had many beautiful works 19th  Century European and American art. Most of pictures are from 19th  century oil and wood paints, and there were some pictures from 17th  century in second floor. I recognized some of artists, and one of 17th  century picture,  Christ with Arms Folded,  caught my eyes. It is an oil painting on canvas with chiaroscuro, and it doesn’t have many colors. Even though he used less colors, his painting was attractive enough. This painting is well described light and shade. In this picture, Jesus Christ’s face is lighted while background is shaded. This impacted his facial expression, and feelings. After I saw this portrait, I felt his sadness and dignity at the same time. The Christ with arms folded  was painted by Rembrandt van Rijn. He is the most important painter working in Amsterdam in the 17th  century. Rembrandt was born in Leiden on 1606. He began his studies at Latin school, and began to study art when he was 14 years old. Rembrandt absorbed an interest in the naturalism, drama and tenebrism championed by Caravaggio. By 1630, he was established in Amsterdam primarily as a portrait painter. His well-known group portrait are  The Anatomy Lesson for DR. Nicolaes Tulf  (1632) and  The Night Watch(1642). And the night watch is the could say the end of his most successful years. People didn’t understand his realistic portrait, and it triggered him to failure of his life. His masterpiece make the event more dramatically, because a dense layer of grime had darkened and obscured its colors. Beginning in 1627, he focused on etching, which uses acid to inscribe a design on metal plates. About a decade later, he began to experiment with making additions to his compositions in the drypoint technique. At his senior life,  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Rembrandt painted ever more brilliantly, varying textures and paint from the thinnest glaszes to thick impasto, creating a rich, luminous chiaroscuro, ranging from deepest shadow to brilliant highlihgts in a dazzling display of gold, red, and brown. And his artworks became more searching as he aged.   ( Cothren, Michael W. Art History. 5th  ed. Pg. 23)  In contrast to his successful public career, however, Rembrandt’s family life influenced him to fail. He had four children, but only one child survived Despite Rembrandts financial success as an artist, teacher, and art dealer, his penchant for ostentatious living forced him to declare bankruptcy in 1656. The painting,  Christ with Arms Folded  is one of the series of portrayals of the apostles. This painting is a mixture of his previous works (The heads of Christ,  Pilgrims at Emmaus) yet renews the emotion they instill in painting. In this painting, Christ tilted his head to left, downward looking gaze and closed mouth, lighting from the right, and folding his arms. He shaded the bottom and left side of Jesus, and this darkness makes the portrait more gentle and realistic. Also, the light in this portrait is gradually shinning, and it makes me to feel like his eyes are following me. Most of his Biblical portraits are combination of realism and imagination. He was so ahead of his time in showing Jesus as a Middle Eastern Jewish man with human emotion. His portrait of Jesus was not fully imagination. Nobody knows about Jesus’s face, and Rembrandt used Jewish model to pose. Jesus in his painting seems like more human, and he expressed feelings so nice. As I mentioned before,  Christ with arm folded  is combination of his previous works. The heads of Christ  and  Pilgrims at Emmaus  are his previous art work and these art works show his skill in depicting light and shadow. His unique skill in depicting light and shadow have been more highly valued during the 18th  and 19th  centuries. Rembrandt’s realistic portrait inspired many famous aristis in 17th  century Dutch and German. 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This painting contains lots of meaning behind, and just like this paint (Christ with arm folded) most of his paintings are well designed and well-described expressions. He is the most influential artist during that time of period and now. this painting shows his techniques of painting and how he imagined about Christ. Even though he had tragic life at the end, the loneliness made his painting more mature and influenced him to enter another level of art.

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Starbucks Closes Controversial Coffeehouse in Chinas Forbidden City

Question: Describe about the Starbucks Closes Controversial Coffeehouse in Chinas Forbidden City? Answer: The arguments presented in the following sources are same as the one provided. Forbidden City coffee shop replaces Starbucks: A famous coffee shop opened in the centre of the Chinese imperial palace. Starbucks caf was closed out due to public protest. The channel was inaugurated in 2000 prompting a media reaction so harsh that museum officers considered cancelling its lease after a couple of months. The Campaign for the closure began when television anchor complained that Chinese culture is trampled. According to China Daily, the Forbidden City Caf serves Chinese tea and coffee along with wooden chairs and tables with pictures depicting Chinese culture (Reuters, 2016). Starbucks shuts down Controversial Coffeehouse in Chinas Forbidden City: As per Woon, the decision taken was a very amiable decision. He further said that many options were, however, not to continue the Starbucks was the most delightful one. Woon said that the palace officials made the verdict after visiting US sites such as parks and other commercial parks seeing that they require operating under their brand name. Starbucks Chairman, Howard Schultz told that China as one of the growing markets. Starbucks was a accepted potential spot for fortress visitors but attracted censure from the start. Chenggang, a newscaster for China Central Television English, language direct, guided protests. Starbucks attendance was undermining the Forbidden Citys peace and was trampling Chinese culture (Fox News, 2007). Reference List: Fox News,. (2007). Starbucks Closes Controversial Coffeehouse in China's Forbidden City | Fox News. Retrieved 4 February 2016, from Reuters, (2016). Forbidden City coffee shop replaces Starbucks. Retrieved 4 February 2016, from

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4 Myth Theories Essays - Anthropology Of Religion,

4 Myth Theories There are four basic theories of myth. Those theories are: the rational myth theory, functional myth theory, structural myth theory, and the phsycological myth theory. The rational myth theory states that myths were created to explain natural events and forces. Functional myths are what you call the kinds of myths that were created as a type of social control. The third myth theory is the structural myth theory. This theory says that myths were patterned after human mind and human nature. The phsycological myth theory is the fourth myth theory which states that myths are based on human emotion. The rational myth theory states that myths were made to better understand natural events and forces that occurred in the everyday lives of people. This theory also explains that the gods and goddesses controlled all of these happenings of nature. Examples of this type of myth are creation myths from different cultures. Creation myths explain how man was created and explain what the gods and goddesses used and what actions they took to create humans. These myths also tell what substances were used (if any) in order for man to exist. The existence of man is a natural event but creation myths give other explanations. The functional myth theory talks about how myths were used to teach morality and social behavior. It states that myths told about what types of things should and shouldnt be done, and the consequences for those wrong doings. The functional myth theory also states that myths were created for social control and served the function of insuring stability in a society. A story about a tribe who rebelled against the great serpent, Degei, is a good example of a functional myth. This story is about a tribe who learned many skills from their great serpent god, Degei, and then became Degeis workers and servants. Two chiefs of this tribe were sick of working for him and tried to defeat him; they were too weak for Degei. Instead of winning their freedom, they were killed in a great flood caused by Degei. This myth is trying to say that you should not be lazy because if you are, then you will regret it. Structural myths are said to be myths based on human emotion. These types of myths show the two sides of the human mind; the good side and the bad side. They show the divided self and the duality of human nature. Myths about Hercules show how the human mind can be both good and bad. Hercules did both good and bad things. One of the bad things he did was (in Jason and the Argonauts) he stole a broach pin from the treasure chamber of the god Talos. This sin caused his friend to be killed. Hercules knew that his friend was killed because of his sin, so to make up for it, he vowed to stay on the island until his friend was found. The phsycological myth theory states how myths are based on human emotion and that they come from the human subconscious mind. Cultures all around the world had similar fears, questions, and wishes which, to them, were unexplainable. That is the reason that phsycological myths were made; and that is why there are archetypes shared between cultures. Archetypes are general forms and characters used by all cultures. Some archetypes found between cultures are having a sky god (Zeus and Oleron),a sea god (Poseidon and Olokun), and an agricultural god (Orisha-Oko and Demeter). These archetypes are examples of how people think alike when it comes to things that are to them mysteries and fears. In conclusion, it appears that man created myths for quite a few reasons. These reasons include explaining the unknown, natural events and forces, to show the duality and pureness of human nature and the human mind, and to help societies maintain order and remain stable. There must be more reasons of exactly why myths should have arisen but that is beyond the extent of this essay. Mythology

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism essays

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Federalism essays Federalism is one way that governments choose to solve the problem of governing large populations and/or diverse cultures. Federalism works by dividing its authority and responsibility, as opposed to a unitary government, in which the central government controls everything. Examples of federalism operating successfully include the United States, One advantage of federalism is that by allowing the central government to delegate many government functions to states or provinces, it has more time to focus on world issues and policies. With such a system in place, the state governments can focus on local responsibilities, which works better because state and local representatives are closer to the issues and problems that affect their population. In addition, it is impractical for a national government to assume it can have one central location; the government can not cover large areas of geography nor can it keep up with population growth. As a result, federalism brings the government closer to the people because the people have easier access to local officials and they also have a greater influence on how local governments govern. Disadvantages of a federal system include the division among subcultures. When individuals of the same mind become concentrated in one area, problems erupt that demand intervention from the federal government. For example, the South generated a strong subculture, which lead to the Civil War. In addition, a single party can sometimes dominate local governments, they seem to block progress at times, and they are more open to corruption. (73) While certainly local governments have the potential to become corrupt and dominating, the advantages and results gained from using federalism as a means of governing prove to be the most successful. ...

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Followership Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Followership - Research Paper Example They eagerly take up extra work but at first they perform an extraordinary work in their core responsibilities. They prove themselves to be good judges of their own powers and flaws and are able to contribute well to the team (Johnson, 2009). If they know that they can succeed well they don’t mind coming across failures. They keep on searching for problems that remained unnoticed. They tend to see their coworkers as colleagues instead of thinking them to be entrants. An effective follower must possess certain qualities such as; they are capable of managing themselves well, they tend to be courageous, innovative and honest and dedicated towards organization (Kupers, 2007). Self management is another ability of an effective follower – the ability to work efficiently without being under any supervision. Good followers are those people to whom the leaders can entrust responsibilities. Good followers possess quality to see themselves as equals of the leaders they follow. They are liable to disagree unapologetically with leadership and are not likely to be overawed by the organizational structure. Ineffective followers on the other hand are prepared to obey others unquestioningly, dither between distresses over their powerlessness and make an attempt to juggle leaders to fulfill their own purposes (Yung, 2013). Their fear of powerlessness becomes a self fulfilling prognosis for the individual as well as the work group. Or their hostility drags them to undermine the goals of an organization. A significant cost advantage is received by an organization where there exists a self managed manager. There is a major role of followers towards organizational prosperity. Followers are believed to be furnished with complex thinking and innovative skills which if contributed to an organization can drive it towards success. People initiate in an organization as a follower. Followers tend to process good ideas and vision which they need to sell to

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The Importance of Marketing for Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Importance of Marketing for Business - Essay Example But Nike’s marketing success has more to it than just promotional hype. Nike gives its customers far more than just good sports gear. They make sure the customer doesn’t just wear his Nikes, he experiences it. Nike doesn’t just market sports shoes or athletic wear; it markets a way of life (Kotler). The Nike examples proves that through smart and innovative marketing businesses can create value for customers, build strong customer relationships and capture value from them in return. The importance of marketing to businesses: Helps businesses create value for customers: Marketing helps a business in creating value for its customers. Most companies today implement customer driven marketing strategies which allow them to create value for target customers. The process can be better understood through the following diagram: 1 Companies today identify and select marketing segments, develop products and marketing programs targeted to each and focus on the buyers who hav e more interest in the values that they create the best. They then decide on a value proposition by differentiating the market offering and positioning it in the minds of the target customers. Helps businesses create lasting relationships: The customer relationship management part of marketing is about maintaining and building profitable business relationships by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction. Just as companies are being very choosy about which customers to serve, they are serving the chosen customers in a more lasting way. Marketing today has become an art of finding, retaining and multiplying profitable customers Relating Directly: Apart from helping companies connect more deeply with their customers, marketing also helps companies connect to customers more directly. It helps customers buy virtually everything without going to a store through telephone, online, mail order catalogs etc. In fact, such has been the success of direct marketing that some companies such as Dell only use the direct channel to sell their products (Kotler). Social CRM: Marketing also helps businesses build strong, lasting and profitable relationships with customers through social media. The benefits that businesses achieve by effective use of social media are: 1. By effective use of social media companies can quickly build a network of core customers and supporters (Richardson). The feedback that loyal customers can provide is extremely valuable to businesses and can sometimes lead to major improvements in how a business offers a product or a service. Networks of loyal followers such as these can also help the company find new customers by referring the company’s product or service to others if they are pleased with what they have found. 2. Social media also helps a company attract more traffic to its website. The more traffic the company’s website continually obtains, the higher its ranking grows amongst the search engines (Richardson). High ranki ng with the search engines, in turn, helps the company attain better online exposure and visibility. More traffic to the company’s website also helps the company spread information about new products and services quicker 3. Apart from attracting useful feedback social

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MARKETING ISSUE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

MARKETING ISSUE - Essay Example These products cut an edge over the competitors in the value of technology used. Apple Company identifies whether or not it is effective in developing new products, and what impacts they have on the market. For example, this has been done through the inclusion of improvised features that the competitors have yet to develop. An example is the use of iMessage, and iCloud, which allows the users to save data through its cloud computing services. The data may include music files and video footage for download to multiple devices (Fifield, 2007). This innovative feature gives them an edge over rivals such as Motorola, Nokia, and BlackBerry. Moreover, the company has gone ahead to use intellectual rights on the product. This includes patent rights. It right protects the product from being used by other competitors or from competitors developing a similar product. For the company to acquire a large market share and increase their sales, the company has emphasized on the use of this technique of innovation to its current market status (Schnaars,