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Steam Distillation of Eugenol Essay Example for Free

Steam Distillation of Eugenol Essay Presentation: This test includes an extraction of a characteristic item utilizing the strategies of steam refining. The guideline segment of oil of cloves is a fragrant compound, which is distinguished by dainty layer chromatography (TLC). Eugenol is broadly utilized in dentistry, because of its pain relieving, germ-free balsamic characteristics. It is perfect for remedial for mash hyperemia (the delicate, touchy substance underneath the lacquer and dentine of a tooth) and mash its. In dentistry eugenol is additionally used to cover holes, fill channels, and so on. It additionally keeps food new and murders off microorganisms and infections. Eugenol helps keep meat new and forestalls stomach upset, loose bowels, and wound contaminations. Likewise, it may have an impact in alleviating acid reflux, controlling looseness of the bowels, and mending cuts and nibbles. Eugenol is the primary dynamic fixing in cloves. Method: 1. In a 250 mL round base cup, place 10.0g of ground cloves and 80 mL of water. Set up for a basic refining 2. Warmth to bubbling and gather the distillate until you no longer observe beads of natural fluid coming out of the condenser (around 40 minutes). 3. Spot the distillate in a separatory pipe and concentrate with three 10 mL parts of Dichloromethane 4. Consolidate the dichloromethane concentrates and dry over Sodium Sulfate. 5. Look at the immaculateness of the concentrate utilizing slight layer chromatography (TLC). Recognize a little example of the concentrate utilizing a narrow spotter around 1 cm from the finish of TLC plate. 6. Envision utilizing an UV light and imprint the pictured spots with a pencil. 7. Record the quantity of spots and the Rf esteems from the spot(s). 8. While the plate is creating set up a tidy and evaporate refining set and distil off the vast majority of the dichloromethane dissolvable. 9. The rest of the arrangement of Eugenol in Dichloromethane can be evacuated utilizing an expendable pipette and put into a clean pre-weighted vial. 10. The vial can be warmed on a steam shower in the engine to expel the limited quantity of dichloromethane. 11. The unadulterated Eugenol ought to be weighted to decide the percent oil recuperated dependent on the mass of cloves initially utilized. Results: Thickness of Eugenol: 1.34 g/mL BP of Eugenol: 40Â °C Introductory mass of Eugenol: 18.545 g Mass of vial: 18.0063 g Mass of Eugenol Oil: 18.434 g % Recovery = (18.545 g 18.434 g)/18.434 x 100 = 0.602% Flimsy layer chromatography: Rf=(Distance substance moved/Distance dissolvable moved) Rf=(4.2/5.1) Rf=(.824) End: The investigation was fruitful in that we isolated eugenol as demonstrated by flimsy layer chromatography. Our Rf esteem was to some degree high. This is likely on the grounds that the recepticle with the chloroform was not 100 % shut during the time we did the flimsy layer chromatography. Our watch glass was not 100% effective. Likewise when we were warming the fluid in the condenser, warming the fluid at a rate too high could make overabundance materials turn out in the last item. Other than that, human mistake is a worry. This can be limited via cautious perception, and legitimate methodology. In any case, our percent mistake was under 1 percent, which is entirely ideal.

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Qualifications to be a United States Representative

Capabilities to be a United States Representative What are the sacred capabilities to fill in as a U.S. Representative? The House of Representatives is the lower office of the U.S. Congress, and it right now tallies 435 people among its individuals. House individuals are famously chosen by voters residingâ in their home states. Dissimilar to U.S. Legislators, they don't speak to their whole state, yet rather explicit geographic locale inside the state known as Congressional Districts. House individuals may serve a boundless number of two-year terms, however turning into a delegate has explicit prerequisites past cash, faithful constituents, moxy, and the endurance to endure a battle. Necessities to Become a U.S. Delegate As per Article I, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, House individuals must be:at least 25 years of age;a resident of the United States for at any rate seven years preceding being elected;a occupant of the state the person in question is picked to speak to. Furthermore, the post-Civil War Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution precludes any individual who has made any government or state vow promises to help the Constitution, however later participated in a disobedience or in any case supported any adversary of the U.S. from serving in the House or Senate. Also, the post-Civil War Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution disallows any individual who has made any government or state vow promises to help the Constitution, yet later participated in an insubordination or in any case supported any adversary of the U.S. from serving in the House or Senate. No different necessities are indicated in Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution. In any case, all Members must make a vow to help the U.S. Constitution before being permitted to practice the obligations of the workplace. In particular, the Constitution states, â€Å"No Person will be a Representative who will not have achieved the Age of a quarter century, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who will not, when chosen, be an Inhabitant of that State where he will be chosen.† The Oath of Office The pledge taken by the two Representatives and Senators as recommended by the United States Code peruses: â€Å"I, (name), do seriously swear (or avow) that I will bolster and protect the Constitution of the United States against all foes, remote and household; that I will bear genuine confidence and loyalty to the equivalent; that I take this commitment openly, with no psychological reservation or motivation behind avoidance, and that I will well and reliably release the obligations of the workplace on which I am going to enter. So help me God.† Not at all like the promise of office depended on the President of the United States, where it is utilized uniquely by convention, the expression â€Å"so help me God† has been a piece of the official vow of office for all non-presidential workplaces since 1862. Conversation For what reason are these necessities for being chosen for the House such a great deal less prohibitive than the prerequisites for being chosen for the Senate? The Founding Fathers planned that the House be the office of Congress nearest to the American individuals. To help achieve that, they put firmly not many obstacles that may keep any normal resident from being chosen for the House in the Constitution. In Federalist 52, James Madison of Virginia composed that, â€Å"Under these sensible constraints, the entryway of this piece of the government is available to value of each depiction, regardless of whether local or receptive, whether youthful or old, and regardless of destitution or riches, or to a specific calling of strict faith.† State Residency In making the necessities to serve in the House of Representatives, the originators drew openly from British Law, which at that point, required individuals from the British House of Commons to live in the towns and towns they spoke to. That propelled the originators to incorporate the necessity that Members of the House live in the state they speak to so as to improve the probability that they would be acquainted with the people’s interests and needs. The Congressional area framework and the procedure of division were grown later as the states managed how to reasonably arrange their congressional portrayal. US Citizenship At the point when the authors were composing the U.S. Constitution, British law restricted people brought into the world outside England or the British Empire from consistently being permitted to serve in the House of Commons. In requiring individuals from the House to have been a U.S. resident for at any rate seven years, the organizers felt they were adjusting the need to forestall remote impedance in U.S. issues and keeping the House near the individuals. Also, the organizers would not like to dishearten workers from going to the new country. Age of 25 On the off chance that 25 sounds youthful to you, consider that the organizers previously set the base age to serve in the House at 21, same as the democratic age. Be that as it may, during the Constitutional Convention, delegate George Mason of Virginia moved to set the age at 25. Artisan contended that some should go between getting allowed to oversee one’s own issues and dealing with the â€Å"affairs of an extraordinary nation.† Despite a protest from Pennsylvania delegate James Wilson, Mason’s alteration was endorsed by a vote of seven states to three. In spite of the multi year age limitation, there have been uncommon special cases. For instance, William Claiborne of Tennessee turned into the most youthful individual to ever serve in the House when he was chosen and situated in 1797 at the period of 22, Claiborne was permitted to serve under Article I, area 5 of the Constitution, which gives the House itself the position to decide if Members-choose are able to be seated.â Phaedra Trethan is an independent essayist and a previous duplicate editorial manager for The Philadelphia Inquirer paper. Refreshed by Robert Longley

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Toward a Moral Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Toward a Moral Economy - Essay Example Only for their privileges, a portion of the individuals who were supportive of the equity and fairness for all raised their voices and in this manner the idea of good economy were created. There are various qualities or the traits, which can make any economy a good and supported economy. The analysts are of the conclusion that any economy can be great and good in view of the suggestions and the practices in that specific length. There are three fundamental kinds of economies dependent on the practices and the suggestions, for example Communism, free enterprise and the socialism. Normally on the off chance that we investigate all the ideas and the mentalities of a communist economy then we can say that communism is the best good economy. In the event that we take a gander at the recorded viewpoints of the foundation of an ethical economy, the various sociologists have worked a great deal on this conversation. The one normal purpose of the considerable number of specialists is the fundamental establishment of an ethical economy. As indicated by their perspective, the monetary exercises impacted by the feelings, qualities, standards, and other just idea examples may add to make an ethical economy. The commitments of various creators are examined here in detail; Adam Smith: Adam Smith composed two books containing incredible and persuasive ideas about the foundation of an ethical economy. One book ‘Wealth of the Nations’ is legitimately identified with the moral norms of an economy though the other book ‘The Moral System’ gives a general edge work for the establishment of a monetary framework. In both of his compositions, Smith has attempted to detail general principles of equity and laws that ought to be actualized in a financial framework. Adam Smith has even attempted to stick point the procedure that can rouse the individuals to embrace moral and good laws with the goal that they can work their best for the foundation of an ethical economy in any event on singular premise. Another high purpose of Smith compositions is the plan of two

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The Fundamentals of Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples Revealed

The Fundamentals of Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples Revealed Here's What I Know About Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples The subfield is not as important. You are then going to be taken to the on-line grant inquiry form. It's gratifying to observe that my dissertation project has merit in the opinion of the Ford Foundation. If you would like a curriculum that will produce students skilled in every area of writing, you want The Write Foundation. The inquiry are found at the official site of the Ford Foundation. Hearsay, Deception and Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples Also avoid referring people you've got low opinion of. Be ready to start from scratch if their response to several of these questions is no. Bear in mind that a personal statement is merely thatpersonaland you do not need to be limited to the questions or the order outlined above. The reply is yes, though following the very same rules naturally contributes to differences. I f you're searching the answer of the question how to compose a scholarship letter You don't have to get worried about anything. New Step by Step Roadmap for Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples Read a number of examples to find that there's an assortment of methods to do it. Your suggestions and examples do not need to be confined necessarily to the discipline you've chosen to pursue. Keep in mind that audiences vary. These kinds of essays are guaranteed to doze off your readers. The tips below can help you produce the sort of essays that will persuade a selection committee which they want to interview you or give you a fellowship. Let us look at what these are. Talk about the elements of your project you are going to be managing and the way the undertaking will prepare you for your career later on. This is also a great place to reveal your ties to the community that you're serving so the BOAF can observe that you're invested in your community for the very long ha ul. It might also be convenient during immigration for folks who might be moving overseas to fasten the scholarship. A stunning secret garden in the center of Manhattan. Things You Won't Like About Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples and Things You Will As a way to write a productive recommendation letter that would aid a student to obtain scholarship, you want to make certain you abide by a format that's in accordance to the industrial trends. In the event you want some idea regarding how this letter ought to be written, you can have a look at the various Coworker Recommendation Letter Templates that are available on the internet. Total eligibility info and internet applications are offered on our site. Now, in order for the letter to be an effective one, you will need to be certain that you include all the vital sections and data in the letter whilst also following the appropriate format. Additionally, here are a few pointers to help you compose a super letter of recommendation. Don't forget to begin your essay strongit should be able to spark the interests of your readers. With this, you are going to be in a position to limit your ideas into key points that you desire to highlight in the body of your essay. It's simple to point out an essay which has been written solely for the interest of it. There's generally no 1 right or wrong means to compose essays such as these. A great essay is one which leaves an enduring impression. All About Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples The candidate needs to have a crystal clear idea of who he or she is as a physician and the particular path he or she sees her or his career taking. Most of them are external awards, a few of which have rather daunting reputations. The last cohort was selected, and the application will conclude in 2013. It is thought to be absolutely the most significant part your application, since the scholarship committee will use this to assess who you are as an i ndividual, along with your outlook in life. The procedure is always the same so the student is aware of what to expect and how to go about doing it. My research intends to offer background and understanding into the beginning and persistence of overeating as a means to inform treatment and prevention of obesity. The very first step to any essay writing is to choose a subject of interest. They also wish to know that you're able to organize your ideas and communicate effectively in writing. And they have to model principles of fantastic writing. And so, I truly need help putting my thoughts together and the expert writer to cautiously select the best words. You don't need to possess the very best writing skills to be able to be creative and compose an effective essay. If you can't find the perfect fit, then do something different. The general format of your essay, for example, font size and margins, will solely are based on the instructions provided to you. Simply think aw ay from the box and go from the ordinary. The Hidden Truth About Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples But before a person is granted a complete scholarship, you must first make an application for college application. If you really need to assist a student gain a college scholarship, it is essential that you compose an effective letter of recommendation. Also try out asking about your department to discover students who have applied previously. Students and alumni do not need to apply through Pomona, but we are content to provide advice on the application procedure. Read more on the subject of the fellows here. Most Noticeable Ford Foundation Fellowship Font Essay Samples Below are a few brief suggestions on both primary forms of essays required, and a blend of these. If you are searching for simple, hands-off writing lessons, this item isn't for you. Be ready to explore those topics in more detail, in case you be invited to interview. As soon as this is completed , it's ideal to start off with a draft. You don't wish to be the Rhodes candidate who's eliminated from consideration due to a typo in your essay's very first paragraph. They wish to know how and what you believe. Try out the totally free sample lessons before you buy the curriculum to help determine which level is perfect for your students. My final career objective is to turn into an investment portfolio manager. Do not attempt to stretch your project to fit funding areas that it doesn't fit. A tranquil reflective pool sits at the base of the atrium. Both argue their project falls under all three funding places. At times, the very best projects just fit one funding region and the candidate utilizes this essay room to explain why, in detail. To begin with, you must address the way your project will advance community sustainability. There aren't any trash cans either. NSF GRFP funds the individual, not the undertaking.

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A Funny Selection of Philosophy Jokes

There are plenty of hilarious philosophy jokes out there, some of which could easily be incorporated into teaching materials for both children and adults. From three books on the topic by Tom Cathcart and Dan Klein to the back pages of the internet, philosophy has borne the brunt of many a joke through the ages, offering both truth and humor to a rather grim observation of the human condition. The history of philosophy  is, in fact, riddled with humor. Cathcart and Klein Since 2007, the dynamic philosophy comedic duo of Tom Cathcart and Dan Klein have used humor to observe some basic truths around human psychology and ancient and modern philosophies. They famously taught the work you may even begin to understand philosophy through jokes, penning three books on the topic. Largely their structures hinged on telling a joke then explaining its relevance to the broader science. Their first book, Plato and Platypus Walk Into A Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes premiered in 2007 and was a major commercial hit, breaking down jokes according to philosophical branches or broad topics such as relativity. In it, it picks apart such jokes as what is the sound of one hand clapping, as they compare to Platos observations on topics like religion, logic, and reasoning. Aristotle and an Aardvark Go To Washington was their second book, published in 2008 and utilized politicians most awkward talk to take up philosophical issues. Their third book Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates: Using Philosophy (and Jokes!) to Explore Life, Death, the Afterlife, and Everything in Between (2009) is devoted to a single philosophical topic: immortality. Some of Historys Greatest Jokes Some notable and unsourceable jokes date all the way back to Platos time, in fact, The First Law of Philosophy is that for every philosopher, there exists an equal and opposite philosopher and the Second Law of Philosophy states that theyre both wrong. A common joke overheard  in 18th-century England was told as Did you hear that George Berkeley died? His girlfriend stopped seeing him! And more recently, you may have seen this gem plastered on bathroom stalls: God is dead - Nietzsche; Nietzsche is dead: God. Nothing is safe in the realm of philosophy jokes, especially not religion. Have you heard this one? What did the Buddhist say to the hot-dog vendor? Make me one with everything; What did the vendor then say to the Buddhist when he asked for change? Change comes from within! Ethics also hasnt avoided ridicule, as is the case with this famous joke. In it, a thoroughly secular young attorney and a philosopher were engaged in a fierce theological debate. Heaven and hell, you will agree, may very well be separated by a wall, contended the lawyer. Should it happen that this wall would fall down, who would you say must rebuild it? He posits that the righteous would insist that the wicked do it and the latter would likely refuse. He continues, If this case came before a judge, which do you believe would emerge the winner? The philosopher replied, It seems to me that any fair-minded judge would render a verdict against the wicked since the likelihood is that the wall should crumble from the fires of hell rather than from the bliss of Paradise, but on the other hand, I fully realize that hell surely contains a full quota of glib-tongued lawyers, and I should therefore not be surprised if they won the case.

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The Obesity Epidemic Is A Problem Underlying The World s...

The obesity epidemic is a problem underlying the world’s population and has only gotten worse over the decades. The processed food industry has almost conditioned the human mind to believe that the information they provide is genuine. Using various different techniques, the processed food industry has worked its way into the everyday life of most. It is very important that society takes into careful consideration the dangers of processed food, and are made aware of how the industry in a sense, fools them. Walking into a major supermarket, some may expect to fill their trolleys with nutritious food for the week ahead, but nowadays what is presented is a plethora of products. Disregarding perhaps the periphery of the supermarket where the organic fruits and vegetables are, presented are shelves upon shelves of pre-packaged products that no longer resemble food at all. There are aluminum cans of soft drink, fruit juice boxes that have undergone aseptic processing, foil chip packe ts filled with oxygen, and in the meat aisle we have identical cuts of bacon in vacuum-sealed plastic. Everything has been processed, packaged and with the help of marketing, made to look enticing and palatable. Sadly, a tomato is no longer a tomato – the marriage of economics, science and technology carries it from seed to plate in the most economically efficient manner. Many ‘food products’ today are mass-produced by large multinational corporations who prioritize efficiency, profits andShow MoreRelatedWhy Is Child Obesity an Important Health Problem in America?2405 Words   |  10 PagesIs Child Obesity an Important Health Problem in America? Webster University Unknown Student Techniques of substance Abuse Counseling Dr. Barbara Omer July 28, 2002 Abstract Obesity is a chronic state of being overweight. It s a life threatening condition and current research has shown that obesity is the leading cause for the increased health threats that persons of the developed world face. Obesity increases a person s threat for contracting diabetes, strokes, heart problems, certainRead MoreChildhood Obesity : How Has This Become A Problem1218 Words   |  5 PagesChildhood Obesity: How Has This Become a Problem and What Can Be Done to Fix it? Childhood obesity is affecting 1 out 3 kids in our society. These children are being classified as being obese or overweight. Obesity has gained recognition as an important worldwide public problem and in the U.S., appears to be overtaking tobacco use as the number one cause of preventable death (Dennison, B. A., Edmunds, L. S., Stratton, H. H., Pruzek, R. M. (2006). This is the first time we have ever seen our childrenRead MoreNutrition and Health in Third World Countries1523 Words   |  7 Pagesvast research on nutrition and health, malnutrition is still a major fatality in this present day. Policymakers, social scientist and medical experts have expressed alarm about the growing problem. While most agree that the issue deserves attention, consensus dissolves around how to respond and resolve the problem. Malnourishment continues to be a primary health liability in developing nations such as Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. It is globally the most significant risk factor forRead MoreObesity : An National Health Concern2741 Words   |  11 PagesObesity in New Zealand has become an national health concern to the Government, Ministry of Health and individuals as a larger number of people become affected of various ages and ethnic groups. As the third most obese nation at 26.5% of the population[1], some believe it s an epidemic health boards and the government must address in various ways such as health promotion. Obesity is defined as a medical condition which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent it may have adverse effects onRead MoreThe Aspect Of American Culture1364 Words   |  6 Pageswhich culture shapes mindsets. To put matters into perspective, this paper will narrow down its analysis to the topic ‘Obesity as an aspect of American Culture’. This analysis will consequently depict that America is the fattest country in the world owing to its culture. The paper will provide a step by step analysis of the issue at hand and from it, show the cultural aspects of obesity and how this relates to Western culture. The American culture largely promotes access to food. In fact, an interestingRead MoreEssay on Advertising and Obesity in America2871 Words   |  12 Pageslifestyle. Their intense advertising focus on minorities and children, however, has begun to exacerbate the epidemic of obesity that is sweeping our nation. Fast foods televised advertising is a significant contributor to obesity in todays minority youth. By promoting unhealthy tendencies and high-calorie foods as well as an attitude that promotes tolerance of diseases such as obesity, these companies are influencing people to such a degree that it is negatively affecting their health. ThisRead MoreObesity : A Global Issue2415 Words   |  10 PagesOver the past few years, increasing number of people all over the world, especially Americans, have reached to the low-carb bandwagon. With thirty one percent populations being obese, the United States has turns out to be the country with the highest number of obese inhabitants in the world. Obesity is a global issue and has become a crucial epidemic, effecting an estimated ten percent children and teenagers across the world with a substantial probability of having various health issues and a rangeRead MoreThe Effects Of Physical Education On A School Environment And The Rising Health Concerns Of Our Society2420 Words   |  10 Pagesthat illustrate the growing health problems surrounding our nation today, obesity. As there is a large concern regarding the level of physical health of Australians with a growing epidemic of obesity and overweight individuals. Keeping in mind many factors tie into the reasoning behind the growing obesity rate. In relation, Australia is one of the most overweight countries in the world and on a global scale there are more than 1 billion people overweight today (World Health Organisation, 2013). As aRead MoreThe Effect Of Cardiovascular Disease On The Underlying Liver Disease1728 Words   |  7 PagesAs population is aging, liv er cirrhosis is progressively predominant, and more elderly population with already diagnosed liver disease will be seen by geriatricians. It very useful to understand predictive factors for survival in cirrhotic patients in order to help with therapeutic decision-making, including allocation for liver transplantation (Fox et al., 2011). There are associations between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and liver cirrhosis. The effect of cardiovascular diseases on the underlyingRead MoreSystems Thinking2590 Words   |  11 Pagesthe importance of system thinking in that it is necessary for â€Å"understanding the dynamic complexity of a situation†, anticipating â€Å"the unintended consequences of proposed actions† and implementing â€Å"lasting solutions† (Higgins, K 2014). Obesity is a wicked problem we face today where systems thinking is necessary as it is a sustainability issue that flows into the three pillar model. It affects the social, economic, and environmental pillars, as well as physiological and psychological factors on an

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Magsaysay Memorial College Essay Sample free essay sample

My name is JOHN NICOLLS MENOR FRAN. I was born in Iba Zambales Hospital last May 16. 1995. My female parent is OLIVIA MENOR married to SATURNINO A. FRAN and I have elder brother JEFFERSON M. FRAN. My female parent worked abroad being domestic assistant in Hongkong and besides my male parent worked besides abroad that’s why we have fifteen ( 15 ) old ages spread with my brother. I believed that my household is the best of all the best. because alternatively of our fighting in our household we all happy and blessed. were non rich but were rich of love and bravery in our household. My female parent have three ( 3 ) sisters and two ( 2 ) brother. My brother is so sort. when he was a kid he stayed in my lolo’s house. he live at that place because my female parent worked abroad when he is three ( 3 ) old ages old that’s why my brother stayed in my Lolo. He tried to lived in our house in the farm in my male parent house. my brother experience a batch he tried to sell anything like Guavas. Peanuts. etc. because he wants to assist my parents in his head. therefore this he will assist our parents. He studied his Elementary yearss in San Juan Candelaria Elementary School and transferred to Beddeng Mabangcal Elementary school because they build our house at that place. because my male parent and my female parent wants to see their fruits of forfeit abroad. When my female parent and my male parent decided to remain here in the Philippines they build our house in Barangay Beddeng. Sitio Capanniquian. San Narciso Zambales. They lived there with my brother and they are really happy life in our house. but there something happened a really sad incident. My brother is by chance fired the fire crackers. and my brother become amputated in his right manus. but I’m really proud to my brother because even though that his right manus is amputated he tried to make anything he can deduce a four wheel Car. Tricycle. he can rinse our dishes and even doing a cross-stitch he do it. Many people admire his ability to doing their things. Although he has this indisposition he show to us that he can do it. He complete his high school in Magsaysay Memorial College ( MMC ) and he take up commercialism major in direction in college and he complete his class for merely three ( 3 ) old ages and one ( 1 ) semester. Architecture is his first pick but all of a sudden there is no architecture in Columban that’s why he decided to acquire commerce major in direction. During his college yearss he meet his girlfriend and became his married woman and she’s my â€Å"Ate Rica† she’s the one assisting me in my undertakings and assignment in school during my Elementary. High school. and even now in my college’s twenty-four hours. she’s the one assisting me. My brother and my sister in jurisprudence have a two ( 2 ) kids named Jeff Patrick ( Jaypee ) . and Andrea Ysabelle ( Bella ) . Jeff Patrick is eleven ( 11 ) old ages old and Andrea Ysabelle is four ( 4 ) old ages old. they have a successful matrimony. When my female parent past off last June 15. 2007. Because of Brain Tumor. That’s the unforgettable experience I have. Hard to accept what happened to my female parent but I want to carry through my promises to my ma that even she’s gone. I can do it. From that after graduation I decided to remain in our Family house in San Juan. San Narciso Zambales because. I don’t want to remain in our house it reminds me a batch of my female parent. I’m merely sing my male parent every weekends. My friends in simple still my friends in high school. I remember when I was in simple I think I was in grade one ( 1 ) that clip. My female parent told me that I need to travel to the other room. I need to be entirely the other room. because my female parent told me that I was a large male child already. that’s why I need to travel to the other room. That room was for my brother. but since he got married they build their ain house that why the room is vacant. that’s why my ma decided that the room is for me. Year 2001 when my brother nephew came out that is JP. Called me â€Å"Tito Nikke† jp was the first angel came to our household. I still remember that I take good attention of my nephew even in a little thing because I’m merely a child that clip. when his ma rinsing their apparels or cooking I’m the one taking good attention of the babe. That clip I am in class 1. My female parent ever dropping me by in the school merely to do certain that I m sa fe. and after school she ever picking up. I feel that my female parent loves me a batch. Because she supported all my demands. She supports all my activities in school. I joined the membranophone and lyre group in our school. Even when there is competition in other school she ever go with me. The graduation month in my whole Elementary are memorable. because we all exited and with emotional feelings because we are already in high school phase. We miss all of them and the memorable we experience since our simple life. Before the graduation we pattern our farewell vocal. Before that our instructor ask for us to seek about the farewell vocal we need to show in graduation twenty-four hours. Then I question my Ate to assist me to seek different farewell vocals. She search in the cyberspace and she got the wordss. The twenty-four hours of entry of the assignment. there are many different farewell vocals. But my instructor choice merely two or three vocals. Then we pattern that vocals. but I’m can’t know already the vocals. Then we have two hebdomads patterns before the graduation. While practising our farewell vocals we plan a summer jam or field day after our graduation. My schoolmate contributed her hob for our transit. I contribute one dish. so I suggest to my schoolmates to lend some dish and etc. Then already done our planning we plan the finish. This is the large twenty-four hours we celebrate in Elementary. this is the happy minute. In the forenoon we go to the church to hold our baccalaureate mass in San Sebastian Catholic Church town of San Narciso Zambales. We thanks to God to his good spirit. we thanks our experience in Elementary and steer us in the High School phase. Then in the afternoon this is the clip we farewell march in the school. The graduation dark we celebrate the graduation in our barangay auditorium. in the ground of our school is measuring the suites and the phase. This is the happy minute of an pupil and the parent. But. since my female parent base on balls off my male parent and my aunty is my parent in that dark. But I’m happy that dark because all of my household are in at that place. I’m already a high school pupil. Since I’m make up ones minding where school I’m enroll. My brother said in the mmc ( Magsaysay Memorial College ) so I request to my Ate to come with me to ask in that school. In a few yearss I’m petition to inscribe in Magsaysay Memorial College. My first pick is in the Zambales Academy. because my female parent graduated at Zambales Academy. But I pick Magsaysay Memorial College because of the tuition its chafer monetary value even the Zambales Academy. My friend state me that Magsaysay Memorial College has many chances and have a progress lesson. We are all happy when my auntie’s from Hong kong are holding their holiday here in the Philippines because we’re all remaining in our household house in it ever holding a get together in our house. were traveling to the beach were passing our clip really memorable to each in everyone. Every clip they’re traveling place were ever hold our â€Å"PASALUBONG† every member of the household have their â€Å"PASALUBONG† . Were ever traveling to Manila to dropped them in Ninoy Aquino International AirPort. My ma ever fixing the things they want to pack place she cooks â€Å"TUYO† for them. She’s the one all the staff of her sister’s. When I was in first twelvemonth I came from the subdivision of first twelvemonth St. Augustine. Our advisor is Ma’am Gesila Merino. She is the first clip to learn high school pupils. This clip I joined to the Knights Of The Altar. or KOTA. Since I joined in this organisation many friends were meet. Since my high school I meet different types of friends. There are a good friends name them Melvin P. Quiba. Mark Jayson Cayetano. Earl Gene Sebastian. Jayson Fababier. Paul Febre. Lawrence Dumlao. Lorenz Acosta. Alben Cababaro. etc. This good friends are ever from me. . They ever opened for us. In our 3rd twelvemonth this group are happy. Because this is the clip we earn our friendly relationship to each other. Since we are in 4th twelvemonth we think about our friendly relationship and we think the â€Å"BIKERS† this name is our codification name! . . This is the clip we finish the high school. Before the graduation we plan a picnic before we separate to each other. Many unforgettable minute I experience since I’m in high school.