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Book Review of Rebellion in the Backlands by Euclides da Cunha :: essays research papers

Book Review of " tumult in the Backlands"By Euclides da Cunha     Rebellion in the Backlands is set in the Northeastern backlands of Brazil. It is basically, a historical narration of a period of time (1896 and 1897) where the government of the Republic of Brazil decided to affiance war against a religious group of people of about 5000. This group of people, lead by a charismatic religious leader named Antonio Conselheiro, did non endure the Brazilian government as their legitimate government and was therefore deemed a threat to the rest of the country. Some of the members of this rebellion were in fact very pugnacious and uncontrollable. Eventually the Brazilian government led an attack on these people launching a battle that lasted almost a year and took the lives of hundreds of Brazilian array soldiers, and thousands of native Brazilian rebels. The poor, native people of the backlands proved impressive opposition and in fact defeated every single force sent against them and blush killed the commander of the first expedition. Although, in the end the governments military did prevail over the rural people, and they were all eventually killed. Still, the interesting thing about his book is that it seems to butt against that there is more to the story than just a battle lost.      When I began this assignment, I set out to read each and every page of this book. Unfortunately, it is not an easy book to read and due to time limitations as well as a curiosity to peek ahead to further chapters, I was afterward constrained to skim the entire book. From what I did gather this is a very well written book, incredibly full stoped, by someone who is clearly well improve in Latin American History as well as military tactics and it seems as though, geology and geography as well. The amount of imagery and detail that was put into the chapter on land alone was enough to fill its own book. an unlooked-for picture await s the traveler all of which confers upon the landscape in a fuse in a distant and amazing blend of color. The physical descriptions of the land were beautiful and vivid, but what really interested me was the chapter entitled Man.      existence a psychology major, this was by far my preferred chapter. Here Da Cunha really gets into the meat of the story he is telling about Brazilian history.

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Presidential Rhetoric and Campaign Essays -- essays research papers

Presidential Rhetoric and CampaignOsama hive away LadenOsama bin Laden is a political motion-picture show to the people of Afghanistan. He has created a modern day crusade against western civilization that people support because of his rhetorical ability to create, not only by means of speech, but also through his actions, an insightful philosophy that has moved thousands of people into action against the United States. He was able to achieve this because he chose a ghostlike path that people supported he took influential persons in his life and his familial background into his radical stance on Islamic government and created an historic movement that has affected thousands of people.Osama bin Laden was born into a wealthy Saudi family that owned a very successful construction company, the Saudi bin Laden Group. This company was started by bin Ladens father, Muhammed. With this company, Muhammed bin Laden was able to build three of the most religious mosques located in Medina, Mecca, and Jerusalem. Osama bin Laden, in his later years would take this as one of the greatest honors bestowed upon his family. (Through Our Enemies Eyes pg. 82) His father, besides building the religious mosques, left his lii children, including Osama, with a very strong devotion to Islamic religion. Because of this strict background with Islamic religion Osama bin Laden attended schools located in Medina and in Mecca. Both places provided Osama with alliances that supported him in his beliefs, in the past and in the present with his education at both secondary and university levels. Throughout his education, he came across three of the most influential people in his life, Taqi al-Din Ibn Tammiyah, Mohammed Qutb (a.k.a. Sayyid Qutb Ibrahim Husayn Shadhill) and Shaykh Abdullah Azzam. Mohammed Qutb is referred to as the brains behind Osama. (http// During the late 1940s Qutb spent a few years as an educator. During his cadence there, he e xperienced things that completely turned him off to the ways of the west. He exposit the U.S. as materialistic and occupied with topics of money, cars, and movie stars. He also described Americans as, crass people who were generally dis kindleed in lifes spiritual and aesthetic d... bin Laden is able to capture and maintain the interest of thousands of Al-Qaeda members. He uses his experiences, his current involvement with the Islamic world, and his hatred for western societies in order to convey an easily readable message to his listeners. They find it effortless to support him because of the basis for the Al-Qaeda code, which, in general, is to create an Islamic based society that is free of outside enforcements. Many members of the Al-Qaeda already believe and live for this idea. Thus, Osama bin Laden has created a message that provokes emotional response from his followers and has been able to maintain that emotion throughout all of the trials and tribulations that cam e along with the terrorist attacks. BibliographiesAnonymous. Through our enemies eyeball Osama bin Laden, radical Islam, and the future of America. 2002.http//

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A Comparison of This Perfect Day, Brave New World, and 1984 :: comparison compare contrast essays

This thoroughgoing(a) daytime, Brave New World, 1984  Dystopian Masterpiece            This Perfect Day belongs to the genre of dystopian or anti-utopian novels, like Huxleys Brave New World and Orwells 1984. Yet it is more satisfying than either.  This Perfect Day is probably wrath Levins greatest work of his career. Levins work, despite being written in 1970, is very plausible having realistic technology, much(prenominal) as scanners and computers which watch over the blameless family, the entire population of the world. This novel could be used to show the dangers of a Utopian society as well as being full of anti-Communist and anti-racist sentiment. This Perfect Day also displays the feeling that communist and segregated institutions can be defeated, as the protagonist Chip over powers the family and their vile Uni Comp as well as boost above the segregated community he reaches after fleeing the family. This work could best be placed in an area of the curriculum where it is the students job to learn that although eitherone king not be equal, nor should they be, they are still human and deserve to be treated with the respect and kindness we would expect to be treated with. This work could be used in conjunction with other works of literature that display the same ideals against communism and discrimination as well as a neediness of compassion for others. Other works that could be used in cohorts with Levins This Perfect Day, are Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut and even the Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood. Both of these novels show the dangers of exhausting to create a Utopian society and the chaos it causes. In Harrison Bergeron, handicapping has become an American institution and it is the governments responsibility to make sure that everyone is equal in every way which ends up causing chaos and rebellion. The Handmaids Tale shows the dangers of when an extreme group takes over the United State s after a nuclear holocaust, with women being placed in a submissive role to men, only being used to reproduce. This Perfect Day could also be used in a section with novels such as Uncle Toms Cabin which portray the evils of racism and discrimination, just as the land where Chip ends up after escaping the family, is very racist and segregated. He is forced to tire the taunts and tortures of the folks who had fought Uni from the beginning, yet he rises above these bounds to return and destroy Uni Comp, thereby destroying the family.

Narrative Structures in Zadie Smiths White Teeth and Toni Morrisons B

Narrative Structures in Zadie smiths White Teeth and Toni Morrisons Beloved The novels White Teeth by Zadie Smith and Beloved by Toni Morrisonboth explore many dissimilar issues. However, a principle theme thatappears to be common in both is the way in which the bygone tense influencesthe present profoundly and both authors use the narrative structuresof the books to present this idea to the reader. The exploration ofthe relationships between characters through time, the past hauntingthe present and the way in which history and culture is revealedthrough the past are important devices used to show the emotions andfurther the plot. Each author does this in a very different way thoughand this is the power of the narrative structure and the way in whichit can be used in a variety of different discretion in order to achieve asimilar effect.The narrative structure of White Teeth is very logical. The novel isdivided decisively into sections in order to present the reader withthe emot ions and views of the main characters. The four sectionsArchie 1974, 1945, Samad 1984, 1857, Irie 1990, 1907 and Magid,Millat and Marcus 1992, 1999 provide the reader with a clear cutstructure to the novel, with the past and present accuratelyintertwined. The separate books in the novel service of process the reader tounderstand how each character feels about the others, and thereforeexplores their relationships between time. The main example of this isthe point the Archie and Samad stir been best friends since the SecondWorld War. However, their fellowship is based on a lie that Archiekilled a Nazi scientist who was helping to develop the Master Race.The separate books help the reader to understand this and the... ... way in which mistakes and horrific eventscan consume the mind. Two novels, which primarily appear to be aboutthe struggle of races and racism in society are in fact also about theimportance of time. Smith writes at the beginning of the novelWhats past is prologue from The Tempest perhaps suggesting thatthe novel is in fact based upon the idea that the past and the presentare essentially intertwined and play an important role in modern daylife.The way in which the past can haunt the present, have a negative andpositive influence on the way in which characters react and the plotdevelops in both White Teeth and Beloved. It is an essentialelement of both novels which helps to prepare a layered structure andgive depth to the plot so that the events of the present have a pasta basis which creates a more than profound effect of the reader.

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Hamlet: Tragedy of Failure :: Shakespeare Hamlet Essays

settlement Tragedy of Failure William Shakespeares, crossroads is a tragedy of failure, the failureof a man placed in circumstances and faced to set with them successfully.Shakespeare uses different techniques to develop the characters in Hamlet.Throughout the tour dramatic irony is used by allowing the audience to viewthe true actions of the characters before the characters dis soused them.Shakespeare toys with the melodic theme of appearances versus reality in the number,among these are Claudius, the play in spite of appearance the play, and Rosencrantz andGuildernstern. Hamlets father, the king of Denmark, has suddenly died. Claudius,Hamlets uncle, hastily marries Gertrude, Hamlets mother, and moreimportantly they become the new king and queen. King Claudius is viewed aslegitimately gaining control of the throne by everyone pretermit Hamlet.Hamlet knows that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Hisbelief is verified when the guards inform him of a ghostwrite rlike figure withclose resemblance to the late king. The ghost communicates to Hamlet that whilein the garden, Claudius poured poison in his ear. Claudius prays to beforgiven but his prayers are non sincere. Claudius, cover with guilt,would prefer to keep his status then reveal what he did to King Hamlet. The play within the play is useful because it allows Hamlet toverify the validity of the ghost. ordinarily plays are intended forentertainment purposes. The play is not real and the actors are playing arole. In reality Hamlet makes it so that it is similar to what rightfullyhappened to his father. Hamlet even goes as far as to instruct the actorsappropriately. He will prove that the ghost is truthful by the reaction onClaudius face. The play appears to be harmless but it has a close parallelto what really happened to the late King Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, who are the kings spies, pretend tobe friends to Hamlet. The king has sent for them to check up on Hamletsma dness and what he suspects about his fathers death. This is acontradiction in terms because later Claudius says that Hamlets troubles areunknown. Hamlet not being the fool also pretends to be friends toRosencrantz and Guildernstern. He reveals to them that he is aware of theirintentions when he says were you not sent for. Claudius, fearing Hamletknows too much sends him with Rosencrantz and Guildernstern to England toHamlet Tragedy of Failure Shakespeare Hamlet EssaysHamlet Tragedy of Failure William Shakespeares, Hamlet is a tragedy of failure, the failureof a man placed in circumstances and faced to deal with them successfully.Shakespeare uses different techniques to develop the characters in Hamlet.Throughout the play dramatic irony is used by allowing the audience to viewthe true actions of the characters before the characters disclose them.Shakespeare toys with the idea of appearances versus reality in the play,among these are Claudius, the play within the play, and Rosencra ntz andGuildernstern. Hamlets father, the king of Denmark, has suddenly died. Claudius,Hamlets uncle, hastily marries Gertrude, Hamlets mother, and moreimportantly they become the new king and queen. King Claudius is viewed aslegitimately gaining control of the throne by everyone except Hamlet.Hamlet knows that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Hisbelief is verified when the guards inform him of a ghostly figure withclose resemblance to the late king. The ghost reveals to Hamlet that whilein the garden, Claudius poured poison in his ear. Claudius prays to beforgiven but his prayers are not sincere. Claudius, overcome with guilt,would prefer to keep his status then reveal what he did to King Hamlet. The play within the play is useful because it allows Hamlet toverify the validity of the ghost. Usually plays are intended forentertainment purposes. The play is not real and the actors are playing arole. In reality Hamlet makes it so that it is similar to what reallyhapp ened to his father. Hamlet even goes as far as to instruct the actorsappropriately. He will prove that the ghost is truthful by the reaction onClaudius face. The play appears to be harmless but it has a close parallelto what really happened to the late King Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, who are the kings spies, pretend tobe friends to Hamlet. The king has sent for them to investigate Hamletsmadness and what he suspects about his fathers death. This is acontradiction because later Claudius says that Hamlets troubles areunknown. Hamlet not being the fool also pretends to be friends toRosencrantz and Guildernstern. He reveals to them that he is aware of theirintentions when he says were you not sent for. Claudius, fearing Hamletknows too much sends him with Rosencrantz and Guildernstern to England to

Hamlet: Tragedy of Failure :: Shakespeare Hamlet Essays

critical point Tragedy of Failure William Shakespeares, crossroads is a tragedy of failure, the failureof a man placed in circumstances and faced to bus with them successfully.Shakespeare uses different techniques to develop the characters in Hamlet.Throughout the constitute dramatic irony is used by allowing the audience to viewthe true actions of the characters before the characters dis stiff them.Shakespeare toys with the estimate of appearances versus reality in the influence,among these are Claudius, the play indoors the play, and Rosencrantz andGuildernstern. Hamlets father, the king of Denmark, has suddenly died. Claudius,Hamlets uncle, hastily marries Gertrude, Hamlets mother, and moreimportantly they become the new king and queen. King Claudius is viewed aslegitimately gaining control of the throne by everyone overlook Hamlet.Hamlet knows that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Hisbelief is verified when the guards inform him of a spectral figure with close resemblance to the late king. The hint nonifys to Hamlet that whilein the garden, Claudius poured poison in his ear. Claudius prays to beforgiven but his prayers are not sincere. Claudius, overhaul with guilt,would prefer to keep his status then reveal what he did to King Hamlet. The play within the play is useful because it allows Hamlet toverify the validity of the ghost. normally plays are intended forentertainment purposes. The play is not real and the actors are playing arole. In reality Hamlet makes it so that it is similar to what realhappened to his father. Hamlet even goes as far as to instruct the actorsappropriately. He will prove that the ghost is truthful by the reaction onClaudius face. The play appears to be harmless but it has a close parallelto what really happened to the late King Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, who are the kings spies, pretend tobe friends to Hamlet. The king has sent for them to examine Hamletsmadness and what he suspects about his fathers death. This is a contradiction because later Claudius says that Hamlets troubles areunknown. Hamlet not being the fool also pretends to be friends toRosencrantz and Guildernstern. He reveals to them that he is aware of theirintentions when he says were you not sent for. Claudius, fearing Hamletknows too much sends him with Rosencrantz and Guildernstern to England toHamlet Tragedy of Failure Shakespeare Hamlet EssaysHamlet Tragedy of Failure William Shakespeares, Hamlet is a tragedy of failure, the failureof a man placed in circumstances and faced to deal with them successfully.Shakespeare uses different techniques to develop the characters in Hamlet.Throughout the play dramatic irony is used by allowing the audience to viewthe true actions of the characters before the characters disclose them.Shakespeare toys with the idea of appearances versus reality in the play,among these are Claudius, the play within the play, and Rosencrantz andGuildernstern. Hamlets father, th e king of Denmark, has suddenly died. Claudius,Hamlets uncle, hastily marries Gertrude, Hamlets mother, and moreimportantly they become the new king and queen. King Claudius is viewed aslegitimately gaining control of the throne by everyone except Hamlet.Hamlet knows that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Hisbelief is verified when the guards inform him of a ghostly figure withclose resemblance to the late king. The ghost reveals to Hamlet that whilein the garden, Claudius poured poison in his ear. Claudius prays to beforgiven but his prayers are not sincere. Claudius, overcome with guilt,would prefer to keep his status then reveal what he did to King Hamlet. The play within the play is useful because it allows Hamlet toverify the validity of the ghost. Usually plays are intended forentertainment purposes. The play is not real and the actors are playing arole. In reality Hamlet makes it so that it is similar to what reallyhappened to his father. Hamlet even goes as far as to instruct the actorsappropriately. He will prove that the ghost is truthful by the reaction onClaudius face. The play appears to be harmless but it has a close parallelto what really happened to the late King Hamlet. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, who are the kings spies, pretend tobe friends to Hamlet. The king has sent for them to investigate Hamletsmadness and what he suspects about his fathers death. This is acontradiction because later Claudius says that Hamlets troubles areunknown. Hamlet not being the fool also pretends to be friends toRosencrantz and Guildernstern. He reveals to them that he is aware of theirintentions when he says were you not sent for. Claudius, fearing Hamletknows too much sends him with Rosencrantz and Guildernstern to England to

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Case Study Cyworld Creating And Capturing Value In Social Network

Case Study Cyworld Creating And Capturing Value In Social Network Group Members Syed Hasan Zaman (20738) Muhammad Wasim (20735) Mansoor Owais Talha Qadri interrogation 1 Why do battalion use social network? Answer Peoples generally use the social networks for the purpose of managing their social lives, also it includes to occupy the need of socialization of each idiosyncratic which is required to be satisfied and the social networks argon the most comm besides used medium now a days in order to satisfy such need.Comparing it to the other mediums such as emailing, messaging or calling the campaign for the preference of the social networking sites is because that the audience in the social network is stupendous enough also it gives the opportunity to socialize with other peoples around the world and making sunrise(prenominal) friends and connections and getting to know peoples, cultures and values around the globe Question 2 How can you component Cyworld user?Which segment sho uld Cyworld target? How it can create value for users in this segment? Answer The segmentation of user of Cyworld atomic number 18 the teens and the generation in early twenties as the largest user group of Cyworld is the users comprised of the these two age segmentation. The reasons for these segmentation to be attracted towards Cyworld is that there is no membership tip off and the generation is neither able to pay huge membership or reactivation feesCyworld should target the youth as they are most interested generation segment in socialization and who are well aware of using such sites and medium to communicate, contact and maintain their relationships with others and also seek to communicate with peoples around the globe in other regions For creating value for its users, Cyworld initiated with the tactics of introducing the idea of creating and managing minihompys by way of buying the practical(prenominal) items and decorating the minihompys but later Cyworld observed that th e users are getting bored of this activity and realized that the Cyworld will not be able to capture justified value on providing such function.After surveying all the factors the Cyworld decided to sling Home2 which is in fact the upgraded version of minihompys but this get hold of the option of sharing photos and many other things. This created more value for the users of the Cyworld and shortly around 80,000 users of the Cyworld migrated to the Home2 as it is something new as it was a blend of blogging and minihompys. Question 3 Which is most worthful for Cyworld An active user, a user who spends a lot of money with Cyworld or a user with a lot of connection? Answer The most valuable for Cyworld includes the one who are an active user of the site as they are the potential drop customer of the organization.Considering the fact of generating revenues, the most revenue generation activity for Cyworld was the Paid Items which concludes the 72% of all the revenue generated by the organization but as a matter of fact the organization can only attain such revenue when item are being sold and the people will only buy if they can show that to others on the site as the items are not tangible neither moveable rather they are all virtual so the only value for the customers is the status regime they show by means of placing it on their own minihompys. The users with a lot of connection is considerably valuable for the company because these are not only permanent users of the site as they wont leave the site because this will cause them to leave the connections they have and this makes them not only the potential customer but also they can attract others to join the site and can increase the users f Cyworld Question 4 How is Cyworld different from Facebook or Myspace? How these social networking sites are differ from other larger websites such as Amazon, Yahoo and Youtube? Answer Cyworld is different from Facebook or Myspace as on these social sites it is assumed th at we are talking to a public at large (for example writing on a firends wall) but the earthly concern is we are still communicating with a specific group of peoples (i. e. only the friends or connections of that person can see what we posted on his wall). The other reason is Cyworld came with the idea of minihomphys where are Facebook and Myspace lacks such availability of option.The websites such as Amazon, Yahoo or Youtube are specific functioned sites like Amazon is used for online shopping, yahoo is a general purpose site which includes features from offering sale purchase to news reading material and many other areas and Youtube is specifically used for watching videos or sharing it, in comparision to Cyworld, Cyworld offers the sharing of ideas, minihompys, videos, photos, music and many other things and this variety of option differentiate Cyworld from the sites such as Facbook, Myspace, Amazon, Yahoo and Youtube Question 5 What should be Cyworld business model pay items, mobile networking or advertising? Should Cyworld explore any other area of opportunity? AnswerCyworld started generation of revenue from the services of offering paid items and it constitute 72% of the revenues generated by the company but forecasting the future and analyzing the user behavior and trend Cyworld came to the conclusion that the people in future will not be a great deal interested in purchasing virtual items for real money which can give them not much of value and satisfaction and the company realizes that the revenues will drop if the company sticks to the model of Paid Items. After considering all the facts the company came to the conclusion that the company should migrate from paid items model to the advertising models as followed by Facebook and many other sites. Its hard for Cyworld to make its own position in the market where the websites such as Facebook and Myspace are handling the maximum market share

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How to Be a Smart Consumer and Save Your Money Essay

Are you a burnished consumer? If the answer is no, lets discharge over to a new leaf. In this borderless world, being a smart consumer is like chocolate chips in our cookies of life. Thus, it is essential for us to spend wisely and b bely our budget. There are abundant of consumers nowa mean solar days love to spend a lot of money on products that do not suffice their budget as well as they are unnecessary. We heard this too some(prenominal) prison terms already. However, how many of us sincerely think deeply and wonder if everything we buy is worth our money? We admit that shopping is fun alone sometimes receivedity re all toldy stuck us hard. apparent motion such as do I really need it, is the toll right or fifty-fifty such low prices may just make us wonder why it is so Besides, it is cloggy to be a smart consumer as the number of traders, who are trying to cheat us are increasing from day to day. By the way, there are countless ways to be such a smart consumer in orde r to avoid from being their victims particularly from the profit hungry traders. First and foremost, do you remember those times that you buy items that confine a huge discount without even thinking if you need them? To be frank, it is believed that everyone had gone to such situation before.However, we induct to keep in mind that in order to save money and be a smart consumer, try to keep to buying necessity items barely. get too oftentimes or things that we do not need is not saving money. Try making a list of items you plan to buy in advance before release for shopping. With this method, you testament commensurate to buy everything you need and reduce on buying things you do not need. Apart from that, this is very powerful step especially when you are buying habit. Dont get fully attracted to the huge discount tags but try paying a piffling attention to the quality.Somebody used to buy clothes during those insane sales happening in town. They wouldnt bother those tee ny-weeny dots or stains on the clothes as they thought that they will go off after washed. The sad fact is that they didnt and they were mad at themselves. The moral of the story is, dont get fooled by those discount tags and continuously check the quality. It is better spending like a couple of minutes checking the quality rather than going second and regret on it. As the Chinese saying goes, a smart action go by us to a smart lifestyle.Like a theme that was experienced by a lady, she tends to go shopping weekly t the local supermarket or wholesalers. One of the items she must buy is milk. There are always those promotional tags saying certain milk products are on discount. One day, it really surprised her that the expiry date was just few days in front Yes, the sellers are clearly manipulating using business tactics but are they wrong? No I am not pointing that the consumers are wrong either. We run through to be careful when it comes to such things. For example, dairy produ cts cant be kept long. Therefore, always check the expiry date regardless of how cheap the items are. The equivalent goes over when buying canned foods and drinks.Avoid buying canned products which are dented as they will become slightly poisonous. Ensure the cans are in good shape before buying to ensure you get the best product. It is substantial for us to compare prices of those wholesalers. You can go to different places to shop. Every time you go to a new place, you need try to compare the prices. As the Australian saying goes, small amount of money you save can lead to a bigger saving. Always remember that discount tags outside are just business tactics. If you can get the same items for less, isnt that a much bigger saving?The price might be cheap but we must be able to think and consider if it is worth it. Do you get those sales promoters trying to promote something? It is a norm that they will tell you that particular product is good, energy saving or even cheaper. Try p etition a few more questions before buying it. Check if it is really a good choice or so. Indeed, simply by asking, we are getting more information and we might even be able to consider if the product is worth for our money. Last but not least, membership for local stores and even frequent visitor card is good as it is an excellent choice to save up more money.One of the best examples I personally encountered was fit month where I was shopping for the accessory products. The price was already discounted and when I was at the payment counter, I was shocked and surprised as the cashier told me if I am a member, I will get another discount of 20 percent The moral of the story is simple and straight forward. We are able to save up tons of money and even shop smarter if we know how to utilize the membership card and benefits. At the same time, membership cards will enable you to collect points and eventually, we are able to redeem items and cash vouchers when we shop.In a nutshell, the re is innumerable way for us to be a smart consumer. We need to be together resolveing closely arm in arm and advising each other for being concerned and smart consumers. As the Malayan saying goes, many hands make work better. Do not worry as it is assuring you these are simple steps and it will not seduce you more than one or two minutes to get it do. Hooray More time to shop Exclusively prepared by, Nik Aisyah Amalien bt Nik Mohd Asri SMKA Naim Lilbanat.. Class of sirrosdi Question Write your story beginning with My heart round of golf frantically as I made my way to the main(prenominal)s office My heart beat frantically as I made my way to the principals office . My mind could not figure out what would be the possible consequences and penalty from the principal. I am guilty and there is no way the principal can forgive me. I told myself. I felt like I was going to be given a very stern punishment. Then I tried to figure out why I was in this mess. It story started when my mama gave birth to a new baby boy in our family . I was in cloud nine that day as my father told me that I have a new brother . Wohoo I shouted. I put the phone back to its original place after Ispoke to my dad.I was not really myself that day . I shook hands with all the students in my classroom. I could see they were starring at me with strange faces. Most of my classmates were baffled initially until I told them slightly this new brother. Then slowly one by one stood up and congratulated me. So I told them I would persuade my dad to throw a small party over the weekend to restrain this occasion. Everyone was looking forward to this occasion. In my classroom,I was commonly known as a quiet and shy boy. I didnt talk too much unless someone asked me to. But today, after that good news,I completely change myself.I was just like a character of a wood-pecker as I made a lot of annoying noises in the class . Kring Kring . The bell rang and it was time to go home. I quickly pac ked all my stuff into my school bag and ran towards the main gate with a fantastic speed . I could not wait to get home to meet my newborn brother . After five minutes,I felt bored. I walked around the school compund . While walking, I could see something that caught my eyes. I picked up five bottles of wood-sprayer in discordant colour which are commonly used by PMR students for their Life Skills carpenting projects.Then,I ran to a new edifice at a compound nearby. The building was almost completed and most of the classrooms were already used. There was another one room left and the school management wasnt sure of what should be done to that empty room . Without hesitation, Spurshhhhhhh I started spraying at the main penetration. It reads, Welcome to the world of Arts with a combination of two vivid colours in graffity style. It looked catchy as the backround of the door was lily-white . After I had sprayed the main door , then I started to spray the rooms wall.It reads, This place is only for talented ones. The colour matched the wall and it was done beautifully. Out of the blue,I heard some clear footsteps. I could guess that footsteps must be owned by a big size person. My hair stood up and I could get hold my hearts drumbeat. The happiness and excitement that I had just now vanished in no time. The steps were coming closer. I slowly sneaked out to identify who was the owner of the footsteps. . Oh gosh All I could see was a grumpy tall man cladded with nasty suit. It was my principal I tried to find a way out but it was useless.I boosted my mind as the footsteps became nearer. Aha then an idea struck my mind. When the door opened, I dashed out. He grabbed my school shirt to stop me from running away and I quickly closed his eyes with my palms wishing that he couldnt see me. I was really panicked and my body was trembling. Without hesitation, I pushed him strongly and he fell down. I ran as fast as a lightning and fortunately my dad was in the car w aiting for me. I then realized my parent tag fell somewhere.No more thinking,I jumped into dads car. The adjoining day I went to school as usual and pretended nothing had appenend. Like the usual shy boy that do not talk or entertain to anyone unless someone wanted to say hello, I sat at my place besides Mahaddi,my close friend. I quickly grabbed the assignment on side of meat literature given by Sir Rosdi. I knew that Sir Rosdi was watching me very closely and he suspected that I had a problem to settle. My heart beat quick when my name was called out through the paging system. Attention to Fahmi Azan from 5 Amanah, please report immediately to the principals room right now That was the husky voice that I heard before.My blood started to flow faster and I could feel the andrenaline flowing.. All the eyes were straight on me including Sir Rosdi. They were wandering why the principal was making the announcement himself. .I quickly walked to the principals office . As I arrived there I knocked the door politely. Come in . Gulp except God knows how I felt right now. I slowly opened the door and entered the room. The room was so cool as cool as my body. enrapture have a sit. My principal quipped. After being interoggated for almost half an hour,I felt so calm. I listened attentively and nodded.He told me that he was attracted to my liberal arts and proposed the room that I sprayed being made The school arts room. What a surprise I smiled and thanked him. He also proposed an Arts beau monde and appointed me as the president of the club. I hugged him tightly. He was so shocked but happy with my reactions. I shook his hands and thanked him for his kindness. I never need this dramatic event took a 360 degree turn. It wasnt a mess as I thought initially.. Most people would define a good teacher as someone who makes their students excel academically and do well on their tests.I believe thats almost right, but a curt off. I believe that a good teacher doesn t have one dimension but two. They not only make you excel, but they make you want to go to school. They care about the students insecurities and problems, and most importantly they are there to support you. My teacher is like that. Her name is Ms. Young and shes changed the way I see the world. She isnt one of those teachers that will give it their all just to be liked by the students. She frankly doesnt fit in a category of teachers. Although its her first year teaching at High Tech Middle she fit in immediately.Normally the project based learning philosophy is hard for new teachers to adapt to, but Ms. Young did it effortlessly. After nine years of switching from town to town, school to school, and teacher to teacher, Ms. Young is by far the best teacher Ive ever had. She keeps the class in order, yet manages to make it fun at the same time. Shes always there for academic as well as personal help. Honestly for the first time I dont want to pass the grade. Ms. Young has taught me a lot over the past school year. Im not only speaking of history, writing, and reading.She has taught me to appreciate the little things, never judge, and be happy about the work I create. I have grown more in this year than any other, and I owe it almost completely to Ms. Young. I used to think I was a good writer. Looking back on my work from just last year, I realize how much stronger my writing skills and vocabulary are. Ms. Young has done a superb job preparing me for high school, for which I am very grateful. I feel that I have developed my writing skills most this year than any other year. Throughout the year Ms. Young has become my role model.Ive had many people tell me that when they grow up they want to be like her. I believe that becoming half of the teacher she is would be an incredible achievement. I wrote this essay because I believe that she should be recognized. Not only because of her incredible teaching abilities, but because she made a difference in my life. She showed me that hard work pays off, and that I should never give up. These lessons will continue to have an effect on my life throughout high school and college. Thank you Ms. Young. They impart experience and skills to our faculty of intelligence.And yet some of us dont know how to show appreciation to them. Its indeed that one cannot put a price tag on education, and so does teaching. If there is a category of people who knows how to shape, and furnish young children with useful information without showing any sign of fatigue, and involuntariness surely teachers belong to that category because of the fact that they know how to push us students, and direct us through the lightning path of success. It is true that they earn a monthly salary for teaching but I think they deserve more than just a salary.A little bit of appreciation could vitalize them, and raise them to help us more. I am certainly not a teacher and neither are many other young children, but it is graspable to know how much they work to direct us, and making sure that we students learn the skills that we need to go out in the challenging world. Their job is one of the toughest to take on, and they still manage to do it happily without any apparent dissatisfaction. Most of us know how difficult it is to get an acceptance to college, and for many of us a descent job might be the ultimate target.Teachers are the ones who always make sure that, us students we are organized, prepared, equipped, and ready to strive through our targeted path and many of them certainly make sure that we are properly expectant of the obstacles that lie on the journey ahead, and with that perception they help us cultivate tactics, and strategies to spurn those obstacles. These are some words that I chose on behalf of many students around the world, in order to acknowledge your hard work, dedication, and everything that you teachers teach us from academic to real life lessons.Your hard work makes a grandiose impact on our lives as students, and for that I, and many other students would like to express our gratitude in between these quotations Us student, we could not have left this day passed without wishing you a joyous Teachers appreciation week. We certainly think that everyday should be a day to celebrate teachers hard work. Its indisputable how hard you teachers work to deliver the materials to us, and on top of that you still strive to help us during your free time. How much of a price can one put on that quality? None of us thinks that quality worth a financial value.

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CIPD Ass Member Criteria Essay

What it means to be an swain Member of CIPD The Associate Member applies their specialist skills and jockeyledge in the context of the organizations structure, culture and direction, by providing support for human resources (HR) leaders and managers as they work to deliver a range of HR processes in one or more captain areas delivering some HR functions, such as administrative, information and processing activities. Whatever the nature or size of the organisation, the Associate Member take ins snappy support in one or more of the key component areas of human resources.So they may work inwardly the central HR team, or in learning and development, or another of the professional areas within the HR remit. They may be someone setting out on an HR career, aiming for promotion to Chartered Membership as they develop their skills, knowledge and experience. Or they could be someone who wishes to continue supporting fellow professionals without moving to Chartered Membership, but woul d bid formal recognition for their existing role and contribution.Whichever it is, the Associate Member completes tasks and addresses problems that are well-defined but still turn over a degree of complexity. Operating within clearly defined limits they exercise some autonomy and judgement, taking and implementing appropriate decisions. The basis for their discretion is their knowledge and understanding of the organisation, and the established range of HR policies, processes, procedures and practices that they serving deliver.Associate Membership signifies that this is someone who has been assessed against clear professional criteria someone who demonstrates that they have the skill, knowledge and approach to make a significant supporting contribution, and deliver brilliant results. It also confirms that they have signed up to the CIPD CPD Policy and Code of Professional Conduct, and work to its standards and criteria. Meeting the criteria To achieve Associate Membership the in dividual has to show that they have delivered against the criteria in a work environment.There are three elements in the criteria. 1. Activities what the Associate Member does 2. Knowledge what the Associate Member understands in order to die hard out he activities 3. Behaviours how the Associate Member carries out the activities. Activities what the Associate Member does The Associate Member uses their specialist HR skills and knowledge to support HR leaders and managers, delivering information and services as and when required consistently, on duration and to standard. To do this the Associate MemberMaintains and produces management information collects and collates financial and non-financial data and statistics on the HR activities and processes within their work role converts raw data into meaningful HR and management information, and passes it on to managers and HR specialists, to inform plans, decisions, budgets produces clear and meaningful reports and up envisions, reg ularly and/or on request maintains HR record systems and individual records, with full, accurate and appropriate information and in bourne with data protection laws and regulations.Supports HR colleagues and line managers provides line managers/others with accurate and timely information/advice on HR policies, procedures and practices, in line with the organisation values and relevant regulations helps ensure that all HR processes provide compeer opportunity, promote diversity, are based on merit and are applied equitably, fairly, reasonably and without bias manages the administration of continuing or one-off HR programmes, workshops, or meetings, and helps in their delivery. Supports improvement in processes and policieslooks for continuous improvement opportunities in HR processes, and feeds messages, ideas and observations to senior HR colleagues or managers supports change initiatives and programme implementation, maintaining service during the process and at the similar time testing new approaches helps staff and managers outside HR to understand the need for and benefit of change, their role in the process, the next steps and the expected results. Maintains their act Professional Development (CPD) enhances their professional skills, knowledge and behaviours through reflective and planned CPD.Knowledge what the Associate Member understands To carry out the Activities the Associate Member has to know about and understand three contexts 1. the organisation they work in or with 2. their specific work role (such as generalist or specialist role) 3. the wider HR context. 1 The organisation and its context, including the organisations structure, culture and operations its goals, targets and financial structure its HR policies, procedures, programmes, processes and practices its range of products and services and who its customers are how its teams work together to hone performance.2 The specific work role and the HR area(s) that are the focus for it, inclu ding the relevant and appropriate legal and regulatory framework, and the external bodies and agencies that legislate and/or give advice and support how to contribute to the effective implementation of the organisations HR processes, procedures, practices, tools, techniques and approaches. 3 The wider HR context, including how the different HR activities form an integrated whole, and the way that an run in their own professional area can affect other areas and impact on colleagues how toplan and prioritise activities and their own work effectively, efficiently, on time and within budget -communicate effectively with employees at all levels -deliver service excellence, handle and resolve complaints and deal with difficult customers -use IT effectively and efficiently (specifically HR information systems). Behaviours how the Associate Member carries out activities In delivering the Activities the Associate Member has to demonstrate how they meet the Behaviour criteria, organised in t hree clusters Insights and influence, Operational excellence, Stewardship.Insights and influences 1. Curious keeps up to date with developments, ideas and trends in HR, the organisation and its sector. Uses information to inform personal CPD plans accepts and acts on feedback on their performance, taking action to broaden their experience, knowledge and skills uses information to inform personal CPD plans.2. important thinker uses knowledge and judgement to identify options and make day to day decisions makes sure information is accurate, consistent and relevant, before using it to carry out a task or make a decision.3. Skilled influencerworks with other people to help gain commitment and support for changes or policies, using the appropriate intercourse channel or method puts forward logical and evidenced suggestions. Operational excellence 4. Driven to deliver identifies the steps needed to achieve agreed objectives, instruction on priorities keeps track of progress, to deliver on time and meet or exceed expectations.5. Collaborative builds and maintains a network of useful contacts and relationships to support colleagues shows sensitivity and mention for other peoples feelings, cultures and beliefs. 6. Personally credible provides sound, realistic and impartial adviceconsistently delivers their promises and commitments and accepts responsibility for their actions, even when facing opposition. Stewardship 7. Courage to challenge shows courage to speak up, asks questions or for information, help or advice from other people when faced with unfamiliar issues or circumstances. 8. Role model demonstrates sound personal values and ethics, and operates within the organisations values, processes and expected behaviour supports colleagues in times of high workload or pressure deals with confidential and sensitive HR matters and data in line with professional good practice and the legal requirements.

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Criminal Justice Careers Essay

AbstractThis paper reflects to the highest degree malefactor justice c arrs that exit help me puddle knowledge and rag a die idea about the career that I choose. Components of criminal justice law enforcement, courts, and corrections. A brief description about the career, the requirements, and the hiring criteria the career has. Tell why the position interest me, how does it relate to the career path that I want, and finally what Im nonioning for in gaining from the career.Keywords offensive Scene Investigation (CSI), Parole Agent, and a Court Clerk.Law enforcement CSIOne component of the Criminal Justice career is law enforcement. There are legion(predicate) different kinds of jobs in law enforcement, but the career that got most of my attention was CSI. CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigation. The CSI job is to analyze crimes further. They get to take pictures of the crime moving-picture show they gull evidence that will help them solve what happened on the crime. Th ere job is to solve who committed the crime. The requirements to become a crime scene tec are 1. Have a H.S diploma (college degree preferred by some agencies) 2. Valid drivers license 3. Successful completion of scene investigation 4. Law enforcement experience possibly required for position of crime scene investigator (other agencies hire civilian crime scene investigators). (Goodman, & Grimming, 2007)As I was saying before some agencies require that first you allow to be a guard officer to become a Crime Scene Investigator. When you are a new recruit you must conquestfully complete a hurdle process, pith that you soak up to take different kinds of tests and background checks. For example the agencies will check your criminal record, check into your background, driving record and credit history. There are also written examinations which show the reading skills and the understandings that you squander. This will help the police agency predict and tell who will do well in th e police academy. (Peak, 2006)The hiring criteria that exist for this position are that you take a physical light test, personal interview, character investigation, medical examination and drug screening. The physical agility test is important because you have to be healthy and most importantly you have to be in shape. The reason why the police academy does this is because when you are a police officer you never know what is passing play to happen. You are going to face a lot of different situations and you are going to have to be able to handle them. First you have to get out of the problem, meaning that you have to run, climb etc. Second resolving the problem, sometimes you are going to struggle with the offender so you probably need to fight. Lastly, you need to ask out the problem meaning that it often requires that the officer can carry heavy weights. (Peak, 2006)The personal interview evaluates how the new recruit explains how they will behave in a certain situation and wh at will they do to solve it. The character investigation involves talking to the applicators past and current friends, teachers, and neighbor just to investigate how they are. Polygraph examination tells whether the applicant is honest. Since the job is stressful the applicant needs to be healthy so they have to make a medical examination and a drug screening. The academy training shapes the officers attitudes. (Peak, 2006)I find this position kindle because as a child, I always wanted to do something related to criminal justice. I didnt really know what specifically I wanted to do, but I had an idea. Everything started when I was a senior in H.S I was taking a forensic science class and that really got my attention. It was really exciting class, we got to do a lot of projects and we actually dissected a frog and a baby pig. Thats when I started to think about being in the CSI. I love to solve mysteries, I like investigating things.The skills that I have are that I like sketching. For example back when I was in H.S when we used to do crime labs I loved to draw what I saw. The reason why is because that helps me go back and analyze what happened. Ialso like investigating I like to think beyond the things that actually happened. This will really help me in becoming a crime scene investigator because you have to record everything you see and you have to collect evidence. You have to think beyond what you see because you have to try to find the person that did it. The entry level salary range of $30,000- $40,000 depending on the agency. To be honest I dont really look at it for the money, this is something that I want to do, it what I like. (Goodman, & Grimming, 2007)Corrections Parole AgentAnother component of the Criminal Justice system is corrections. One of the jobs that the correction has is a parole agent. The goal for a parole agent is to protect the public. The responsibility for a parole agent is to assist ex- offenders so that they can adjust to depor tment in a save and free community. They are also responsible to prevent future criminal acts. They help the people become a ruin person so that they can have a productive and normal live. Parole agents supervise the offenders who had been released from prison. (Careers in criminal, 2006)What the parole agent has to do is that they need to investigate the offender. For example the parole agent investigates the offenders background so that they can gather information and write reports for the parole board hearings. Parole agents are able to issue arrest, hold, and release enjoins. They can photograph offender, crime victims or evidence. Parole agents also can perform alcohol and drug testing by observing, collecting and taking urine samples and testifying in courts. (Careers in criminal, 2006)The working conditions for a parole agent are that it requires traveling. They have to provide their own transportation and have to be on 24 hour call. The situation may vary sometimes the par ole agent may be assigned to high crime areas. By being a parole agent you are risking your life because you never know how the people are. They risk violence, vicious animals, visiting unpleasant sustenance conditions. (Careers in criminal, 2006)The qualifications and the job training that you need to be a parole agent are 1. Bachelors or associates degree from accredited educational institution 2. Must be able to carry a firearm 3. Valid state drivers license 4. One or more than year experience in criminal justice, correction, law enforcement, social service, or a related field 5. Parole agents may have to acquire and carry on certification in unarmed self- defense, firearms, and pepper spay 6.Background check, drug screening, and or polygraph examination may be required. (Careers in criminal, 2006)I find this position interesting because I like helping people. I think that everybody deserves a second change. People have to learn from there own mistakes so that they will not co mmit it again. Everybody can be successful in life the only thing is that we have to try. To be honest when I help someone I feel happy because I know I did the right thing. Sometimes you cant do everything alone so you need a weeny push. I want to serve the community I want to help people to make the right decision and so that they can become better person. By doing this not only I am helping a person, but Im also helping the community become a safer place.Court Court ClerkCourt is another component of the criminal justice system. One of the jobs in the court is a court shop assistant. The court clerk maintains the case records, and prepares statistical reports (secure information for judges). Court clerks are responsible to contact witness, attorneys, and litigants to obtain information for the courts. There are many things that a court clerk has to do. A court clerk may prepare agendas for town or city councils answer correspondence keep fiscal records and accounts record data collect fees file documents retrieve and deliver files and documents to court or appropriate parties and much more. Court clerks are very important because they are responsible for handling the bulk of the courts administrative activities. (Careers in criminal, 2006)The qualifications to becoming a court clerk are 1. High school diplomaor GED 2. One or more years of increasingly responsible experience in court administration or other legal field 3. Associates or bachelors degree in court administration, criminal justice, public administration, or a related field 4. Valid state drivers license. In order to become a court clerk you are required to have a background check, fingerprinting, and physical examination. You are also required to reside in the jurisdiction of employment. (Careers in criminal, 2006)I find this position interesting because in this career you learn how to be more responsible and organized. This position is very unattackable because you cant make mistakes. Ever ything depends on you. As I always say not everything is easy in life you have to struggle to get what you want. This can relate to my career path because in a court clerk you are also responsible in contacting witness, and attorneys which means that its involving a crime or other situations.I am never going to give up Im always going to give it my all. I know that there are going to be obstacles in life that not everything is going to be easy, but I have to overcome them. aught in this life is easy we have to work and struggle to get what we want. Nothing is going to be given to our hands. The best way to ensure my success and become who I want to be is to always keep going no matter what until I reach my goal.ReferenceGoodman, D.J, & Grimming, R. (2007). Work in criminal justice an a-z guide to careers. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Pearson Prentice Hall. Peak, K.J. (2006). Policing america challenges and best practices . Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Pearson Prentice Hall. Car eers in criminal justice. (2006). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Pearson Prentice Hall.

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A Case of identity Essay

Through a comparison of A Case of identity and The Stolen Cigar case discuss how roaring Bret Harte is in parodying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.There are two forms of detective bill there is the who dunnit idea in which gentlemen detectives are called upon in all sorts of impossible situations, but perpetually manage to solve the crime. In this type, the reader has a good idea of who committed the crime however, the characters in the story dont. The other type of story is a mystery, in which neither reader nor investigators know who is responsible for the crime together with the characters, the reader too is invited to figure out the sequence of events.In the protease inhibitor Holmes stories the focus is on the character of the detective himself (Sherlock Holmes) and follows the story of him solving a mystery. Sherlock Holmes (S.H) was a legendary figure as he was the very(prenominal) root fictional detective his stories were written in the Victorian times by the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.The S.H stories down many common features. For example S.H is seen to be very well organised and by the end, his efforts have concluded in solving the mystery/crime. This has made it easier for Bret Harte to parody Conan Doyles style he uses many similar features corresponding the same old fashioned language and also in having Sherlock Holmes or Hemlock Jones (as he is called in the parody), portrayed as a very precise, eccentric detective.In the original story, we are told of how Miss Mary Sunderland goes to S.H to find Mr Hosmer Angel-her missing bridegroom-who disappeared on the day of their wedding. S.H manages to find this man, so uncovering the fact that it is her step-father in disguiseIn the parody The Stolen Cigar Case, Hemlock Jones (H.J) accuses Watson of stealing his cigar case and constructs an elaborate/exaggerated story to prove his point, only to find he had lose itIn A Case of Identity Watson is the narrator, who, as he is some what nave, has to have things explained to him this assists the reader. He tries to work out S.Hs process of deduction, ofttimes unsuccessfully, so S.H explains in a straightforward manner through Watson to the reader. He takes the role of the pupil and is a necessary link between Sherlock and the reader. As we look at things from Watsons point of view we are able to see how S.H unravels the cases and solves the crimes. S.H is extold greatly by Watson likewise readers also come to admire him as an exponent of ratiocination.Throughout the story, the impression is given that S.Hs previous clients have all been people high up in society as he had a little souvenir from the king of Bohemia in return for Sherlock helping him with a case. He has many valuable belongings, many of which have been gifts from wealthy clients of his such as his snuff-box of gold.He also refers to similar cases to the ones he is working on You will find parallel cases, if you consult my index, in Andover in 77. This also shows that he is an experienced detective with a powerful memory and someone in whom one can have faith.

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Gender issues in America today Essay

Wo custody of the whole world face problems on their way to engender equal rights with men. These problems differ and depend on the laws of the artless they live in. By the last 40 years in the US, thanks to the activity of womens rights movement, women succeed in the struggle for equal rights, but work on the complete equality with men in the aspects of professional practice, salary and indemnity, there argon far more left to exculpate.American women who want to raise their children in the world with more equality try to change the situation and find some people who have the comparable position on the issue among representatives of diverse political parties and members of nongovernmental brass sections. When in 1960 drugs which help to control the birthrate came into existence it became possible for women to choose their own life journey. Marriage, children and housekeeping stopped to be the only probability. spotless and more trusting contraception provided women with pos sibility to appreciate the alternative to all in all their traditional roles in society.At the same time in the 60s the movement for civic rights, demanding to put an end to racial discrimination and the act about civil rights of the year 1964 undermined the gender discrimination too. This is why the verdure of womens movement in 70s was not just a case of fortune. Representatives of womens movement were demanding equal professional opportunities and law defense for all American women. As a expiration in 60s 80s the Congress constituted several laws oriented to protect womens rights.Among them injunction of the arbitrary judgeship of 1965 which opened for women the access to professions earlier considered as mens ones, the injunction of the Supreme motor inn of 1971 which forbid the employers to deny women with preschool children, and a law published in 1970 which prohibit gender discrimination in all educational programs financed by government. By the end of 70s among labor force were more women than ever before in peace history (during the Second World contend a lot of women went to work, when their men were on battlefields but after 1945 they returned to household chores).But as women were making progress in the career their possibilities were gradually restricted. A term glass hood describe the invisible barrier which faces a lot of women on their carrier ladder whilst their men-colleagues with the same professional skills and experience subjugate all these problems. In the 80s in the US were accepted several laws oriented to ease the affect of glass ceiling so, for example, in 1984 the injunction of the Supreme Court prohibited to oppose to womens joining clubs. Earlier these clubs gave to men the capacity of intercommunication for the purpose of further career development.In the same year the Supreme Court resolved that legal services have no right to restrain the career development of their employees in virtue of gender. However the problem of glass ceiling is still exist in the US. In 2002 two members of the House of Representatives a man and a woman submitted a report on the problem. The report dwells upon the position that still too few women occupy administrative positions almost in all spheres. In the report it was besides mentioned that the wage breakage promptly is 80 cent take in by woman for every dollar get by man.The wage gap is a statistical indicator often use as an index of the status of womens earnings relative to mens. It is also used to compare the earnings of other races and ethnicities to those of white males, a base generally not subject to race- or sex-based discrimination. The wage gap is expressed as a percentage (e. g. , in 2005, women earned 77% as ofttimes as men) and is calculated by dividing the median annual earnings for women by the median annual earnings for men. The Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963, making it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who hold th e same job and do the same work.At the time of the EPAs passage, women earned just 58 cents for every dollar earned by men. By 2005, that rate had only increased to 77 cents, an improvement of less than half a penny a year. Minority women fare the worst. African-American women earn just 69 cents to every dollar earned by white men, and for Hispanic women that radiation pattern drops to merely 59 cents per dollar. The wage gap between women and men cuts across a wide spectrum of occupations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2005 female physicians and surgeons earned 60.9% of the median weekly wages of male physicians, and women in sales occupations earned just 63. 4% of mens wages in similar positions. If working women earned the same as men (those who work the same number of hours have the same education, age, and union status and live in the same region of the country), their annual family incomes would rise by $4,000 and poverty rates would be cut in half. It is also interesting to follow up how the wage gap was changing through years Year Percent Year Percent Year Percent 1 1951 63. 9 20 1970 59. 4 38 1988 66.0 2 1952 63. 9 21 1971 59. 5 39 1989 68. 7 3 1953 63. 9 22 1972 57. 9 40 1990 71. 6 4 1954 63. 9 23 1973 56. 6 41 1991 69. 9 5 1955 63. 9 24 1974 58. 8 42 1992 70. 8 6 1956 63. 3 25 1975 58. 8 43 1993 71. 5 7 1957 63. 8 26 1976 60. 2 44 1994 72. 0 8 1958 63. 0 27 1977 58. 9 45 1995 71. 4% 9 1959 61. 3 28 1978 59. 4 46 1996 73. 8 10 1960 60. 7 29 1979 59. 7 47 1997 74. 2 11 1961 59. 2 30 1980 60. 2 48 1998 73. 2 12 1962 59. 3 31 1981 59. 2 49 1999 72. 2 13 1963 58. 9 32 1982 61. 7 50 2000 73. 3 14 1964 59. 1 33 1983 63. 6 51 2001 76. 3 15 1965 59. 9 34 1984 63.7 52 2002 76. 6 16 1966 57. 6 35 1985 64. 6 53 2003 75. 5 17 1967 57. 8 36 1986 64. 3 54 2004 76. 6 18 1968 58. 2 37 1987 65. 2 55 2005 77. 0 19 1969 58. 9 here we may see how year after year American women were fighting and wining cent by cent nowadays amount of their salar y. There are also periods when they were losing positions but on the whole we see gradual percentage growing from 63. 9% in 1951 to 77 in 2005 and the struggle continues. What do women do now? First of all more and more women enter colleges and universities and work within the chosen profession.Women have the opportunity to act participating in operations of nongovernmental organizations as Fund of businesswomen and women-professionals, American association of businesswomen, American association of women with university education, National association of working women ect. Activity of women from nongovernmental organizations is diverse. Some of them collect money for promotion of more women in government. Others like members of American association of businesswomen offer to create unions for experience exchange and improving of professional skills for women who dream about successful career.Many of these organizations try to curve the US government in order to pass laws oriented to support the campaign against womens discrimination. Some of them like National womens organization pay national protest actions drawing attention to the most vexed womens problems. More and more men and women get involved in movement for gender equality, send e-mails to the members of Congress or contribute money to nongovernmental organizations, because they want their daughters to have more opportunities of choice. Women in national policy. Quantity of women represented in national policy grows but that is still not equality.In the year 2004, for example, women occupied 14 out of 100 seats in the US Senate, 59 out of 425 seats in the House of Representatives (the number of women in legislative body of the US is more than 22. 4%), 2 out of 9 seats in Supreme Court, 3 out of 15 seats in the Presidential Executive Office but there was no woman in the Cabinet. The example of nongovernmental organization working in order to increase the number of women in the US government is the Emi lys List, famous for having collect money for election to the US Senate of 6 women which is still remains a record.Women also write letters to the elected representatives, expressing their opinion on topical issues, aggressively intervene in local centers of republican and democrat supporters all over the country, assist to many nongovernmental womens organizations and take part in mass political actions. One of the mass action, oriented to gain gender equality is the program Take Our Daughters to Work. It was started about 10 years ago in order to show to the next generation of American women the importance of education, professional womens abilities and to organize forum for girls.Companies permitted to the employees to bring their daughters to work at one day so that they could see the professional life of the parents. straight off this day received a name Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. Womens rights movement which was so active in 60s and 70s provided millions of Ame rican women with the access to education, opportunity of career development, economical independence and strengthened their influence in political sphere.Nowadays US women are able to achieve much more and have more opportunities to choose than 40 years ago. Major part of American women feels their responsibility to create equal society for their children. To have equal rights for American women doesnt mean to be less feminine or less caring for their children. This is something much deeper and more global, that means they should be treated as humans whose ideas are to be taken seriously, who have the opportunity to show their power and who are respected.

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Analyze Miss Peregrine’s

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Setting Takes place in two particular areas that reflect the t champion of the story. A plum sized town in America and a small secluded island in the Whales. The American town is parallel of what is supposed to be reality, and the island, full of secrets, is fantasy. When you look back and take a closer look, you see that American town hides to a greater extent from the characters, making it fantasy and lies, while the enchanting island is far more pop out coming about its problems.Main Characters Jacob Portman- he is the protagonist in this story, he is 16 and is thought to be mentally disturbed after the murder of his grandfather by that he believes to be an imaginary creature. He travels to Whales with his father to arrest out the truth behind his grandfathers past. Emma- she is matchless of the Peculiar children of Ms. Peregrine. She is considered strikingly pleasing and falls in love with Jacob, and as it turns out, she used to love his grandfather.She is frozen at 16, in the loop, while in reality she is over 70 years of age. Plot Jacob Portman goes to Wales to find out the truth of his grandfathers past after he was murdered by what Jacob thought was a make-believe creature. When he arrives, he meets Emma a girl who can control fire. She takes him to meet Miss Peregrine in a time loop set back in the 1940s. Jacob enjoys hanging out with the other fishy children, such as Millard, who is invisible, and Bronwyn, who has incredible strength.Then Jacob is told some mysterious stories of strange killings in the pub hes staying at, and warns the peculiar children. When they tell Jacob he is the only one who can see the hollows or hollowgasts, the monsters that killed Jacobs grandfather, Jacob knows he is the only hope they have for safety. Jacob and some of the peculiar children encounter a hollow which Jacob kills. Upon return to the Miss Peregrines home, they find that Miss Peregrine has been kidnapped.The children rescue Miss Peregrine but she is in bird form and cannot change back to human form. At the end of the book, the peculiar children look for another time loop they can stay in because their current one has been destroyed, setting this book up for a sequel and more striking photographs. Conflicts Jacob vs. Self- he is at a constant battle for the first half of the book to figure out whether or not he is in her right mind(predicate) after everything that has happened. Self could also be considered society, as a set and acceptable social norm.Jacob vs. Therapist- he is actually the cause of all his problems. He is the one who sends the hollow on his grandfather, kidnaps Ms. Peregrine, and makes all the external conflicts arise. Theme Embracing who you are and accepting what makes you remarkable is more important than being viewed as normal. Through this refreshful we see the reoccurring theme that being true to you is far more important that being social accepted. Because when you accept yourself, others accept you for that.When Jacob fights himself he finds he is alone, but the more he succumbs to his true self, the peculiar children accept him and they help each other overcome the adversity surrounding them. Personal Views I enjoyed the book thoroughly and I would recommend it. It has a wonderful addition, not only is there amazing writing involved but there are also several pictures include in the pages. Every few chapters there are these old, peculiar photos that add to the story, some very chilling.

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My Alert Case Essay

Was the first to see the bloodline opportunity in the mobile alerts. The musical theme was already working well in another contrast (Internet). The mobile phone market was growing very quickly. They offered a wide range and tailor-made operate. anyway as MyAlert will be the first in the market, the technology investment could became a strength and grow it in an entry barrier, thing that actually happened. For these reasons we can assert that MyAlert was a good handicraft idea.Which is the competitive advantage of MyAlert when it is launched? How the competitive advantage and business model evolves? Why? Is it sustain able? The competitive advantage of MyAlert at the begging was its own technological computer program (MAGO). The platform was Valuable because was the nitty-gritty of the business also it was Inimitable, rareness and Original due to they developed it from the scratch and was the first in the market specifically designed for its business model.Content Production Design & Packaging 1- Corporate Customers Distribution Sales 2- Other Customers Provision of groundwork (Mobile Operators) Looking at the value chain of MyAlet we can see highlight in red their core activity, their platform allowed them to distribute the content throw the network to the final customers, the key was that the platform has a cracking scalability able to distribute data throw different technology enablers (GMS, GPRS)From the beginning they realized that text alerts could be used to provide customized services for corporate partners exploiting new business opportunities and here we can see a new competitive advantage because the company was able to introduce their investors into its own value chain acquire content and a solid customer portfolio. This is a win win situation, the investors provide contents and the MyAlert provides them a new innovative service for them increasing the company revenues as well as turn everywhere for the shareholders, this business mode l provides feedback itself being able to maintain it in the long run.After the meltr MyAlert, which started providing data services for the mobile industry, changed its product portfolio and business model providing technology and mobile marketing services. Thanks to MAGO platform MyAlert was far superior technologically than Buongiorno. On the other hand appeared a new product consumer services (ring tones, logos) the new company had to adapt its business model including consumer services which soon produced benefits. Also they were able to keep creating new business models as Digital Marketing Project.As we have seen MyAlert is a good example of how a company is able to adapt and survive in a rightfully dynamic environment what changes pretty fast, adapting and creating new business models and investing in technology in coiffe to keep its leading position. Is the merge with Buongiorno a must or just a good idea? Definitely the merge was a MUST, MyAlert had become a world leader and to keep this status they undeniable to remain this position in every market, soon they realized that it was impossible to achieve through thoroughgoing growth.The economical environment was unstable due to the dot com crisis, investors become more demanding looking for positives results in the unmindful term, competitors started to appear and revenues from advertising and m-commerce were reduced due to the economic crisis. All this factors push to Mr. Jorge and his team to look for a similar company with the same goal to join forces and survive in the long term, and this is how they found Buongiorno And merge in order to keep growing in a very competitive dynamic market.

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Fool Chapter 11

xiA SWEET AND BITTER FOOLG one(a)ril dumped me on the floor as if shed suddenly found a bag of dr makeed kittens in her lap. She snapped open the letter and began reading with reveal even b othering to tuck her bosoms back into her gown.Milady, verbalize Oswald again. Hed intentional from that first whipping. He acted as if he didnt even see me. Your father is in the great hall, intercommunicate after his take in.Goneril looked up, irritated. Well, then, take him. Take him, take him, take him. She waved us away anguish flies.Very well, milady. Oswald glowering on his heel and marched away. Come, fool.I stood and rubbed my bum as I followed Oswald out of the solar. Yes, my backside was bruised, and on that point was pain in my he craft as well. What a bitter bitch to cast me out era my bum still burned with the blows of her passion. The bells on my coxcomb drooped in despair.Kent fell in beside me in the hall. So, is she afflicted with you?With Edmund of Gloucester, expre ss I.Edmund? Shes smitten with the ba brainiacd?Aye, the fickle whore, state I.Kent looked startled and f senescented back the brim of his hat to founder see me. provided you bewitched her to do so, didnt you?Oh, yes, I suppose I did, state I. So, she was only tolerant to my charms by means of dark and powerful magic. Ha I felt better. She reads the letter I bad in his hand even immediately.Your fool, Oswald announced as we entered the hall.The old faggot was t present, with Captain Curan and a xii other knights who looked like theyd just re saturnine from the hunt for me, no doubt.My boy Lear called, throwing his arms wide.I walked into his embrace, that did non return it. I found no tenderness in my heart at the sight of him, but my anger boiled still.Oh joy, give tongue to Oswald, his disdain dripping like venom in his voice. The prodigal so-and-so returns.See here, utter Lear. My men reach yet to be paid. Tell my daughter I bequeath see her.Oswald did non ack str aightwayledge the old man, but kept walking.You, sir ro bed the king. Did you hear me?Oswald turned slowly, as if hed perceive his name carried in faintly on the wind. Aye, I hear you.Do you know who I am?Oswald picked a front tooth with the nail of his small finger. Aye, my ladys father.He smirked. The knave had cheek, that I leave behind give him, that or a burning desire to be catapulted cod over cap into the afterlife.Your ladys father Lear pulled off his heavy(a) leather hunting gauntlet and backhanded it across Oswalds face. You knave You whoreson dog You slave You curThe metal studs on Lears glove were beginning to draw blood where they struck Oswald. I am no(prenominal) of these things. I will non be struck by you. Oswald was backing toward the great double doors as Lear worried at him with the glove, but when the steward turned to run Kent threw out a leg and move him off his feet.Or tripped, neither, you tosser said Kent.Oswald rolled into a heap at the foot of one of Gonerils guards, then scrambled to his feet and ran out. The guards pretended theyd seen nothing.Well done, friend, said Lear to Kent. Are you the one who brought my fool home?Aye, he is, nuncle, said I. Rescued me from the darkest heart of the timbre, fought off brigands, pygmies, and a brace of tigers to bring me here. But dont let him talk his Welsh at you, one tiger was vanquished in a sluice of phlegm and mortally trounce with consonants.Lear looked closely now at his old friend, then shivered guilts chill claws scuttling across his spine, no doubt. Welcome, then, sir. I thank thee. Lear handed Kent a small purse of coin. Earnest payment for your service.My thanks and my sword, said Kent, bowing.What is your name? asked Lear.Caius, said Kent.And whence do you hail?From Bonking, sire.Well, yes, lad, as do we all, said Lear, but from what town?Bonking Ewe on Worms Head, I offered with a shrug. Wales Fine, then, join my drag, said Lear. Youre hired.Oh, and allow me to hi re you as well, said I, removing my hat and handing it to Kent with a jingle.Whats this? asked Kent.Who but a fool would work for a fool?Watch your tongue, boy, said Lear.Youll halt to get your own hat, fool, said I to the king. Mine is already promised.Captain Curan turned to conceal a smile.You call me a fool?Oh, should I not call you fool? All your other agnomens you have given away, along with your land.Ill have you whipped.I rubbed my burning bottom. That is the only legacy you have left(p), nuncle.Youve become a bitter fool in your absence, said the king.And you the sweet one, said I. The fool who makes a jest of his own fate.The boy is not altogether fool, said Kent.Lear turned on the old knight, but not in anger. Perhaps, said he, weakly, his essence drifting to the stones of the floor as if searching for an answer there. Perhaps.The lady, Goneril, Duchess of Albany announced one of the guards.Craven hose-beast I added, relatively certain the guard would forget that part .Goneril breezed into the room, no notice of me, she went right to her father. The old man undefended his arms but she stopped short, a sword-length away.Did you strike my man for chiding your fool? Now she scowled at me.I rubbed my bum and blew her a kiss.Oswald peeked through the doors to the hall, as if waiting for the answer.I struck the knave for existence impudent. I but asked him to fetch you. My fool has only just returned from being lost. This is not a m for frowns, daughter.Therere no smiles for you, sire, said I. Not now that youve nothing to offer. The lady has only bile for fools and those with no title at all.Quiet, boy, said the king.You see, said Goneril. Not just your all-licensed fool, but your whole train treats my palace like a tavern and a brothel. They fight and eat all day, drink and carouse all night, and you manage for nothing but your precious fool.As it should be, said Jones, albeit softly when royal ire is raging, even the spittle sprayed from their lips can rain down death on the common puppet or person.I care for much, and my men are the best in the land. And they have not been paid since we left London. Perhaps if you They will not be paid said Goneril, and suddenly all the knights in the hall came to attention.When I gave you all, twas on the condition of you maintaining my retinue, daughter.Aye, Father, and they shall be maintained, but not in your charge, and not in their full number.Lear was growing cherry now, and shaking with anger as with palsy. Speak clearly, daughter, these old ears deceive.Now Goneril went to her father and took his hand. Yes, Father, you are old. Very old. Really, really, extraordinarily, mind-bogglingly She turned to me for a cue.Dog-fuckingly, I suggested. dog-fuckingly old, said the duchess. You are feebly, incontinently, desiccatedly, smelling-of-boiled-cabaggely old. You are brain-rottingly, balls-draggingly Im fucking old said Lear.Well stipulate that, said I.And, continued Goneril, man you, in your dotage, should be revered for your wisdom and grace, you piss on your legacy and report card by keeping this train of ruffians. They are too much for you.They are my loyal men and you have agreed to maintain them.And I shall. I shall pay your men, but half will stay here at Albany, under my charge, under my orders, in soldiers quarters, not running about the bailey like marauders.Darkness and d loathsomenesss, blaspheme Lear. It shall not be Curan, saddle my horses, call my train together. I have another daughter.Go to her, then, said Goneril. You strike my servants and your rabble makes servants of their betters. Be gone, then, but half your train shall remain.Prepare my horses said Lear. Curan hurried out of the hall, followed by the other knights, passing the Lord Albany as he entered, the duke looking more than somewhat confused.Why does the kings captain exit with such urgency? asked the duke.Do you know of this harpys intent to strip me of my train? asked Lear.This is the first Ive hear of it, said Albany. Pray, be patient, sire. My lady? Albany looked to Goneril.We do not strip him of his knights. I have offered to maintain them here, with our own force, while Father goes on to my sisters castle. We shall treat his men as our own, with discipline, as soldiers, not as guests and revelers. They are out of the old mans control. Albany turned back to Lear and shrugged.She lies said Lear, now wagging a finger under Gonerils nose. Thou detested viper. Thou ungrateful fiend. Thou hideous uh slag32 I offered. Thou piteous prick-pull. Thou vainglorious virago. Thou skunk-breathed licker of dog scrotums. Do jump in, Albany, I cant go on forever, no matter how inspired. Surely youve years of suppressed resentment to vent. Thou leprous spunk-catch. Thou worm-eaten Shut up, fool, said Lear.Sorry, sirrah, I thought you were losing your momentum.How could I have given election to this villainess over my sweet Cordelia? asked Lear.Doubtless that question was lost worse in the wood than I, seeing as it has only caught up with you now, sire. Shall we take cover against the impact of the revelation that youve awarded your kingdom to the best liars of your loins? Who would have thought it, but Id felt more charity toward the old man before he recognise his folly. Now He turned his eyes skyward and began to invoke the gods Hear me, nature, dear goddess hear.Convey sterileness onto this creature,Dry up her wombAnd never let a babe spring fromHer body to value her.Instead create in her a child of spleen and bile.Let it torment her, and stamp wrinkles in her youthful browLet it turn all of her mothers benefitsTo laughter and contempt, that she may feelHow sharper than a serpents toothIt is to have a thankless child With that the old man spat at Gonerils feet and stormed out of the hall.I think he took that as well as could reasonably be expected, said I. I was ignored, patronage my positive tone and sunny smile.Oswald calle d Goneril. The smarmy steward slithered forth. Quickly, take the letter to my sister and Cornwall. Take twain of the fastest horses and alternate them. Do not rest until it is in her hand. And then take you to Gloucester and deliver that other message as well.You have given me no other message, lady, said the worm.Yes, right, come with me. We shall draft a letter. She led Oswald out of the great hall leaving the Duke of Albany looking to me for some sort of explanation.I shrugged. She can be a whirlwind of tits and terror when she puts her mind to a purpose, cant she, sir?Albany didnt seem to notice my comment, somewhat forlorn, he looked. His beard seemed to be greying with get as he stood there. I dont approve of her treatment of the king. The old man has earned more respect. And what of these messages, to Cornwall and Gloucester?I started to speak, thinking it a perfect opportunity to mention her new affection for Edmund of Gloucester, my recent session of bawdy discipline wit h the duchess, and a half-dozen metaphors for illicit shagging that had come to mind while the duke mused, when Jones said Sex and cuckoldryYouve mastered those jokesFor a more challenging japeA new legal tender should be broke. What? said I. Whenever Jones has spoken before it has been in my own voice smaller and muted sometimes, from the art of throwing it, but my voice alone, unless Drool is mimicking the puppet. And it is I who works the little ring and string that move Joness mouth. But this was not my voice, and I had not moved the puppet. It was the voice of the girl ghost from the White Tower.Dont be tedious, Pocket, said Albany. Ive no patience for puppets and rhymes.Jones said A thousand rough nightsTo call the lady a whore, altogether today may a fool,Jest the land into war? And like a shooting star cutting brilliant across the ignorant night of my mind, I saw the ghosts meaning.I said I know not what the lady sends to Cornwall, good Albany, but while I was this last mo nth in Gloucester, I heard soldiers talk of Cornwall and Regan gathering forces by the sea.Gathering an army? Whatever for? With gentle Cordelia and Jeff now on the throne in France, it would be folly to cross the channel. Weve a safe ally there.Oh, they arent gathering forces against France, they are gathering forces against you, my superior. Regan would be queen of all of Britain. Or so I heard said.You heard this from soldiers? Under whose flag, these soldiers?Mercenaries, lord. No flag but fortune for them, and the word was there is coin aplenty for a unacquainted(p) lance fighter in Cornwall. I have to be off. The king will need somebody to whip for your ladys rude announcements.That doesnt seem fair, said Albany. He had a spark of decency in him, really, and somehow Goneril had not yet been able to smother it. Plus, he seemed to have forgotten about accidentally hanging me.Dont worry for me, good duke. You have worries of your own. Someone must take a hit for your lady, let it be this subdue fool. Pray, tell her I said that someone must always hit it. Fare thee well, duke.And merrily I was off, bottom stinging, to let slip the dogs of war. Hi hoLear sat on his horse outside fortress Albany, howling at the sky like a complete lunatic.May Natures nymphs bring great lobster-sized varment to infest the rotted nest of her woman bits, and may serpents fix their fangs in her nipples and wave there until her poisoned dugs33 go black and drop to the ground like overripe figsI looked at Kent. Built up a spot of steam, hasnt he? said I.May Thor hammer at her bowels and produce flaming flatulence that wilts the forest and launches her off the battlements into a reeking dung heapNot really adhering to any particular pantheon, is he? said Kent.Oh, Poseidon, send your one-eyed son to stare into her bituminous heart and ignite it with flames of most hideous suffering.You know, said I, the king seems to be leaning rather heavily on curses, for someone with his unsav ory record with witches.Aye, said Kent. Seems to have steered his wrath toward the eldest daughter, if Im not mistaken.Oh, you dont say? said I. Sure, sure, that could be it, I suppose.We heard horses galloping and I pulled Kent back from the drawbridge as two riders, leading a train of six horses, thundered across.Oswald, said Kent.With extra horses, said I. Hes gone to Cornwall.Lear broke with his cursing and watched the riders take out across the moor. What business has that rascal in Cornwall?He carries a message, nuncle, said I. I heard Goneril order him to report her mind to her sister, and for Regan and her lord to go to Gloucester and not to be in Cornwall when you arrive.Goneril, thou foul monstress said the king, clouting himself on the forehead.Indeed, said I.Oh, evil monstressTo be sure, said Kent.Oh, pernicious monstress, perfect in her treacheryKent and I looked at each other, intentional not what to say.I said, said Lear, most pernicious monstress, perfect in her p erfidyKent mimed a grade of generous bosoms on himself and raised an eyebrow as if to ask, Boobs?I shrugged as if to say, Aye, boobs sounds right.Aye, most pernicious perfidy indeed, sire, said I.Aye, most bouncy and jiggling perfidy,34 said Kent.Then, as if coming out of a trance, Lear snapped to attention in his saddle. You, Caius, have Curan saddle a fast horse for you. You must go to Gloucester, tell my friend the earl that we are coming.Aye, my lord, said Kent.And Caius, see that my apprentice Drool comes to no harm, said I.Kent nodded and went back across the drawbridge. The old king looked down to me.Oh, my pretty Black Fool, where from fatherly duty did I stray that such ingratitude should onward motion in Goneril like mad fever?I am only a fool, my lord, but make a guess, Id say the lady may have in her delicate youth required more discipline to shape her character.Speak plain, Pocket, Ill not hold harm against you.You needed to smack the bitch up when she was tender, my lord. Instead, now you hand your daughters the rod and pull down your own breeches.Ill have you flogged, fool.His word is like the dew, said the puppet Jones, good only until put under light of day.I laughed, simple fool that I am, no thought at all that Lear was becoming as inconstant as a butterfly. I need to speak to Curan and find a horse for the journey, sirrah, said I. Ill bring your cloak.Lear sagged in the saddle now, dog-tired now from his ranting. Go, good Pocket. Have my knights prepare.So I shall, said I. So I shall. I left the old man there alone outside the castle.

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An Analysis of the Dynamic Customs Union Theory Essay

Introduction The idea of a common commercialize came to life with the economical consolidation of the European nations after the Second World War. The oppugn at that placeafter lies whether the efficacy of this decision is quite military forceive or is working for the benefit of their common merchandise. In addition, the application of the ideas herein forget be discussed with dissimilar analyses of the factors that discuss the economic implications of the regional integration.X- qualification Analysis in that respect ar a tot of unlike potential force make of consolidation that may be able to be applied to either home(prenominal) or international M&As. In the reliable European Stock Market for example, we review the existing empirical research on a number of these types of efficiency (De Young, 2000). We include the home base and scope efficiency effectuate of M&As that development the coat and the count of different types of services offered by consolidated instit utions. We similarly include several(prenominal) X-efficiency effects, or changes that go forward the consolidating institutions closer to or further from their optimal ranges on the best-practice efficient frontier.Specifically, we consider the X-efficiency effects of geographic diversification and managing from a distance, and the X-efficiency consequences of the M&A process itself (De Young, 2000). For all of these types of efficiency, we consider both term and revenue efficiency effects, and much include research on profit efficiency, which incorporates both constitute and revenue efficiency.For some of the types of efficiency, a change in the risks of consolidating institutions is also a consideration, beca call the risk of the consolidated institution affects its equals of funds and its susceptibility to raise revenues. The research is drawn from many countries, including most of the European countries, although most of the studies use U.S. data. Dynamic effects is t he term used in a variety of ways by different authors to cover anything beyond standard comparative statics or any effect that has to do with economies of overcome and any effect that tackles practiced change (De Young, 2000).Static effects universally estimated at ab protrude 1%. With static effects lone(prenominal) those resources who move use gain (if they get re-employed). And gain is equal to the difference amongst uncompetitive (protected) activity and the new activity (assumed to reach Comparative Advantage). Big effects are likely to come from scale economies and especially shift in greet curves. Cost reduction affects all existing production as head. Firms need regulatory certainty that they will get market access. Hence, incurs a lower risk amplitude on investment in other(a) words, ontogeny effectsTerms of Trade effectuateformer(a) than the unveil regulations, industrial organizations also differentiate the consequence of spell out raise effects on the s torehouse markets in the European alliance. On the other hand, the course of the effect of entailment raise on localise is unclear. A study points out that the effect of imports on producer dousing is positive. Probable reasons of the raise in producer concentration ratio are the absence of inefficient firms as a result of import relaxation method.The other possible reason is the step-up in mergers of domestic firms as a result of import threats. In addition, if imports are close substitutes for domestic production, sectors that have high import share may be expected to be characterized by a high degree of defensive concentration. Alternatively, it is also likely that imports would sign up concentration if producers were induced to improve efficiency and in turn sum up the number of efficient firms. In the same way, the result of the increase in exports on producer concentration is also unclear (Nagy, 2005). in that location is a positive alliance between export increases a nd concentration if an increase in exports melt offs average cost because of scale economies from increased market size, and as a result producers engaged in exporting activities should be able to increase their market share. Because a larger market size resulting from export opportunities stand concentrate much than producers, a negative relationship is more likely if the economies of scale in production or distri yetion are not that important.Paralleling these theoretical developments in the industrial organization and international switch hypothesis, there are a number of empirical studies examining the effects of business liberalization on the set-cost margins.The result of the studies point out that an import increase has a negative impact on the wrong cost mark-ups of super concentrated industries. The EU is an exception to these studies because it suggests that there is no systematic evidence of the import discipline possibility for the EU economy (Nagy, 2005). Re garding the pro-competitive effect of economic integration, a study of Bottaso confirms the view that economic integration reduces the price cost mark-ups for Italy and Spain.The idea of a free system union around Europe emerged in 1950 as Customs cores and Free trade areas have been seen as a step towards global free trade. This was previously supported by a provide on GATT 1947 Article I that required non discriminatory MFN trade.However, Art. twenty-four allowed CUs/FTAs covering substantially all trade and if overall degree of protection was no higher although the provision was not well defined as it created a further dilemma particularly on the execution stage of the process.Krugman argued that dividing the world into 3 blocs was worst possible outcome by means of impact on those excluded but later said benefits of deeper integration positive when Natural Blocs form. Kemp and Wan 1976 showed that any customs union could be wel utmoste enhancing if the right tariff taxes and subsidies were adopted. But high tariff CUs can have adverse terms of trade effects on an EU out additions partners and on trade partners. Deep integration can credibly ensure trade barriers not replaced by domestic measures trade barriers now often non-border measures and change business expectations.Economies of Scale AnalysisRecent academic studies regarding international trade gives us specialized gains from trade derived from theories both from classical and neo-classical economic approaches. Among what these theories suggests is the pro-competitive effects of trade liberalization with the emphasis on the intricacy of the market size in terms relative to the change in the number of firms that are present.Consequently, the pro-competitive effects advocate that trade differentiates the intensity of competition in the market including the companys price cost mark-ups, their relative scale and production output. New several theoretical readings regarding international trade have had several implications upon the European trade union economic customs integration. The purpose and significance of the welfare services involved in the new theory applied to the regional economic integration has widened the range of possible benefits from the European Union countries integration further than that put forward by the standard customs union theory pattern on a perfect competition structure and constant returns to scale (Akkoyunlu-Wigley, 2005).Accordingly, one of vital issue is that customs union theory concentrates more on the outcome of the economic integration rather than the market structure efficiency and the productivity of firms. For that reason customs union theory is not anymore viewed as one theory subsequent to the classical Vinerian ideas of the conception of trade and trade diversions. It is often debated that the pro-competitive aspect of trade liberalization is suitable under both the theory of monopolistic competition and the oligopolistic mark et structures.Obtained on the presumption of monopolistic competition, it is illustrated that trade liberalization leads to an increase in firms scale and return in average cost and prices by increasing the elasticity of demand. Likewise, under the theory of oligopolistic interaction between the European Union subdivision countries, trade liberalization also creates a decrease in price cost mark-ups and produces an increase in the overall firm scale by heavily moving the market power of the firm in home markets (Akkoyunlu-Wigley, 2005).With respect to the pro competitive implication in the case of customs union, the significance of the pro-competitive effect as one of the outcomes of customs union and propose that regional ones, such as the European Union oppose global unions that will and so intensify the pro-competitive result. Specifically, due to the production shifting effect, the exact externalise of firms in a country that would boost the integrated area involved which i n turn would reduce the home market shares of companies in the European Union.Alternatively, new empirical studies also show developed industrial organization theories that test the implications of trading on the current market structure as well as profitability. The import discipline hypothesis within the framework of the SCP paradigm is being tested as far as import liberalization is concerned. Then again, industrial organization theory also looks onto the implications of imports on price-cost margins (Akkoyunlu-Wigley, 2005).Similarly, an increase in imports of EU countries for instance as a result of trade liberalization would cause a decline in the price-cost margin by means of reduction in the market power of domestic firms or through the increase in competition. Also, since the competing imports will increase, the number of alternatives available to domestic consumers will increase and may raise the demand elasticity and therefore reduce the price-cost margins.Likewise, the o ther countries that have an interest in replicating what Europe had done may not necessarily run after the economic integration serious so to experience the benefit it curtails. Some countries may not really have to. Instead, what governments must do to replicate the benefits without risking much of the variable discussed is through the multilateral cutting of the tariffs that the involved countries may have on certain products that either one or both of them produce. The concept of competitive advantage enters here as the devaluation that would follow suit which would create and ensure a full employment for both countries involved.Growth Effects AnalysisThe first systematic albeit descriptive investigation of output effects of economic integration was carried out under the heading dynamic effects of integration. According to Balassa these dynamic effects are root in internal and external economies of scale, faster technical pass along as a result of economies of scale in the R&D- sector, enhanced competition, and reduced uncertainty, the foundation of a more favorable environment for economic activity and lower costs of capital due to the integration of financial markets. The revival of reaping theory in the mid-80s led to a more formal reconsideration of the effects of integration on growth and shed more light on the questions involved (Badinger, 2001).At the outset, a terminological clarification is in order here. The most important distinction relates to the persistence of the effects of economic integration on the growth rate Permanent growth effects lead to a change in the steady-state growth rate, resulting in a steeper growth path of the economy. On the other hand there are maverick growth effects (or level effects), which cause only an upward shift of the growth path, while passing its slope unchanged in the long-run, i.e. after the inflection period the growth rate falls stake to its steady-state level. Following the level effects can be furth er subdivided into static effects that lead to more output from the same amount of inputs and dynamic effects that influence the accumulation of factors.Also referring to the channels through which growth effects materialize the terms integration-induced technology-led growth and integration-induced investment-led growth (Badinger, 2001). Although first used in the place setting of level effects, this distinction equivalently applies to permanent growth effects. To analyze the consequences of integration for economic growth in a systematic way, two lines of theory have to be distinguished neoclassical and turn backogenous growth theory. In neoclassical growth theory, economic integration and other institutional aspects or economic policy measures have no effect on the steady-state growth rate, which is solely determined by the exogenous rate of technological progress.As a result of diminishing returns to capital the capital stock and output per efficient proletarian grow only to the point where the investment ratio equals depreciation plus the rate of technological progress (for constant labor). (Badinger, 2001) The growth of capital stock and output per worker in equilibrium is then precondition by the constant rate of technological progress (g). Institutional changes, increases in efficiency or changes in the investment-ratio have only temporary effects on the growth rate after a transition period it falls back to its steady-state level. Thus, neoclassical growth theory clearly rejects the hypothesis of permanent growth effects.Nevertheless, both static and dynamic level effects occur. Static effects arise from three main sources lower trade costs, increased competition and enhanced factor mobility. This increase in efficiency leads to more output from the same amount of inputs in a first round (static effects). But this is not the finale of the story. Given a constant investment-ratio, the increase in output also leads to higher investment and an incr ease in the capital stock, which in turn increases output in a second round (dynamic effects). expiryThe European Union is the concern over the effects on competitiveness of the member countries when it comes to pricing expression and market structure. The European Stock Markets indicate that the higher the tawdriness of trade the lower the price will be and the price cost margins as well as industry market power. It is then safety device to assume that the liberalization of trade would eventually cause gains in output and welfare. However, articles on trade liberalization bring out flaws regarding the effects of custom unions some the ability to raise trade rafts on the market structure and price cost margins of industries.Studying the implications of key variables involved, related indicators on the European Union member countries after the implementation of the customs union between the 1950s and to date, it can be concluded that the volume of the internal trade within the m anufacturing industry of EU member countries significantly increased on the average.Furthermore, the price cost and concentration ratios of the manufacturing industry declined on the average during the same time frame. As we examine the relationship that is causal between the increasing volumes of trade with EU countries and the decreasing cost of price margins as well as the concentration ratios of the manufacturing industry sector. Price cost margins and concentration ratio equations will then use trade ratios with EU countries as explanatory variables in order to interpret the results obtained. Results on estimation that are presented in this paper present the effect of pro-competitive increase in trade volumes of the EU member countries. We then estimate the price cost margin equation to illustrate an inverse relationship between the margins and import ratios.This implicates a theory that when there is a rise in import to the EU countries after the creation of a customs union wo uld then create a competitive effect and would cause the decrease in price of cost margins within the manufacturing industry. Such an inverse relation supports the point that trade volume increases and export levels within EU countries are forcing the companies in the manufacturing industry to implement lower price cost margins (Breuss, 2001). Generally, it can be said that the creation of a customs union and the rise in the levels of trade volume within European Union countries seemingly illustrates an increase in competitive gridlocks which will end up in falling price cost margins in certain countries.At the same time, move an emphasis in the manufacturing industry, positive implications of trade liberalization in the aftermath of the establishment of customs unions is also supported with the results of the estimation schemes intended for the concentration ratio equation. Furthermore, a negative strong correlation can be found between the import variables and the Herfindahl conc entration ratios. The concept suggests that raising outputs as well as the imports to the European Union will bring down the marginalized concentration ratios and seclude the market power in the manufacturing industry. Also according to the results of the estimation method, it would look like that there is no direct relation between the export variables used and the concentration ratios for the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the concentration ratio equation estimate directs that unobserved time which is previously deemed insignificant and the invariant sector specific factors are as well responsible for the variations in the concentration sectors. In total, still according to the estimation results, it can be suggested that the increase in trade volumes brings about beneficial implications on the European Union economy as a whole after the custom union period through the increase in competitive pressure coming form other EU member countries as well as the one for falling mark- ups on prices of consumer goods and market power. Therefore, it would be then be concluded that implications on the welfare side of the economies involved are results of varying changes in the pricing behavior as well as the entire market structure of the European Union member countries.BibliographyAKKOYUNLU-WIGLEY, A. (2005) Effects of Customs Union with European Union on the Market Structure and set Behaviour of Turkish Manufacturing Industry. Pearson Education International.BADINGER, H. (2001) Growth Effects of Economic Integration The Case of the EU Member States(1950 2000). Center for European Studies.BREUSS, F. 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